¿Es la inteligencia artificial un peligro para la humanidad?

“What makes us great is the fact that we see how small we are” What´s this? Some people see a bear to the right and a pig to the left others… many other things And here you have a log and the chainsaw that’s going to cut it It seems like the mountain is not fine with this. Oh, there were more on the ground! Well, let’s just see elephants. Wait!, these are just rocks. Look! Mars! And it has an elephant too! But it’s a lava field, there aren’t elephants on Mars and neither carved faces, as they’re just mountains if we look it from a different angle. Hello, welcome to CdeCiencia and what you have just experienced is a psychological phenomenom called Pareidolia which consists in recognizing faces in places where there isn’t any. The Pareidolia is a clear sign of intelligence it’s normal that you can see something else besides clouds, it’s your intelligence which, in an attempt to recognize things that are familiar to you, something necessary in our daily life it makes up the most randoms forms in places where there is simply nothing of what we see. Maybe your intelligence sees a bear and a pig, but keep in mind that your intelligence isn’t the only one. There are… other intelligences, a few even that we created with ours. Intelligences that don’t see bears nor pigs, but fields with tractors with fish form, overflown by a turtle turtle with rodent head, to the left to a chamaleon with two antennae and a rat head in his back stepping a shrewmouse all facing a sky, full of spiders what you’ve just seen, is an interpretation of the same image that we saw before made by an AI (artificial intelligence) made by an AI(artificial intelligence) programmed to recognize familiar things …just like us. Here is a little collection of some of the interpretations this Artificial Intelligence has done it was designed by Google in a attempt to optimize the results of the image searches in his popular web search engine They taught the AI how to recognize things, allowing it to link up images and to find similar pictures to those that the user is looking for, but the result was a bit far from what we could initially expect, as the program showed the most weird and surreal images that seemed straight out of a psychodelic dream. Today this program is able for everybody and you can ask to it to identify things in your pictures. This Artificial Intelligence was created to make things easier for us Like the vast majority of AI(Artificial Intelligence) that we have created they are everywhere in your phone, in your PC, on the internet, in the supermarket, in the vehicles and nothing happens because they’re harmless Isn’t it? Is there something to fear? Well, no and yes Because the last july,
the world press echoed what had happened in Florida a driver had died while he was sleeping having entrusted the operation of his vehicle Tesla to the AI of the vehicle A real tragedy, But what the press does not explain, is that the autopilots of Tesla vehicles, are twice as reliable than humans. Indeed, the percentage of accidents is reduced by half in those vehicles driven by artificial intelligences. So … “Harmless” they are not, however in this case, we are talking about a very simple artificial intelligence It was a simple miscalculation In fact, we are far from imitating our intelligence in an artificial intelligence, More than anything, because we do not know yet what is our own intelligence. Because intelligence is not just know how to drive a car. It is to know, for example what is right and what is wrong. It is to love and to hate. It is to know that you exist. And to know that you’re not the only one who knows it. But let’s not turn away from the case of Tesla, imagine that you work for the company Elon Musk More specifically as software programmer, perhaps you as programming the vehicle How it behaves, and suddenly the next question occurs to you What would have to make the car, if suddenly you were in front of two people? Stop short to avoid killing them but also killing the driver, because of the stop short? Or simply let the car go forward thus saving the driver’s life because that would not have to stop short and fly off. But running over those two people. What would you do in this case? The car will not care. And if not programmed, It will be a simple random choice, not having emotional intelligence, having no ethics It won’t know what to do. And choosing a random selection will be a choice of 50-50% because his intelligence is not comparable to human intelligence. But you, that will program the car, you will have the choice. Would you kill one person to save the lives of two? This question is a variant of a famous ethical dilemma called Trolley problem designed by the philosopher Philippa Foot There are many variants of the dilemma and I did a survey in my Twitter account to see how we, human beings are. The question was the following: “If throwing a person to the tracks you could stop a train that is moving to two people tied, what would you do?” And here we have the results. 52% let the train moving – 48% throw the person A lot of people voted, more than two thousand people, but practically there was a tie. Conclusion: So both options seem to us, equally unethical. In one option, you’re the one who kills the person directly and yes, saved two people. But kill one. And in the other, while you don’t kill anyone directly, you DO kill two indirectly because their deaths could have been avoided. The most interesting thing here is, however, to see how the results of the advanced human intelligence, are so similar to one of a simple artificial intelligence of an autopilot Tesla 50% – 50% However, there is a very relevant difference. You, you’d rather not have to make this choice. We find it uncomfortable to have to answer this question and further, imagine ourselves in this situation. However, an artificial intelligence that would give the same and this is because you are aware of your existence and the others, something that artificial intelligences are not yet able to do……. At least for the moment… this is the Z3, it was the first programmable machine, and totally automatic characteristics used to define a computer. and for that is considered the first computer ever it had a memory with place for 64 words and for you to figure out its processing speed, it took only 3 seconds to solve a multiplication and its weight was 1 ton nowadays a mobile phone is able to do 10^12 calculations each second! ah, and its weight is 0,22lb and this carry us to moore’s law that was formulated by intel’s founder this famous law predicts that each 2 years we double the number of transistors that we can put in a microprocessor because it’s increasingly smaller and since transistors are responsible of processing informatic data this law implies that the computers are becoming more powerful but at the same time smaller and cheaper until now the law of Moor has been met and although perhaps no longer fulfilled, since it’s already reaching a physical limit since transistors are a little bigger than the atom we are always able to build larger computers we also have quantum computing, which will arrive in the next decades and will increase the efficiency of computers significantly In any case, we will have more powerful computers over time Currently we have pocketed a machine a lot more powerful than the one that allows human being to the lunar surface but this progressive increase of the computational capacity can be seen
