Even Shaman: 86% Winrate Deck

okay so that big of a deal to me oh
he’s actually gonna be able to kill the 8/8 oh my god wait don’t mind me just playing a little bit
of even shaman and so sit back relax and enjoy the show and if you happen to
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me out a lot and ahead feel free to hit that notification button because it’ll
help you guys a lot I guarantee it so oh wait so I’ve kept the vicious scale
hide I was kind of blanking there its fine whatever you know it’s fine
no it’s totally it’s 100% fine we’re chillin it’s fine I said find way too
many times do you did you believe it though any but you believe that it’s
actually fine when it’s really not because they feel like I got my butt
kicked just by myself gonna coin out the primal fan totem and while it’s his turn
I’m just gonna shout out I’m a boy wonderful Jin he took the time to make
the logo that you see on the screen now and the thing that’s on the thumbnail
and I said in a previous video that I would be basically thanking him every
single day for this week and I changed my mind on that I think I’m just gonna
occasionally shout him out and be like thank you for everything you’ve done
from the hearthpwn guide to yeah okay mainly the hearthpwn guides in
this and actually for being a fan for as long as you have been like it just means
a lot to me that you’ve been here since basically the beginning you’re the one
that gave me idea for the first like big thing that I did
being um oh he’s gonna kill that off that’s fine that’s fine by me actually
whatever he was the person that gave me my first big idea for
the hearthpwn guides and that was probably the biggest thing that allowed
me to break out as a channel like as soon as I did that my performance
ratings I don’t know how else to describe them went from like pretty low
and couple subscribers a week to like consistent subscribers over and over and
over again because there are guides out that people were watching and going to
and he’s the one that gave me the idea for that so thank him for that a lot as
well um and he’s just somebody who’s been there since the beginning and
always been giving me helpful tips and try and help me out so I don’t know
house to describe how much thanks I have for him other than the fact that he’s
just awesome so yeah wonderful Jin out there you’re not only wonderful but
you’re awesome as well and a ton of other very positive very very positive
adjectives anyway I don’t want to necessarily seem like I’m not giving any
of you guys any love I definitely appreciate everything that you guys have
done too and even wondering what I’ve been doing in terms of like my plays
don’t worry I’m just this confuses you I’m kind of just playing random cards
but if I can explain it to you real simply I basically coined out the primal
thin totem so I would have two minions so I could get the most out of the
five-ton totem immediately I actually think I want to serenade
chenggang again here I keep going face and the only thing that really kills me
here is uh like blade flurry that actually really hurts but then it gets
rid of his weapon so I’m actually not that scared
but yeah everybody here means a lot to me and describing my plays basically
tried to get out as many things as possible so I could capitalize on a turn
to flame tongue totem immediately for some extra pressure
followed by the menacing Nimbus into a totem because
I wanted something to play the earth and might on for card advantage It was then
killed followed by saronite chain gang to protect the flame tongue totem and these
two three ones and then another saronite chain gang to protect myself even more
so I basically already won the game and if you were a super duper high caliber
player like myself and you do this then once you’re done with that you play the
argent commander here for maximum damage look at that I got an extra two damage
because I’m a high caliber Legend level player take notes ladies and gentlemen
cuz that that was insane getting two extra damage people wouldn’t necessarily
always think of that people would go brain-dead and I’ll admit sometimes I do
too sometimes I kind of brain fart and place it in the wrong spot but if you
pay attention that stuff and get a little bit of extra damage you’re there
it could definitely mean the difference between a win in the loss sometimes okay
so I I played another game recently like just now and it didn’t actually record
which was a little bit of a bummer basically I got out a see giant against
an odd tile and on turn three or four and he conceded just you know very very
standard stuff for this deck Super Duper classic of this deck and right now it’s
an eighty percent win rate so you can darn well assume that I’m going to click
bait this video don’t you worry about it ladies and gentlemen this is this is
this is gonna be a click baited video where I say the deck’s win rates insane
or something like that so just just wait for that one I mean that’s assuming I
continue to win if I win one more the win rate will be probably around like
70ish percent actually let’s see here I can do some quick math while I wait for
him to do his turn if I win one and lose one it’ll be 5 and 2 5 over 7 is like oh
shoot I actually don’t know 5 over 7 off the top of my head but it was anything
like 6 over 8 that’s pretty good so I don’t necessarily want to coin out the
prime open totem simply because of the fact that I don’t have the flame tongue
totem to capitalize on it so we’re just gonna
we’re just gonna normally play this this one out maybe coin something better out
in a bit pings it immediately oof
I’m gonna play this that way if he doesn’t kill it we can just earthen might
it and we get a minion okay so actually if we are able to
earthen might it then that actually gives me a deist mentality because then I can
