(ENG Sub) │JJUNONG │2018년 봄 신발 쏜다!!! (언박싱+리뷰+선물) Adidas NMD Review and Unboxing

hi! sister and bros this is JJunong guys! finally! I got first sponsored scream~~~ i’ll do unboxing, review of these beautiful sponsored shoes and furthermore introducing such a nice web shopping mall which gave me these beautiful shoes and also prepared presents for you guys so make sure! you keep watching this till the end alright let’s start now let’s do unboxing right now where are they from? as you can see, the shopping mall name ‘Gurufit’ gave me the shoes let’s open it to see which kinds of shoes are in it’s not Kuku crew in this situation that i’m really wondering what kinds of shoes are in it oh what are those? what a fancy shoe box this is a simple manual about ‘Gurufit’ and at the back there’re 9 key point about how to find perfect fit of your feet that’s nice tho the shoes you want…. chosen by only your foot length yeah you’re not supposed to choose the shoes by only your foot length they said try shoes in evening yeap this is evening now and figure out if the largest width of shoes fit your feet and any other tips on here see it later wow this is a tape for changing and refund I thought it’s just a sticker so tried to put it on my laptop lol the changing tape is so pretty tho let’s check the shoes the shoe box is quite luxury tho here you are. let me open it oh it’s Adidas NMD how lucky i am~ are these the expensive shoes? aren’t they? freaking pretty how did they know that i’m crazy with camo patterns these are NMD that are one of the hottest shoes in Adidas i really appreciate for these to the director of ‘Gurufit’ thank you so much well, let’s take a look at the shoes let’s put away this box to show the shoes better this camo NMD let’s take a look at the camo pattern so dope isn’t it? and the part that i like the most is this glow part here in terms of this part when you put your foot in here like this this glow part here is slightly shown while you’re walking i’ve pictured that image well.. I really like that point and when you see the back there’s a label and this the font on here and and the strap the feeling of strap makes my heart beat faster and the trademark of NMD the details on mid sole and the pattern on sole and the bottom they gave me the present that I like A to Z well then let’s try on and explain how the feeling is I’ve put these on like this when you put your foot inside here the shoe’s wrapping your foot smoothly I like this feeling tho and the shoes are so light compare to the shoes of NIKE like Vapermax or Flyknit these are way lighter than those nike shoes but the cushion is weaker than theirs even though the cushion is weak, it’s aright because these are pretty then let’s finish the review alright i did unboxing and review of the shoes I’m really satisfied with these shoes thank you so much now let me introduce this ‘Gurufit’ that gave me this grateful present let’s see together from now, i’ll introduce the web shopping mall ‘Gurufit’ to you let’s see this website here when you scroll down you can see the service ethic of ‘Gurufit’ here regardless of any shoes, they charge no delivery fee and more, if you don’t like the shoes or the size is wrong then you can change or refund it unlimitly this is so important that ‘Unlimitly’ you can change or refund it unlimitly even they don’t charge delivery fee what an advantage wow that’s just like.. even the big companies like Nike or Adidas, they charge delivery fee but ‘Gurufit’ has such considerate service ethic and furthermore they only sell new products that has released in 90 days I think it’t not necessary to say that they only sell original products so i think ‘Gurufit’ has nice service ethic and high reliability they are so considerate to customers because they’re like ‘order first and if you don’t like it just send it back to us without any fee as a customer I think this web shopping mall is wonderful i start being a big fan of ‘Gurufit’ what a benefit~ and as you can see the explanation about products is interesting like you see the experts about shoes have written explanations about those shoes and can you see this ‘different perspective’ in here? unlike other web shopping mall they’ve written pros and cons about their products and thoughts of experts so it’d be so interesting when you buy it and even you like some shoes, but it’s hard to search information about shoeos this is like or that is like but since they write that kind of information on there web, i’d say this web shopping mall is reliable let’s scroll down more right here they’ve written the history of the brand briefly I’d like to say.. I’m the guy who introduce about fashion and the ‘Gurufit’ is the guys? or girl? who introduce about shoes hopefully, it’d be a girl what the fuck are you talking about let’s scroll down more they’ve put explanation about size of shoes like length, width, height and so on with photos i got a lot to say about this i have kinda tricky feet right sister and bros, my feet are so tricky dumb ass I have 275 mm foot but the width of my feet fits well in 285mm so i always buy 285 mm and plus, like ankle boots covering all your instep of a foot but i have different instep of a foot size so if i buy some shoes measured by my left foot my right foot is stuck in a shoe and it stop my blood circulation of my right foot that kinda tricky foot considering those things, these explanation of Gurufit is such helpful information to people who have tricky foot like me isn’t it? what a great website am i only one who has tricky feet? I think Gurufit is such satisfying web shopping mall so far and there’s more things to satisfy me if you’re shopper holic, credit point is one of the important things in Gurufit if you buy shoes that will be released a week later, they’ll give you 30 % credit point of the price 30% well, if you buy 100,000 KRW, 30,000 KRW will come back to you then if you buy 2 of 100,000 KRW like Adidas i’ll get shoes for 60,000 like Vans or Sketchers for free this is a tremendous benefit to you and if you buy the shoes been released in 75 days it’ll be 15% credit point back to you and if you buy rest of it, it’ll be 10% credit point back to you if you buy 3 pairs of Adidas shoes for 100,000 KRW, you’ll get a free pair of another Adidas shoes right? what a benefit let’s go get credit point hold on hold on they’ve given presents for you not only me see this? the ‘JJunong’ coupon if you use this coupon you can get 20% discount of every products in Gurufit how is it? did i do well? let’s me explain how to use it first join Gurufit and go to mypage do like this and do like that and do like this that’s it easy-peasy then you can give this coupon to everybody around you like mother, father, grandma, grandpa and friends you and me it’s better you use this one as well because if you buy 3 pairs, one is free right? aight i introduced about Gurufit today Gurufit is my first sponsor it’s getting late to upload since i’ve been busy these days but this happened to me so i’m kinda sorry to you subscribers and and I’m feeling that i should try harder at the same time i’ll try my best I love yall well, today me Jjunong the guy who introduce fashion introduced ‘Gurufit’ and was given gift and gave gift to you what a nice day I’ll be back with another nice video won’t be late this is Jjunong again bye~!

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26 thoughts on “(ENG Sub) │JJUNONG │2018년 봄 신발 쏜다!!! (언박싱+리뷰+선물) Adidas NMD Review and Unboxing

  1. 쭈농님의 첫번째 협찬이네요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    gurufit많이 이용해주시고
    이영상이 유익하겼다면 구독 ,좋아요 댓글주시면 감사합니다.
    쭈농님 쿠폰: JJUNONG123
    빨리가서 사야겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. 첫 협찬 축하드려요!! 처음부터 구독해서 보고있는데 제가 더 기쁘네요~~ 앞으로도 더더 성장하길 바래요:)

  3. 첫 협찬 축하드려요 배그하느라 ㅜ 영상올라온지도 모르고 담부턴 빨리올게요! 오늘도 잘봤어요 ㅎㅎㅎ

  4. 몇 패션 유투버 중에 유일하게 개인적으로 보낸 질문에 답해주신… ㅠㅠ 아주 친절한 크리에이터 ㅠㅠ 쭈농님 항상 응원합니다♡♡

  5. 오오오오~~ 이번에 신발사려고했는데 혜택이 좋네요~~ 무배송에 무반품까지 좋은거 알려주셔서 감사합니다 ㅎㅎㅎ 바로 쿠폰써서 사러가야겠네요~~👍🏻👍🏻

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