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Bearings with standard ABEC-3 are more loose haha little bastard Hi, my name is Michał Gęborys I would like to present groundbreaking news for polish fingerboard scene groundbreaking news for polish fingerboard scene and it is … – Urethane bearing fingerboard wheels – Premium class product They are made out of the same material which is used in Skateboarding. After puting them on Blackriver Trucks your tricks are going to level up. What is different from previous fingerboard wheels, made out of hard materials? Urethanes are more grippy to surface and they look much more realistic. Wheels are actualy grippy but don’t worry that after poping frontside flip slight revert on landing is literally impossible, because they are too grippy. Due to right hardness of the material, wheels allow you to slide when landing tricks in a realistic way, also they squeak. During test session it turned out that Urethane material gives you more pop. Literally your fingerboard stick to your fingers in the air very high. OK. 70D durometer. What does it even mean? This kind of materials can be measured using special devices. Durometer tester has a special pressure foot (needle) which you push to the material and then device shows number hardness in Shore scale 70 D durometer is harder than skateboard 98A wheels Scale A is up to 100 value If you want to measure
harder material you need scale D So the 70 D is harder than 98 A OK so Why the bigger skateboard wheels has softer material? Impact when landing on a skateboard is on a different level, also there are 2 bearings in 1 wheel, so the Skate wheel can be softer to absorb more energy while landing and poping tricks. Due to introduction of new material we have possibility to produce better looking wheels. Colours are more “pastel” and wheels has matte finish. Wheels are getting dirty in a different way when they collect dust in few days they are going to look very realistic. The most popular fingerboard wheels size is probably 7.5 mm but nowadays more and more people prefer bigger wheels so Grand Urethanes has 8.0 mm size from the beggining Shape of the wheel is kind of new It combines our well known GF Vert shape and the most popular Grand Ghost wheels Classic Bowl 8.0 Bearings mounted in this wheels are standard size 4×2 mm Fits perfect Blackriver Trucks Bearings has ABEC 5 standard I would like to explain ABEC standard Many people don’t know what does it mean, but they keep repeating sentence that – higher ABEC, better bearings ABEC standard tells you how precise is the bearing Could be tight fitted inside Balls and shields tight or they could be more loose ABEC 3 – the most loose bearings They have better resistance on impact The higher numer of ABEC standard, the better precision of the bearing It can spin faster and longer but in skateboarding and fingerboarding it is going to actualy break faster and become loose So the ABEC 7 bearing is not definately better than ABEC 5 Best to choose middle class 🙂 Construction of the Grand Urethane wheels protects wheel from slipping on the hanger Now you can comfortably ride and do not have to keep pulling wheels aside to put it in correct position. Due to that construction it is best to screw Grand wheels in a different way First put autoblock to your tool and than push your tool into Grand wheel Now you can safely hold tool and screw the nut. If axle in your BRT’s starts to spin simply use second tool. This tip is almost the end of the video Grand Urethane wheels has surprised us real gamechangers Team riders gave us great feedback so now you can try them and let the wheels surprise you! Thank you for watching! I hope that I managed to give you all the details and that you are also exited. If you have some questions feel free to ask in comment section If you dont have question please let us know which is your favourite colour? LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! GRAND FINGERS TV Link to product in description!

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  1. Momentami za poważnie ale ogólnie super filmik z ciekawymi informacjami. Kola posiadam i są imo lepsze niz oak czy joye🤘🏻

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