ENG Sub 【UNIQLO U】最實穿優衣庫U系列試穿|2019 SS Must Have Try on Haul

Hello this is Helen Aby and welcome to my channel For those who are new comers, just let you know I am working on trying on some fashion brands so today I was trying on the clothing from UNIQLO U which is very popular in these days the reason why I was hesitated to place my order is because I wanted my items could be timeless I mean all the pieces I purchased from UNIQLO U are supposed to be wearable all the time and never unfashionable so let’s get our Tyron started this pullover is a very popular item and I am so into pink so I choose this one among the other colors kind of Barbie pink right now I think it looks little bit neon pink I guess it might look good in the natural light however I don’t think it is a must-have one I mean it is just a normal pullover I personally don’t recommend this one if you do already have lots of pullovers the pictures of this pullover online looks better there’s a curve design at the sleeve part but in person it doesn’t stand out much the size I was wearing is Medium because all the smaller ones were out of stock I am not that into oversized style so maybe I will not keep this one talking about the bottom item it is a mini skirt I didn’t see many people order this one it looks normal in picture like most fast fashion brands will do but in person I would say the fabric is good and thick and the cutting is nice I like the butt area can cover my wide butt I choose the color of white and I think it is good for summer so I highly recommend adding a white mini to your wardrobe for summer I know sometimes people are worrying about white bottom might make butt wider and bigger but this one will be fine the size was 0 and it runs little large for this oversize shirt I still chose the color of pink well it looks more chic on pic again it is a normal t-shirt in person unnecessary purchasing really oversized I highly expected this one when placing my order and it is very comfortable I recommend this one kind of 90s style vintage that reminds me of a brand called “Montagut” in 1990s some new money in China were so into that brands’ t-shirts felt cool looks skinny I like the collar that angle looks special and there are some other color options however that classic navy are out of stock in small size this was my first wine polo shirt I think the white bottom can go with it I think the white bottom can go with it this white t-shirt is especially for that white mini I like wearing all white look it feels cool as well and really oversized but there is one thing I don’t like this t-shirt is a little transparent don’t wear bold underwear with it another all white look this sweater is very popular it fits well the sleeves are very special this lantern sleeves will not make your shoulders wider I think this is too off white for me and be careful when taking on/off or leave foundation or lipstick stain on it also I ordered the pants I know there is one super popular that many celebrities have worn it because it is out of stock I ordered another one it runs large usually I am wearing 24-25 in jeans so for this one I ordered size 2 but the waist is large while the butt fits well maybe it just doesn’t fits my body shape and the UNIQLO U are promoting the color of cameo this year for me it is a big try and it is too long for me I’m 5’5 and size 2 is way too long for me it must go with heels this jacket is popular as well and the beige one is out of stock this one is a size of xs is still way too oversized fabric is high-quality I recommend it if you like oversized style and black is also a good choice especially for bad weather as a raincoat I will not wear a $100 beige coat in the rain the sleeve can be folded with a button which solve the problem of big sleeves I like the hood looks like a witch and the hood is removable if you don’t like wearing it this dress is good for office ladies there is another dress super popular I failed to order that one but I think this one is more timeless with oversized sleeves the waist line is so tiny looks very skinny and the shoulder design cover the arm fat as well kind of triangle shape and I like that navy color the size was xs again I am 5’5 this dress is a little long on me so if you are petite, maybe this dress would be too long for you so if you are petite, maybe this dress would be too long for you so I did try on all the items I ordered at UNIQLO U I think the fabric is fine however, in my opinion, some styles or colors might not be wearable I personally like the jacket and the polo shirt and you are welcomed to share your comments on UNIQLO U with me and you are welcomed to share your comments on UNIQLO U with me please give a thumb up on this video and please subscribe my channel if you like so see you next time bye bye

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