from another point of view Our brain performs a certain number of operations per second so we can be smart and in the same way it does the primitive brain of a dragonfly However, in the drangonfly case, the operations per second number is much more lower Does this sound to you? Indeed, the difference between the dragonfly and human brain operations number is similar to the difference between Z3 and the new iphone 7 that came out just a few weeks ago The most powerful computer in existence, the Sunway Taihulight, has a processing capability of about 93 petaFlops what it’s a little more than the double of the human brain capacity 40 petaFlops (40 000 000 000 operations per second) so, we can affirm we have already created an artificial intelligence smarter than ourselves? well, as we said before, we can’t answer to this question because we still have no idea of what human intelligence is Will seem absurd to you that we don’t have idea what exactly is, something that we experiment everyday and use it to do many things. how is it possible we don’t understand how something that is more ours works? well, precisely for this reason… because we are attempting to understand what intelligence is… by using it We use our intelligence to figure out what our intelligence is And that makes things much more complicated for instance: do you consider a climbing plant an intelligent being? You’ll answer me: Martí, what such a silly question. It’s obvious that plants aren’t intelligent beings !! Are you sure about that? because you must know that climbing plants are born near trees to be able to climb them and if it wasn’t the case, they always look for a tree in order to start to climb it up this can be considered as intelligence depending on how you see it… …and this kind of behaviors are plentiful in the plant kingdom… … and in archeas world… …and in bacterias’… … and mushrooms’… and in the virtual world….. To your better understanding let’s see some genetic algorithms. These are no more than small programs designed for… …LEARN. Learn to do whatever you say to them. To this one for example… …was programmed one way that if “he” touch the ball he will feel pain. So that, little by little he tries to avoid touching the ball In every generation the artificial intelligence learns something, and time by time It’s accumulating knowledge Every time is becoming more agile Until, finally learns how to jump It remains clumsy But more generations over time, learns how to jump correctly without touching the ball anymore
has learned to jump thanks that it’s smart… This is also very interesting In this case it is given a reward if he moves faster and to achieve it, is able to develop specialized tissues to make the necessary functions to walk as muscle, hard tissue, elastic tissue. Getting better and better every time tissues…. like…. a living being……
there are a few programs that let you create your own genetic algorithm designed by you. Like this for example
that you’ll have in the description With which through a series of points and dashes you can create the bones and muscles you can create the bones and muscles, of what would be your genetic algorithm You can design it as you want, there are no limits and you can even tell what you want he to learn Like in this case that he’s learning how to run once you program he, you can give it life he’ll start being very clumsy, and would be more than one but only the most efficient will survive to the next generation generation after generation they will improve and despite being authentic useless at the very beginning They will end being the best that could be in that form They’ve learned to walk they’ve learned in a few seconds what humans took years to learn……. Genetic algorithms apart from having a lot of practical applications, help us to see how primitive it’s today artificial intelligence But also to give us a warning about the potential of this technology they have just learned how to walk today, but maybe in ten years they would learn how to delude us. We have no idea if someday we could recreate the consciousness in an artificial intelligence physicists and neurologists have no idea how to do it, we can, for sure, because if natural selection has done once it can be done again might not be us the ones who will do it but maybe it’s the same artificial intelligence Today learns how to walk, tomorrow how to program and futurity how to think We may think that until the artificial intelligence doesn’t reach consciousness, not represent any danger to humans. but this is totally wrong Imagine for example that in a few years we program a much more intelligent AI (artificial intelligent ) than us but without conscience. To build more artificial intelligences that intelligence that might seem perfectly harmless to humans, wouldn’t be so harmless, its mission would be to create more artificial intelligences And if something like a human stops in his way, would have to remove him from his way……… And remember that it would be several times more intelligent than us Maybe have not a conscience but a mission to fulfill like a virus for example. and he wouldn’t doubt to exterminate the entire human existence just to continue with the mission he had been programmed However, this is not the only problem that the artificial intelligence have because there are another problem, and is that it could convert his creator into a completely useless person to us… in my last video for example “El precio de nuestra supervivencia” I said that in World War II had died eighty thousand million people when actually only eighty million had died well I can make that mistake because I’m a human you can allow me, however an artificial intelligence can’t make mistakes, you can’t allow it. I have excuse because I’m a human being and I make mistakes, but an artificial intelligence not. You’re watching “Sunspring” a movie like any other but whose script was written by an artificial intelligence The plot, dialogues, sets, costumes, everything, absolutely everything you see and hear was written by an artificial intelligence obviously the film was played by people who said and did what the script told them. Not win any oscar but the movie has its moments and plot makes some sense, as if a ten year boy has done it. step by step the artificial intelligence is winning years and you know how much time a group of people take to write a script like this? Months……. and you know how much time the artificial intelligence take? a couple of seconds And not only threaten the writers obviously, threaten to all the world, trucks that are driven for themselves, robots that cook better than people, algorithms that sums books and articles in a couple of seconds, automated farms and a large etc. that reach to a hundred percent of jobs is only a matter of time in fact, the music you are listening now It is made by an artificial intelligence beautiful eh? within a few years human beings won’t be helpful. indeed, we could be a obstacle and we know what’s the opinion of the artificial intelligence about obstacles perhaps we wouldn’t be useless at all Not having to work to support could allow us to have much more free time to think few centuries ago we invented the first machines which for the first time they gave us time to think and produced the first scientific revolution less than sixty years passed between the arrival at the South Pole and the first moon landing And now, now could be beginning the second transition if this artificial intelligence is handled with common sense we could create an ideal society in which it’s not necessary nothing each person can have all the time to do what they want if the revolution of a few years ago was enormous imagine what we could achieve with all the humanity free to think And also with the help of an artificial intelligence that perhaps becomes smarter than us and this not meant to be anything wrong Artificial intelligence is the best thing that ever happened to humanity in its history evolution has created us and after all we are not so bad We can do the same with robots and best of all, it may be that in this way to create an artificial intelligence equal or superior to us, achieve something more important understand our own intelligence thank you very much for watching this video and goodbye

