[ENG SUB] Alfa Fingerboards Comeback (2007-2013) NEW DECKS CNC MOLD G3

Hi, my name is Marek Badora, and I am a founder of Alfa Fingerboards. Currently not that many people may remember Alfa decks, because the last produced board came out from a mold in 2013. Let’s go back to the beginning of manufacturing my boards. First boards were released in the second half of 2007, and were slightly wider than Tech Decks. They were 26 mm wide and made of 4 plies of veneer. Boards met with positive feedback, therefore after year or two I decided to make a new, improved mold. I’ve been skateboarding since I was a kid, therefore I was inspired by skate decks while making my fingerboards, and I wanted Alfas to look similar to skateboards. G2 decks were characterized by a low concave and tails. Also, the tail was a bit shorter than the nose. Since Alfas were very popular between 2007 and 2013, together with Grand Fingers we’ve decided to resume manufacturing, and we’ve created a refreshed G3 mold. Molds G1 and G2 have been made by me in my home workshop. But the G3 has been made using Computer Aided Design technology and professional CNC milling machine. New mold is an improved version of the previous one. Noses have been slightly shortened, concave is more noticeable, but what is the most important, we are no longer limited by the mold’s construction, which means we can produce wider decks, up to 35 mm. Noses still have a bit pointy shape, like in previous generations. Also, the nose is raised 2 degrees higher and is 2 mm longer than the tail. The edges are still sanded manually, but the shape is cut on Grand Fingers’ CNC machine. Likewise, the holes in G3 decks are drilled by the CNC machine. This way there is no chance for a mistake. Alfas are varnished multiple times to a high gloss, same as Grand Fingers decks. My decks used to be sold on fingerboard forums like Andegrand or Fbreloaded. I was selling them in small batches every few weeks. Now they’re gonna be constantly available online at www.grandfingers.pl. Thank you for watching this video, I hope that you’re also happy that Alfa Fingerboards is back. Everyone that haven’t tried Alfas yet, I encourage you to try it. Link to the products can be found in the description. Give a thumbs up and subsribe! Wait for it.

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9 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Alfa Fingerboards Comeback (2007-2013) NEW DECKS CNC MOLD G3

  1. Kozak, co prawda w formie G2 ten plaski concave mi mega pasowal, ale chetnie zaopatrze sie w nowa serie 😀

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