Essential phone unboxing

– [Host] Hey everybody this is
Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch, and we’re gonna do a quick
unboxing of the Essential Phone. It’s been a while since
we’ve done an unboxing, but this one has people intrigued enough that we thought it might be worthwhile. So, this one is in moon black here. And we’re gonna go
ahead and slide it open. And, there it is! (triumphant humming) It’s the Essential Phone. So box looks pretty simple inside, not sure if there’s gonna be
more in the final retail box, but I think this is about it. Let’s go ahead and get it booted up. While that’s booting, open the rest. Here we have a 3.5
millimeter to USB-C adapter, included in the box so you
can use your headphones. Cause, there’s no headphone
port built right in. The USB-C cable here,
it’s actually pretty nice. This nice braided anti-fray material, same as the adapter here, so should last a pretty long time. You have what looks like a, yep, it’s a USB-C wall wart. That’s interesting, so the USB-C
port is up at the top here, instead of out in front of it, that way if you got it plugged in next to your couch or something, you can have it running
upwards and it still stays pretty flush against the wall, doesn’t take up that much
space away from the wall. See what else, so this is probably, yeah it is a SIM ejector,
nothing else in here. But a SIM ejector, that’s cute, looks like the company’s logo, sort of. So that’s that, and then
with the phone itself. We have, you know, if you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it in pictures. So this is the phone, you can’t see the little cut-out up here, cause they’ve got the status bar there, but you look real close the screen actually goes all the way to the top, with a little cut-out for the camera. Over here on the sides you have the volume up and the volume down button. The power on the same side,
both here on the right. Nothing on the left
side, this side’s some, what looks like antenna bands, and maybe my fingerprints. Up here on the top, same
thing just an antenna band. On the bottom you have a USB-C port, a vent for perhaps a
little bit of cooling, and for probably the speaker out, you have a SIM slot there, and then on the back you’ve got a fingerprint reader, you’ve got a flash, you got dual cameras,
I believe one is color, and one is black and white, and then they merge the pictures, and it gives it a little bit more detail, just because that well
black and white camera can pull a little bit
more detail by default but with higher contrast. And then over here on the right, arguably the most exciting thing, if you’re really into the Essential Phone, is this, the pins here
for this accessory port. It allows you to snap on,
magnetically you can snap on things like a 360 degree camera, and I believe they’ve
announced some other stuff. But the idea is that it pulls
power and everything else right from those two pins and
just snaps right on there. I looked at a prototype, and
it actually works quite well. So be sure to check
for our full hands-on, and in a couple days
we’ll have a full review. So, give it a look, thanks for tuning in. (electronic music)

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25 thoughts on “Essential phone unboxing

  1. Why is it called essential phone if it doesn't even have an audio jack but it does have all kind of useless redundant features?

  2. It doesn't come with earphones ?
    I don't really care about those since I have so many but doesn't most phones come with one?

  3. Why did they make the bottom bezel thick when it doesn't house the front camera?
    iPhone 8 design (according to leaks, at least) looks better in this regard.

  4. sir someone is just copying your contents. and other peoples contents plz take some action.. his link is

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