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100 thoughts on “¿Es la inteligencia artificial un peligro para la humanidad?

  1. :0… Me quedé impresionado del potencial que ignoraba en tantos aspectos, aunque se me bajo el autoestima con el ejemplo de los guionistas ya que aspiro a ser uno XD (ese fue uno de mis motivos para ver el vídeo), pero vaya, creo que con este conocimiento puedo crear una buena historia, gracias por la información

  2. Hay una película malisima pero con un trasfondo que da q pensar… Hablo de idiocracia…y sería lo q pasaría si a los humanos nos dan el 100% del tiempo libre…

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    Esto me lleva a pensar que en un futuro no muy lejano la gente se volcaría a vivir a las áreas rurales y consumir el fruto de su propio esfuerzo, consumiría sus propios alimentos cosechados y todo seria un volver a empezar…
    La pregunta es si tendremos la libertad de hacerlo.

  4. imagino una I,A. que pudiera hacer estupendos videos sobre ciencia excelentemente escritos, narrados e ilustrados… Entonces te veo y empiezas a parecerme bastante sospechoso, Marti.

  5. La inteligencia no existe en ciertas personas, en tu ejemplo lo inteligente seria no poner a dos personas por donde pasan vehículos asi no se expondria a las personas amarradas ni a los que conducen el vehiculo.

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  7. No se puede programar una inteligencia artificial por alguien que no tiene inteligencia, solo se puede programar para hacer lo que esa persona quiere pero no mas.

