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So guys here we are with every day and every day is a habit tracker I do like to explore my habit trackers recently. You may have seen their bit If I review I am also planning to do a habit trackers of 2019 feature So do stay tuned for that one and do subscribe if you’re brand new to this channel So here we are everyday habit tracker is very simple. This is the web version It’s also available on iOS and Android and it does have browser extensions now just to give you a bit of a background I first explored this one on product hunt I then looked into it downloaded it got started and it’s really a very visual habit tracker allowing you to very simply and Like a habit and keep track of them. Like there’s not really much to it. But what’s quite nice about it? what makes it special is that you can actually view it in this sort of plot out mode so you can actually see like a running tally of which ones you’ve done in the whole month behind and Obviously you can look ahead you can also keep track with some really simple progress bars And there are a couple of other things as well that you can do with this application. So we’ll be looking into this We’ll be looking at the web version just to give you an outline of what’s available so you can manage it for the web version anytime You can have add and manage your habits on the go using the iOS Which has an iPhone and iPad as well as an Android application now it is a way Available at bay available on browser, too so you can see there’s browser extensions and you can download a for Chrome and Firefox and Merely merely what that does is you can create when you open a new tab. It appears automatically here so if you’re looking for something that Allows you to keep track of it and and or like to be able to see it every single day without fail Then this sort of tab extension is going to be really easy and it obviously appears in the top right hand corner So it’s it’s very early days. The vet developers are indie developers from Barcelona You can see their contact details down here and you can actually reach answer them if you have any problems to start with it gives you a 30-day free trial and then it’s $12 a year Which I don’t think is breaking the bank habit tracker, especially if you get on with this type of visual Habit, so here we go. Let’s have a look at what actually can do so you can see here I’ve put in two I’ve put in go for a run five kilometers and Weekly review which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna be a weekly one This is more. I would say designed for daily habit. So let’s go ahead and create a new habit Let’s say I want to a journal every morning, which I have been trying to do a lot more recently I can go to the Advanced Options and actually have a break habit. So for example, the color scale will be descending When you break the habit and no weekends so you can actually set this up to appear on weekends So I’m actually gonna journal when we can so I’m gonna click ant habit Now you can see here that the weekend option is now available on the previous ones I actually set the weekend to be off. So it does have the ability to have that so very simply You can start adding them. So for example, I actually got my journal last Friday Finally came in the post. So I’m gonna take that one You can see here that it appears as a green a lovely green here and you can naturally ticket them off I didn’t do Sunday, but I did Monday so you can start to see that I’ve got this nice indication as I’m going through so if I press skip He actually comes half unmarked. So I actually have the ability to skip a day as well but if I want to tally it as one I can do so it’s got sort of like skip days and also non skipped days So you can backtrack if you want you can go back to any days and actually find them so down here as well So for example, let’s say on Tuesday actually didn’t do buy journals that day. You can see I did a 5 comma to run and a Journal entry so I get two markers here so you can see that on bloody Synonym application you can see here that today’s highlighted but over here You’ve got this quite nice way of seeing your what your streaks working on. So for example your current streak in each area For example, this is the streak of two and the total counts so far one, two, three four Is there now the magic is you can sort of twelve? This slightly forward and you can see the wheat count the month count and the year count So if you’re able to keep this going across a year Then you could be able to see that really nicely So as you can see here, you can also scroll along and actually see as a percentage of how much you’ve completed So it gives you a really good indication of how well you’re doing now in terms of our progress tracking as well You’ve got up here. You can see a total Market account of of how you see stuff which is very cool. So what would quite like about this application? I’d say it’s killer future is definitely the ability to see for example you want to Visualize all of your habits in one place and actually get a nice progress bar Of how are you doing in terms of streaks getting that information all down? Imagine if you had like 10 or 15 of them down here, it would be really good. Now. There are some customizable areas So for example in settings if I go over to my account, I can obviously have email reminders So if I want to turn on a daily reminder I can and that will nudge me to ant in my future My habit I’ve got a weekly reminder as well I can turn that off actually have them one on and and also a don’t skip twice reminder So for example if I receive an email I don’t add a habit two days in a row in the continuous you can backtrack so as you can see here are a few the the Micro editions you can actually add a color to it and they’ve got a few color ranges at the moment You can go back in and edit and also if you want to scroll back some of the previous days you can and even Modify those so it’s a good way in being able to keep track of all of your habits prior as well if you want to be able to Backlog some of the ones you’ve already done and the great thing is you’ve got this nice indication up here To see how well you’re doing in terms of total marked habits So guys that all-in-all is the application a few of my final thoughts on this one It is very simple, but it’s a great application if you’re someone that really relies on a visual habit tracker and if you’re looking for one that sticks to you like Every single day in terms of the new tab on Chrome, it’s going to work well for you now I think it lacks the progress insight necessarily that the likes of habit of I and strides Cludes in the habit trunk. The pricing is fairly acceptable $12 per year is pretty reasonable and again You’re supporting a independent developer – and what I quite like about it is chances are they’re going to be adding a lot more abilities to this soon now just to give me an idea of other pricing that Strides is free for up to seven habits you have It’s $5 per month after that So if you want to add more than that if you want to use a bit fie, it’s three habits, and then you’re stuck Whereas when you pay the $12 per year, you’re accessing unlimited habits, which is very useful So guys let me know in the comments what you think of this one? Just before we go I’d like to thank SaneBox for sponsoring this video. You can check out same box. Same box is an email management solution I use it every single day as a way to manage my inbox and it really does help to reduce clutter So you can check that one out get $25 discount. Please do check out this is one of the recommended resources It’s january sponsor and I really do appreciate them coming on and supporting the keep productive youtube channel Anyway guys if you’re brand new here do hit subscribe if you would like to learn more all about our courses Feel free to go to our youtube page and find everything there. Anyway guys, thank you so much Let me know what you think of every day and I will see you guys in another video Cheers

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