play this on turn four I don’t is it worth the pump up is a worth it I think it is
I legitimately think it is oh wait that could be big if I’m able to
put this on like a flame tongue totem that could be huge well play that too
just cuz you know why not play it am i right am i right or am i right
you know I’m right so I’m still thinking what five over seven is and at this
point I have turned the beauty of the calculator calculator as some people
might pronounce it Oh oh my gosh okay so I think what I’m
gonna have to do is knife juggler first primal fin coin oh my god this is gonna
be an absolutely wild turn don’t be explosive please it’s not counter mana buying don’t know we gets a zero
cost spell it was already zero costed and ideally two of these at that please
please please please please please please oh and now we end the turn is a
50/50 chance ladies and gentlemen boys and girls also five over seven is still
a 71% so that’s pretty good maybe not clickbait able though okay so
not ideal for me he could wipe this board but because of the fact that I
don’t think that he will I’m just gonna play this secret blizzard if he
blizzards that’s fine I have a storm watch that’ll be absolutely monstrous
very soon obviously he’s playing a controlled deck
I mean it’s just obvious at this point the question is does he have blizzard
and Dragons fury and meteor and flame strike in the new one with overkill with
a deal to damage to all because also if he does have that right now he’s drawing
two cards minimum dragons fury not ideal but uh sure oh wait a minute
my thing doesn’t even die here but that’s nuts that’s actually crazy for me
is actually crazy good we’ll play this here and then we’ll play
the win fear on this side so that way if he does have meteor he’s gonna have to
hit it here and he’s not actually gonna be able to hit the for one as well so
really it’s just a way to get a little bit more damage and if he flame strikes
my 4/1 lives I’m gonna be able to do with decent mount of damage using him
and Oh aaaand he has Blizzard – doesn’t he’s Blizzard don’t have Blizzard Oh No okay
well you’re a jerk dude you’re a jerk I don’t
appreciate what you’ve done we’ll just kill him off I think they’ve met – maybe
healing it doesn’t actually matter but I’m just hoping that doesn’t and meteor
I feel like if he did a meteor or he would have me do at the five six that’s just
my own personal opinion so I’m gonna assume he doesn’t have meteor don’t draw
meteor from this you got a blizzard blizzard still rough but it’s not the
worst I mean he just gets to plate immediately though like the the the fact
that he can just super easily and consistently draw this stuff these
removals is so so ridiculous to me and like into odd and odd Hunter it actually
doesn’t even matter because you don’t have a ton of minions but in a deck that
like relies on minions it’s just so oppressive you know so play that there
will place him in the middle so that way if he meteors here it doesn’t even kill
the four – if he meteors as it doesn’t kill that if he doesn’t media were to
kill that no please just don’t have also flames strike in your hand there’s no
way you had have all of this stuff oh he has it though oh he drew a bright
eyed scout off of it okay so you did a polymorph that’s not the worst thing
that could have happened for me actually so you can play that here basically the
goal is to push as far out to the side so when I play the 8/8 it’s way over
here so gonna play that and I’m gonna play an 8/8 way over here and we’re
gonna go face I think cuz like now if he has flame strike he has to ping either this
or this and then hit this in to that in order to kill something or he flame
strikes and hits that he Polymorph the 88 he has another polymorph that’s fine
followed by a ooh that’s a–that’s a bit of a low rule my friend but next turn we
have Colt master and probably trading the two one ones in always pinging off
that okay that’s fine actually I’m not actually that concerned but Colt master
will draw me at least two cards here hopefully two pretty solid ones at that
so actually going to Cult master play the direwolf so I can trade just these
two in drew a hex excuse me Super Duper useful
here do I want to play the flame tongue totem here and go even more aggressive
the answer is yes we want to go as aggressive as
possible here and then we’ll just play that
so he’s used to blizzards a dragons fury the only thing that saves him at
this point is in fact another dragons fury or a flame strike if he doesn’t have
it he loses and even if he does that uses up his turn and I have a couple
more ways of regaining control get him meteor that is that’s really bad
for me actually he drew the card he needed drawing two cards I guess I’m gonna play
a Tar lurker going to ping me in the face short go ahead I
actually don’t mind that he has used most of his removal already so we’re gonna play
the saronite chain gang and I guess this bad boy and then turn here I want to
save the cheaper minions so that way if I’m able to get hagatha because again
ideally I’m able to draw hagatha I could potentially win the game here ooh
don’t appreciate oh my goodness Wow okay um we’ll treat these two in he’s already
used um a blizzard so all this stuff would have died regardless gonna put him
at 3 this is actually totally fine in my opinion and we’ll do this and maybe just
maybe we get a healing we don’t get a healing but we want to save some minions
here I think if we consistently keep putting out pressure he’s not going to
be able to play ooh that’s rough it’s not what you want to
see it’s a bit of an offer but I do end up winning the game if you had had
flamestrike he could have won but unfortunately the amount of constant
pressure I’m able to put out was just too much for him again if you want to
play a better version of this deck playing the windLord instead of the
