Even More Hot New Cycling Tech From The Taipei Cycle Show 2019!

(light electronic music) – Welcome to Hot Tech at the 2019 Taipei Bike Show, part two. This show is massive
and that’s why we have to do another video, couldn’t
fit it all in one video but to fully appreciate how big it is, I kind of really have to show you like all the halls that are here. First there’s this massive
hall, this outdoor demo area where you can try out bikes. This massive room and
this massive one as well. There’s even another exhibition hall but I just haven’t had the chance to get to that one yet. Let’s go find some tech. (light electronic music) I’ve just come across this company HYC and they have an incredibly
exciting new material which could have massive implications for the way that bikes are manufactured and what they’re made from. See the problem with carbon
fibre is as great as it is, is that you can’t recycle it. Now, this new material
promises to be recyclable and it is well, kind of
carbon fibre, it’s actually long carbon fibre reinforced
thermoplastic composites. I just read it off there. Using these fibre pellets
of their composite material, HYC have made a sort of
prototype bike here at the show to show what can be done. Now, these tube sections
here have been extruded and this head, tube
and bottom bracket area have been injection moulded. In terms of the material properties, they claim that it’s well,
light and stiff and strong. very similar to that of carbon fibre although they do admit that
although the strengths, very similar to carbon fibre, the weight is slightly
more but not much only about three or four
percent but they do say that this is early days and they reckon that by further optimising the material and the manufacturing process, they can reduce the way to get it to be as competitive as carbon fibre however, you know, it’s not much. The big advantage though is
the manufacturing process by being able to extrude and
injection mould these pellets, that’s a much cheaper, a
much more cost-effective way and quicker way of
manufacturing bicycle frames than the traditional layup techniques which you may have seen in
the Look Carbon factory visit that we did a video on because traditional layup
techniques are done by hand and it’s like assembling
a 3D jigsaw puzzle from loads of pieces of carbon. It takes ages and then
once it’s been done, it needs to be finished by hand. It’s painstaking sanding it
down so that it can be painted. What you have here is the
end result of the product once it’s come straight out of the mould or been extruded and it can
be painted straight away without any more surface treatment. This again saves way more money and time. The result of this is
that several big brands in the bike industry have
shown a very keen interest in this material and the
manufacturing process because it means they can
potentially manufacture bikes with shorter lead times
at lower cost to them and then the costs can also well, the cost savings can also
potentially be passed on to the customer as well
and the added bonus is that they can be recycled
making them greener too. To recycle it, the
material is just ground up and then it turns back into these pellets which can then be used to make another bike or something else. This could be a real game-changer, but hopefully you saw it here first. (light electronic music) I love a lightweight
bling set of carbon wheels and the Fulcrum Racing Zero
Carbons have been around for a while but new for this year are the Racing Carbon Zero disc brakes. Now the rear has been
completely redesigned so it’s gone from 17 mil
internal widths to 19 which means it’s best suited
to gravel applications as well as road you can have
nice white tyres on there. It’s also tubeless ready
now and the cool thing about that is you don’t
need rim tape on there, the actual rim as it
comes is tubeless ready which is really nice. I also love talking
about nipples and flanges and there’s reinforcement
around the nipples on the new wheels as well with this nice sort of carbon piece here. It’s not there for aesthetics,
it is there for a reason to help reinforce where
the nipple fits in. There’s also this oversized flange, which means you can have a shorter spoke. It helps stiffen up the wheel. Now as beautiful as these are, they’re pretty expensive,
2,000 euros a pair. So while this is the set we’ll
probably all dream of owning, the set we’ll probably buy is the Racing 3 disc break over here. The Fulcrum Racing 3 has long been a popular upgrade wheel set
around the 600 euro price point and the disc brake specific version follows the same path as the carbon. Once you’ve gone from 17
to 19 mil internal rim with tubeless ready and
