(ENG Sub) │JJUNONG │2018ss 봄맞이 120만원 하울 !! 대방출 !! 1탄 Fashion Haul for 1200 $

hello sister and bros this is JJunong what i’m gonna do today is Fashion Haul let’s see what i’ve bought in this month together let’s go first, these pairs of Nike shoes I bought Nike shoes only this time just because of this vapormax lol I only see vapormax now lol I bought some pairs of Air max which are so dope let’s open each boxes and see what those looks like let’s start with these shoes the first is the most expensive one this is one of Nike Lab series the box is so luxury the shoes are looking like this it’s Nike vapormax chukka slip these are one of Nike Lab series as you see, these seems like i’m wearing chukka boots or ankle boots do you see the grey swoosh beside? it’s already got scratched even though I just worn these a few times like this, sometimes Nike’s durability is not good however they feel so comfortable especially Vapormax series and the strap at the back that’s so dope the cushion of vapormax feels like How can i say it.. it’s like a waterbed lol when your feet go like this it feels like this like this feeling? I would say like when i wore these first time, i almost got sprained my ankle because these were not familiar it feels like wearing new shoes you’ve never worn before but once I got familiar with vapormax, I can’t wear any other shoes cuz now it’s so comfortable this chukka slip end let’s go to the next the next is the 2nd expensive one Vapormax Flyknit what’s these name? the name will be in subtittle this pair are one of pairs that i wear often I know most people don’t like this one but everyone has their own taste so you don’t need to care what they saying lol I could get this so easily because this is not popular one for me, the orange bottom is so cool so i just copped this this is looking like this when i wearing it this is one of my favorites currently since this is flyknit you can move your feet freely like this anyway it makes my feet so comfortable like hold my feet smoothly I think the most of shoes made by knit is so comfortable and this one is much lighter than the chukka slip the chukka one is also so light but this one feels like just slippers for me so i’m satisfying with these and the feeling when you wearing it is almost same with other vapormax series like a waterbed you know what it is? the outlook seems like a pair of soccer shoes yeah I think that’s what it is um i think vapormax could be used for various purpose like you can match with any other fashion items and and you can use this for just exercise yeah i could say it’s multi player but i think the durability is slightly unstable and compare to other shoes because this cushion is made by rubber or something and air in it if you step on something sharp when you’re walking we don’t know what are we gonna step on while we walking so if you step on something so sharp the air could blow up so i walk very carefully when i’m with these and when it’s raining it could be so slippery so should be careful when it’s raining unless you don’t want to sprain your feet and when you go to some performance hall with water at the bottom it could be dangerous because it’s so slippery I think that’s big disadvantages of vapormax and this is the end let’s see the last one the next is the cheapest on I haven’t worn these these are Air Force 270 I was just watching Nike website and this was kinda impulse buying these are one of my types I’ve found when i’m watching Nike website especially this point and details I’m digging these kinds of things how can i say the details you can see in the products for outdoor and futuristic designs and there was only 10 size left then i just put them into the basket and paid lol that’s how i bought this what the fuck are you talking about like i said i haven’t put this so let me try this on today I just put these this is Air Force 270 the exact name and the price will be on subtittle (Air Force 270, 189,000KRW) this is what it looks like when you put it on I think this is pretty dope these days, Nike makes these kinda futuristic design shoes and that makes my heart beat faster looks like the shoes in the movie ‘Back to the future’ I really like this the feeling is different from vapormax also different from normal Airmax it’s like it’s lighter than Air Force and it’s less cushioning than air max that’s what it feels like -guess what Jjunong bought?

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12 thoughts on “(ENG Sub) │JJUNONG │2018ss 봄맞이 120만원 하울 !! 대방출 !! 1탄 Fashion Haul for 1200 $

  1. 쭈농님 오랜만이네요.ㅋㅋㅋ
    신발 모두다 멋지네요ㅋㅋㅋ
    이제구독자2000명이 얼마안남았네요.
    여러분 영상 재밌게보셨다면 구독과 좋아요 그리고 댓글 꼭 남겨주세요.
    쭈농님 화이팅!

  2. 확실히 요즘 나이키가 신발 이쁜거 많이 뽑는거 같아요ㅠㅠ
    블랙 오렌지 컬러 베맥 진짜 딱 쭈농님 스타일인데요!!
    얼른 2탄도 보고싶어요ㅠㅠ

  3. 하울영상 조하욥~~~ 저도 나이키에 빠져서 이번달에 베이퍼맥스랑 맥스97 질렀어요 내 텅장 ㅠ 영상 잘보고 가요 🌈

  4. 와 진짜 대박 이쁘네 근데 신발을 너무 막신어서 사지는ㄴ 못하겄네 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. 쭈농님은 해외직구나 래플 같은 건 안하시나요?
    신발에 관심 있으신 거 보면 래플같은 것도 하실 법 한데
    이지나 옾화나이키, 조던 og 등등 최근 출시한 한정판 신발에 대한 리뷰는 전혀 안하시는 거 같아서요
    직구도 안하시는지 소개하시는 아이템들도 다 국내 출시 제품들이고
    문뜩 궁금해서요~

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