raining toads instead of a Cult master or a saronite chain gang playing to
corpse takers actually instead of both saronite Chain Gangs maybe corpse takers
because Cult Master every time I’ve played him has been pretty useful and
the card draws really allowed me to come back into the game so I actually really
like the one cult Master Tech because it makes the totems useful it makes little
like murlocks useful I personally really like it tell me what you think in the
comments below oh I have hagatha in my opening hand and
I know I’m gonna kick myself for wanting to do this but Hagatha you’re out sea
giant you can stay if I’m able to get a wide enough board
and I’m able to cheese you out the only thing he has to respond is a vile spine
Slayer or maybe a SAP actually SAP could be devastating it’s fine though like I’m
not I’m not too concerned it’s odd that’s actually probably one of the
worst matchups for me especially considering I don’t have any ping but I
do have a hex though that’s pretty good if he plays a one three it’s dead if he
plays an Archon Squire it lifts it all depends on what he plays right now ooh
wait the heel actually pops off here let’s kill that and him for one that’s
actually really lucky and pretty good top deck to be honest he does have the
coin so going coin vile spine Slayer hurts um is it gonna be the thing the
fledgling oh no it’s not then I disagree with your play a little
bit sir taunt or healing totem is good for me here
give me either/or please just don’t give me spell damage spell damage is useless
it’s actually useless like
I mean I guess that one’s not useless but he also uses the coin so this could
potentially be a lot better hit that into that if I ain’t to get this off
turn four and I probably will and I’m able to freeze his face so he can’t
actually with a weapon busted absolutely bust a Reno – oh okay so he’s gonna hit
two things into that and then weapon up again that makes sense actually I
respect that play I’m gonna play that water
elemental the young water elemental we’re gonna hit him in the face and
potentially keep him forever locked in not being able to attack for the rest of
the game you could play one drop stab it for two back not backstab si agent it
for two more but that doesn’t hurt me too much
actually okay cold-blooded or si agent okay so he does have everything he is
gonna be frozen for a turn not actually getting it to a point where I can
actually play the Sea Giant which is a little bit of a bummer but we’ll play you here
hit you into this we’ll we though what do we hit this in
that and then we vicious scale hide into that thinking we vicious scale hide into
that it doesn’t heal me up anything but it keeps the board clear he has very
limited like anything and it actually gives me a use for the vicious scale hide
immediately like it goes maybe immediate benefit rather than not and the reason
I’m not that worried is because he already used an SI agent so what’s the
odds that he pings this he’s an old-school kind of guy I like it I like
it I respect that he’s he’s an old-school kind of guy playing the death
speaker so actually gonna play the menacing to miss on one side
he’s still four play this and then we’re gonna dust devil
and sea giant oh my goodness this is an inane play he has so many things he
has to deal with here he’s already played a ton of one drops one two three
four five options what are the odds that he has another one and bile spine in
hand that would be like 50% of his hand he clearly doesn’t even if that’s a hex
he can’t even play it he probably did get a hex and he’s like I wish I could
play it that’s a GG though or it’s Healing Rain and he lives a lot longer
than you should okay it’s not that big of a deal to me
oh he’s actually gonna be able to kill the 8/8 oh my god wait I’ll just here
power what do I get taunt ideally no taunt
I want to kill this so the flame tongue totem stays alive because it’s gonna
give me more damage like in total hopefully doesn’t have Myra’s unstable
element but even if he does I’m in a pretty good spot right now
I have argent commander I’ve hex I have hagatha absolutely needed OH Wow those two things live though that’s a
pretty neat interaction that’s there but I do still a win because I have the
Nimbus and an Argent Squire no a commander hit him I don’t
know what am I gonna do we’re gonna play the argent commander and hit him in the
face another day another set of three wins and another incredible win rate
from yours truly elemental core let’s let’s let this uh
let’s see let’s see the win rate is here here load for me please
load for me record it let’s see how good this deck really is an 86% win right
that’s clickbait able I’ll do it you may think I am a Scumy for doing this
but I’m gonna do it because you know what it gets clicks and this deck
deserves it because I think that this is a totally underrated deck that not
enough people are playing like look at these four stars already after only like
six game sevens games and one of them was new recorded I won five in a row it
doesn’t make sense or something probably lost one somewhere
and it’s not counting and I don’t know but point is this deck is doing pretty
well it’s 86% Renee that’s clickbait double I
hope you guys enjoyed I enjoyed this deck and I hope you guys see that this
deck along with just odd a hunter there are two very good decks that are under
aid and I’m trying to play some underrated decks right now that people
aren’t playing enough trying to boost their popularity a little bit and I’m
but one guy that gets to about a hundred or so of you but if if we can band
together and start playing these like not super meta but good decks we can
change them edit together hope you guys enjoyed I enjoy playing this deck see my
next video

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