you don’t need rim tape. That larger flange is back and you’ve got steel cup and cone bearings instead of the ceramic
in the more expensive one but yeah, nice wheels. (light electronic music) Road cyclists love anything
made from carbon fibre that’s a fact and Rydia
is the latest company to satisfy that appetite with this. The first carbon fibre bottom bracket. This is a 24-mil
spindle-bottom bracket similar to what you’d use instead
of a Shimano hollow tech and it weighs just 68 grammes. Ceramic bearings too. They also have some particularly tasty, oversized pulley wheel
systems, check this one out. Its got a super record rear mech on it. I’m just going to spin it
up on the ceramic bearings, There we go. Probably be here a while. (light electronic music) I’ve just spotted this
absolutely beautiful Factor One Arrow bike in this
stunning candy red finish but the most exciting
thing about this bike is it’s got Rotor’s new
13-speed group set on there. Now we first talked
about this at Euro bike where we spotted a prototype version of it but it’s now ready and
it’s apparently gonna be on sale next month. The shifters are pretty
interesting on the new group set. So the left-hand shifter,
well, it isn’t a shifter, it’s just a break, all the
shifting’s done on the right and to move down the
cassette, you do one click and then to move up the
cassette you do a double click. It’s it’s quite compact, it’s
not as big at the top here because similar to the FSA
groups that we showed earlier, the master cylinder is placed
here rather than than here but it’s quite a nice nice
feel and shape to that. At the back on the cassette
this is a 1039 cassette, massive, but there’s
other cassette options. I think it’s even a 46 available as well. So you can get really big at the back and that’s a 48-teeth chain ring. Now in terms of the spacing and how you fit this 13-speed
cassette on the back there, row to have a special hub that you need and interestingly, when
they sell the group set in amongst time and it goes on sale, there’s going to be wheel
options available to buy at the same time in like a package deal with the cassette to make sure that you have a compatible
hub and wheel set for the group set. According to Rotor, the
claimed weight of the group set is just 1785 grammes
which is incredibly light especially for a hydraulic
disc brake group set but of course I’ll have
to weigh it myself first and check that they’re telling the truth. (upbeat electronic music) Taiwan is the bike manufacturing
capital of the world. There’s loads of expertise here in making things out of carbon fibre and that means at the Taipei Bike Show, there’s loads of companies
you haven’t heard of making stuff for companies
that you probably have heard of and one company that does that is Gigantex who have loads of experience
in making carbon fibre wheels. Well, if some of you
may have heard of them because they have been around since 1980 and they’ve got some really cool products. So this is one of their wheel sets, the catchily named WH198+CPO13 but don’t let the catchy
name dissuade you. Available in both tubular
and clincher versions and the weight of the tubular version is just 1100 grammes a pair. I mean, they weigh nothing
and they’re really cool. They got these carbon
spokes and they’re said to be an incredibly stiff wheel. Gigantex is really proud
of their carbon technology and also their spoke
technology and they claim that you can hold I think
200 kilogrammes of the end of just a single spoke
and it doesn’t break and well, think if that load spread throughout all of these spokes and you’ve got a very stiff wheel indeed especially when they’re
laid up against the side of the rim profile inline. Similar in the design
to what Lightweight does but the price is nothing
like Lightweight’s price. So Lightweights cost thousands
of thousands of pounds, apparently this wheel set is
available for just 700 dollars or around that price point. So potentially, great value. I know if I don’t do
it people will be upset so here’s a free-up sound check. (bike wheel turning) Sounds pretty good. A bit of tech news is
gonna be music to the ears of John Canning’s KMC and now there’s 12-speed
chains that are gold. Also, something else
pretty cool over here. They’re doing custom chains as well. So on request, custom
colours are available in both 12, 11 and 10 speed. (upbeat techno music) That’s it for Hot Tech part
two at the Taipei Bike Show. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of this cool new stuff. I’m gonna go home now so
make sure you like the video, thumbs up, subscribe, all that stuff. I’m gonna walk home back to England. See ya. You can play some sad walking away music, Incredible Hulk style now. (sad piano music) Tryin’ for my lift.

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