Episode 5 | Weekly Tech Recap | T-Mobile / Sprint Deal in Jeopardy?

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In today’s episode, it looks like the T Mobile sprint deal might be in jeopardy. T Mobile
announces in mobile baking service, the rise of video streaming and more tech IPOs being
released to the market. Looks like there’s trouble brewing for the T Mobile sprint deal.
There were several reports that came out this week about the Department of Justice, not
liking the existing deal between t mobile and sprint and the reaction from the market,
they are not too confident in this deal actually getting done. Now both CEOs from sprint and
T Mobile have denied the reports and said they’re going to allow the process to play
itself out. But both companies state that is important for them to combine and merge
in order to stay competitive against the big dogs out there, aka Verizon and at&t in order
to provide a different service that is in the best interest for consumers. Sprint also
issued a letter to the FCC this week, talking about the different reasons why they’re in
bad shape and how business is not looking too good for them on the move to get the regulators
to approve the merger between the two companies. We are keeping an eye on this one. As the
story develops, we’re not going to entertain the rumors a whole lot. But this is what’s
going on in the market here today between the two companies. As this is going on T Mobile
decided to make some more news for themselves. In previous episodes, we learned about T Mobile
launching home internet service to compete against the cable companies. Then on the next
episode, we learned that they were going to develop a TV service and have that introduced
to several markets in the United States. Now this week, we got more table mobile news.
And they’re going to be releasing a mobile bank account. Now what sets his bank account
different from the others that are out there from traditional players, there’s no fees
associated with this mobile bank account. So this is a checking account, you can earn
interest on this. Now there’s a couple of caveats with that you have to have a certain
T Mobile plan. But you don’t have to be a T Mobile customer in order to open up an account.
But if you are a customer, and then you happen to have certain dollar amount deposited in
this account, you may be eligible to get the higher interest rates and the opportunity
to earn some interest back on your existing dollars in your account. And that this is
a mobile first account. And they’ve partnered with bank mobile to make this happen. Now,
this is interesting, because T Mobile is really putting themselves out there as the carrier,
right. So they’re not going to allow be the big players to boss them around, they’re going
to shake up the industry just a little bit just like we learned in the previous episodes.
But they’re really putting themselves out there. And I think this is really a move for
not necessarily a show. But it’s just to give the government an idea of what T Mobile will
do if they’re allowed to merge with sprint. So they’re going to continue to think of new
ways to innovate and disrupt the market. And I believe that this mobile banking account
is another example of them doing that, how this will play out and how successful this
will be. And then how consumers will respond to this time will tell. But at least they’re
trying and they’re trying to do something just a little bit different. So I applaud
them for that. And I can’t wait to see how this turns out the rise of video streaming
services. So this is also known as Ott or over the top. Whereas you would have your
video service come over an internet country and instead of coming through on a wall outlet,
or coming from a traditional satellite provider, this is important because Netflix released
their numbers for the market. And they made some pretty impressive moves in the first
quarter. So this first quarter in 2019, they made $4.5 billion just in this first quarter,
that’s that’s a lot of money. They also set a new record for themselves to they added
9.6 million subscribers. So that brings their total subscriber numbers almost to about 150
million subscribers all together. Now in the release for the investors, they say you know
what this industry is still growing, they only have about 2% of the internet traffic
total. And then really only about 10% of the total TV viewing market. So that’s amazing.
And there’s still more room to grow. Now they did acknowledge the that you know what Disney
and some other competitors are coming out there with their own direct to consumer offerings,
but they’re not really too concerned about that, because they said, You know what, there’s
enough room in the market for other companies to come in there, and to compete, and to win
different subscribers away from the traditional linear TV services. So they’re not completely
worried about new entrants coming into the market. Now I did a quick survey on Instagram
on my Instagram story. And I just asked, Hey, are you still watching regular TV, you responded.
And then 75% of you all said you don’t watch regular TV, though, something to think about.
And it’s only going to get more interesting, as we see more streaming video on demand offerings
come into the market, as well as some advertise advertising base video on demand services.