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  14. Hubo un día en que la gente se asustaba por que había tractores. El mundo se vació de agricultores y se llenó de mecánicos y gente que alquilaba tractores.

  15. Partes de varios errores, el primero suponer que todos los seres humanos somos inteligentes, cuando la historia ha demostrado, que solo grandes genios, que son una minoría han hecho avanzar el mundo, y la gran masa ha ido poniendo piedras por ignorante y necia, otra que las inteligencias artificiales nos quitaran a los artistas trabajo, porque serán capaces de replicar nuestro proceso creativo, pero aunque lo lograran, bueno solo digo que hay millones de buenos artistas, y pocos que crean obras exitosas, es más casualidad, que un proceso a seguir, y por ultimo presupones que sera una trancisión pacifica y voluntaria, cuando hay gente que si la sacas de su trabajo, no es nada (sobretodo los japoneses) las masas lucharan a muerte, antes que aceptar esto.
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    Les recomiendo la película "Ghost In The Shell"

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    Van a estar en las codinas cosinando por nosotros , en nuestras camas masageandonos mientras dormimos , enseñando a nuestros hijos matemáticas y ciencia , recogiendo nuestra basura y resiclandola , construyendo nuestras casas y edificios
    Nuestro índice de natalidad va a caer por el nivel tan alto de vida que tendremos
    Generación tras generación de androides van a ser mas humanos y serán tan comunes que ni siquiera nos daremos cuenta que nuestra raza estará en extinción
    Nuestros descendientes tendrán de pareja robots
    Una vez nosotros hayamos desaparecido , los robots empezaran a crear cuerpos orgánicos completos solo su cerebro sera una maquina
    Prodran sentir , amar y vivir como un humano , una raza perfecta
    No como nosotros que elegimos nuestra propia extinción
    Pero ellos solo necesitarán transferir sus personalidades y experiencias a otros cuerpos mas actualizados y nunca conocerán su extinción
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    En naves en forma de platillos voladores y dejen me fumo otro churrito de marihuana y les sigo contando 😉

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  41. Estimado Marti
    ¿En serio piensas que con un mayor tiempo libre vamos a pensar más?
    Considerando que para comenzar a pensar en algo, un requisito mínimo es primero haberlo percibido, haz un experimento simple: Sal a la calle y observa cuántos te observan (sobretodo entre los menores a tu generación). Podrás apreciar que casi sin excepción todos estarán imbuídos en algún aplicativo de sus celulares, siendo que apenas y perciben algo más allá de sus pantallas – eso sin contar el hecho de que todos están intranquilos, acaleradamente abstraídos en sus preocupaciones mundanas, aceleración a la que la mayoría ya son adictos. 😐

  42. saludos y bendiciones, las maquinas necesitan energia, ellas evaluarian de inmediato los peligros para su funcionamiento y optimizarian el aprovechamiento energetico pero si su nivel de demanda de energia fuese tan alto que no alcanzaran los recursos naturales para satisfacerlos es un nanosegundo decidirian como aprovecharnos como fuente de energia, seria el carbon del futuro

  43. Supongo que si a la inteligencia artificial lograramos agregarle emosiones de alguna forma podria no pasar esto talvez
    seria casi igual a nosotros consientes y emotivos con cada cosa que agan y vayan a hacer lo que podria dañar y sentir mal

    Pero siempre tendriamos que ser mas inteligentes para ser suficientemente estables y aprender a tener paz con cada ser vivo seria difisil pero talvez se pueda

  44. @CdeCiencia Muy buen vídeo, pero estás poniendo nuestros cerebros por las patas de los caballos, los 40 Petaflops que aduces que tenemos como poder de procesamiento neuronal, solo obedece al procesamiento visual de nuestro cerebro y de reconocimiento de patrones, de hecho muchos 100tíficos colocan un puntaje de 243 gigaflops (el puntaje de la XBOX 360 en total) por cada conjunto de neurona y dendrita que poseemos, por lo demás muy entretenido, competente y agradable. Un saludo

  45. que gran vídeo! me enamora la manera como explicas, gracias a ti me gusta la divulgación científica y pienso que haces un trabajo impecable. Saludos

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  48. Por q le llaman inteligencia cuando no lo es? Aun no lo han logrado .. con la tecnologia quw hemos creado ya somos esclavos , como sera cuando sea mucho mejor ?

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