evoHaX Hackathon 2015: And so it begins!

evoHaX is a 24 hours Hackathon with the theme of web accessibility What we did this hackathon was that we brought in students from different universities which are young developers of the future so we can show them that web accessibility is a really important phenomena We introduce students to what a Hackathon really is It’s mainly to help people that are disabled to use the internet the same way or almost the same way that we do as people who have basically full access to our bodies A lot of people have trouble with even using a computer let alone navigating one How did we never think about the fact that some people can’t access the internet which is something that we do numerous times a day? Making the web easy to use for everyone people who don’t have disabilities and people who do I think that’s something that’s really important especially as more and more of what we do moves online I think it’s just awesome that we got so many schools to come together and participate. I just think it’s going to be a great opportunity to network with people and to make ideas that will better the community It’s going to be a very fun event and people are gonna really enjoy themselves People getting together brainstorm and create something new The possibility that the participants could come up with something that changes the Web for the better It’s also going to bring web accessibility awareness to the Philadelphia area it’s very needed and necessary but it’s also going to be a fun way to do it I hope that it really changes the way people browse the internet around the world Hopefully, it can create some easy solutions I hope it helps people to realize that not everyone is able to have a full experience of the web and maybe inspire them to help fix that I’ve built my own computer and it is probably my most prized possession I’ve played drums for 10 years I want to go skydiving in Dubai I’m from China I’m ambidextrous, but in a very weird way when I used to play basketball I would dribble with my left and shoot with my right I made my senior prom dress from scratch I play a lot of golf and basketball and I’m a huge Philly sports fan I’ve been to all seven continents in a period of five years I’m fluent in over four languages English, Spanish, C sharp, Java, JavaScript and PHP Colin Deckert Drew Vitek Sean Monahan Ather Sharif Sarah Cooney Matt Bark Seth Fields Karl Morris Kevin Gong Rachel Haney I’m excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m super excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m excited for evoHaX I’m very excited for evoHaX I am stoked out of my mind for evoHaX

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