So we’ll look into this in a future episode will will break down down the transition from
the over the air TV services. So you know, with the bunny ears, you get your TV from
the air, and you’re clicking the little clicker to get to the certain channel to watch your
favorite show, going to cable services where the providing linear TV where you have a bunch
of channels that you’re not looking at. So now we’re an on demand world where we’re watching
TV and watching movies and shows that are on time. So stay tuned for that one. And that
one’s going to be a fun episode. The other thing to note too, about the streaming rise
and how they’re capturing the viewers attention is that with Hulu, so that’s one of the advertising
base video on demand providers who has a package without for it for about $6 a month. And you
can subscribe to live TV, not necessarily live TV, I take that back, you can get on
demand video, and movies with some commercials in it. But with this package alone, even though
they sold it for $6 to consumers, they actually made $1.5 billion in advertising revenue from
this service. So that’s amazing. So this is an area that’s growing. And then I want you
to look this up Pluto TV, if you’re watching TV, and then you don’t have time to be sitting
at home and watching TV, you want to watch it on the go or check out maybe some old movies
that you might be interested in, check out Pluto TV. That’s another advertising base
video on demand service that’s really popular, supported by ads. But that one has about 12
million subscribers, I believe at the at the time of this recording. So this one’s growing.
And this one’s going to get a lot more growth here in the future. Because the advertising
dollars are still being spent on traditional television, which nobody’s really looking
at these days. It’s all mobile first, it’s online go in on your devices with you instead
of sitting in front of the TV in the living room. So we’ll keep an eye on this one. So
this is why this service is really popping right now is because all the attention is
heading to mobile devices. We’ve been here for quite a while, especially since we’re
on social media. And then our viewing habits are starting to go that way too, with mobile
services. And now the advertisers and the contents following this path to so we’re going
to keep on this one should be really interesting. Our next story involves more tech IPOs. So
IPO stands for initial public offering. And this is when a company decides to go from
being a privately owned company, to putting yourself out there on the market for investors
like ourselves to be able to participate and invest into the company and the things of
the business. So we have two tech IPOs that are dropping, that have dropped this week.
One is zoom communications and zoom communications is an enterprise video communications provider
where they provide video services, conferencing, phones, and other type of communication services.
And they’ve been doing this for the last eight years. And they finally released their IPO.
The other company of interests is Pinterest. So Pinterest is the social idea sharing site.
And the funny thing about this too about them releasing this IPO, they don’t want to be
known just as a social media company. But they want to be known as a place where you
can get ideas and get inspiration. So they have over 250 million members in their community.
And they started in 2010. They also released their IPO this week. Now 2019 is going to
be the year of the tech IPO, we’re going to have more tech companies going public. One
of the famous ones is Uber. And we learned in previous episodes that live went public.
So you can buy Lyft stock now if you’re into that kind of thing. But we’re going to have
more tech IPOs coming. And the crazy thing about this is that these are companies that
haven’t been around for a long time. And now they’re publicly traded companies, and then
you can buy them. And you know, it’s amazing that you can take an idea that solves a specific
problem, and then bring it to the market for other people to have and invest into your
product or service. So quite amazing. So more tech IPOs to come here real soon it for 2019.
Okay, so we listen to the tech stories. And now we’re going to get to some questions,
and I have a couple answers for them. First question comes from Stuart. And Stewart asks,
Why are you forced to get a landline included in a bundle with TV and internet? So great
question. The reason why they do this is to not waste the resources that they have in
their portfolio. So for instance, if I’m talking about the local cable company out here in
Las Vegas, they have TV, they have internet and they have phone service. Now it would
be quite a waste, if I decided to cut my phone completely, and then just go strictly with
an Internet only offering the reason why I haven’t quite dropped the TV service. And
even the phone service, I still technically need the phone for the things that I do want
a job. And then it’s a lot cheaper for me to keep this as a bundle, instead of me having
two out of the three services. And then that’s really something that they do by design, because
I realized that these services aren’t really all that popular anymore. People don’t really
want landline phones when you have a mobile phone on you at all times. And it has way
better capabilities compared to that traditional wall phone that used to have way back in the
day. The other thing to what TV, folks are getting away from the TV services, but also
at the same time to you already have internet and you already have TV, they’re going to
give you a sweeter deal. If you combine all three of them together, instead of having
those individual services by themselves. So it’s really a move to keep you on to the services,
they still have to pay for the equipment, they still have to pay for the labor. But
they don’t want to lose your business in that area. And if they lose your business in that
area that’s going to affect them and the things on their balance sheet. And this is not going
to be good for them if they’re a publicly traded company. So that’s really the main
thing, they don’t want to lose you as a customer. So they’re going to bundle all these services
to keep you and to make it more attractive for you to keep the bundle even if you may
not use it, it looks better for them to have you on the bundle, instead of having to separate
from that. This next question comes from Christine, and
she asked, what are some essential customer service skills, essential customer service
skills, I would say the number one skill that you need to have been in customer service.
And this doesn’t matter if you’re the cashier at the register. Or if you’re somebody that
answers phone calls for a company, or even being up on the food chain. And then you have
other business clients that you interact with. The most important customer service skill
that you need is to have empathy, you need to let your customers know that you actually
care for them. If you care for your customers, they’re going to want to continue to do business
with you. And that’s good for you, right, because you need customers to survive, you
need customers to thrive in your area of business, if they don’t feel like they are being treated
fairly, and that you don’t care for them, they can easily take their business, their
wallet, and then go to one of your competitors. So that’s the number one thing you need to
have is empathy for the customer. I would also say to another important skill is to
have great communication skills, and that that’s not only speaking, but also listening
to what your customers are saying. So you you need to understand and that’s where the
empathy comes in. Right? If you’re empathetic to what their needs are, you’re more willing
to listen. And then you’re more willing to try to do what you can do within your ability
to take care of the customer. And when you do those things, your customers are going
to come back to you with more of their problems, they’re going to come back to you when they
need some help, or they’re going to come back to you because they know that you are dependable.
And that even though they may be able to do it themselves, or maybe they can have somebody
else do it for cheaper. If you just do the best job out there, they’re
going to come back to you regardless. And then some times will do that. It doesn’t matter
like what your prices or you know how, how inexpensive or how expensive is if you do
the best out there compared to the rest of the market, they’re going to come back to
you over and over again. That’s what I would say just just a couple skills, empathy, having
great communication skills, and then just doing what you need to do to take care of
the customer. If you have those things, you will succeed in this area. And this is an
area that I can speak to because I love my customers, I love taking care of them. And
those are the exact same skills that I use to take care of my customers. And I know they
appreciate it, because I hear from them. They tell me these kind of things. So use these
skills, and then you’ll do quite fine in your area involved in customer service. And Amina ask the next question, and this
one’s a little funny. Do you still get phone books delivered to your house by the phone
company? Mina? I do? Yes. Now I have no idea why I still get these phone books delivered
to my house. As soon as I get it, it goes straight to the recycling. And this thing
has it’s like thick, right? It’s like two dictionaries combined together. There’s no
reason why people today need a phone book, when you have all this information found in
the phone book, easily accessible on the internet. Now I get it, you know, phone books have been
around forever. Some folks still prefer to use a phone book. But it says it’s really
inefficient. And I i understand why these phone companies keep sending these phone books
out well, because people are still paying to have their business advertising these phone
books. So if they have the money to receive from these phone books, they’re going to print
these up and they’re going to get these sent out to the homes. One thing that I did learn
is that you can actually opt out of this, and I haven’t quite looked into this completely
yet. I really shut up out of it. But every time I see this phone book delivered to my
house, kind of laugh. So yes, I still get the phone book delivered to my house, one
of these days, it’s not going to happen. And you can easily find me information that you’re
looking for on the business or even on the person by looking them up on social media.
And on the internet. And on Google, I would even say to that with the social media sites
that we have today. That’s your modern day phone book. We don’t need phone numbers with
this. But if you look up a person’s name on on Instagram, on Snapchat, or Facebook or
whatever that platform is, your you may be able to find that person on there. And then
you can easily reach them or that business, you can easily reach them and use those resources
and get that into additional information that you couldn’t get from a phone book. Now the
people that don’t want to participate and the quote unquote phonebook of the internet,
they’re just not on on that, honestly, social media sites. The bad thing, though, is that
there’s still websites out there white pages, and there’s a couple other ones out there
that they still find a way to get your information, publish that out there. And if you do find
yourself on one of those sites, you can easily get your information removed off of those.
But to sum this up, I still get a phone book, you really don’t need a phone book here today.
And then I would say the internet and social media is the modern phone book for today,
even though we don’t really need to know phone numbers in this day and age. Well, we’ve come to the end of this weekly
tech report. And I want to thank you so much for hanging out and for rock with me on this
one. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email, that’s Jahmal at ThaPhoneGuy.com.
That’s th A Don’t forget the A I couldn’t get the E for this one because that web domain
was unavailable. So Jahmal at ThaPhoneGuy.com, you can shoot me an email, ask me any questions
there. You can reach me on all social media platforms, Pinterest, I’m still I got that.
But I haven’t really used that to the best of my ability. But maybe I’ll jump on there
and put a little bit more effort into this now that they’re a publicly traded company.
But you can reach me on social media. And let me know what you think if you want to
leave a rating or review, go ahead and do that. I really appreciate it. And I did check
iTunes here recently. And I saw a couple of ratings out there and I really appreciate
you for taking that time and leaving a rating. It really means a lot to me and I can’t wait
to talk to you again next week. Until then, keep your head up. Have a great day. Talk

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