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hi everyone this is JJunong today i’m gonna unbox this over 4000$ Macbook this is 2017 Macbook pro letina touch bar this is even A Pro~ this is my new Macbook straight out from the states let’s open it see those letters Macbook pro on here I was so desperate to buy this the price is so evil the new Macbook is wrapped like this and inside… that’s it? It’s so simple even i could barely say anyway like this… what should i say.. wow~ Is it coating paper or protection film? like this there we go this is my Macbook I’ve bought this Macbook for my new works oh there’s some strange thing on here what’s that? oh this means it’s booting now? what’s that? hey Kyung yeon what’s this? -it’s auto-updating itself since you opened it wow auto-updating itself how amazing guys so i’ll put this cover on it let’s see Components no hold on hold on do you see the touch bar on here?? I have touch bar on here lol aight let’s go to the next the next is what should i see let’s take a look at this card what is this for? the receipt is over there then what’s in here? I guess there’s a screen cleaner? screen cleaner? there’s no screen cleaner at all lmao
(the manual came out lol) there’re 2 apple stickers here where should i use this? how do u think? just to put wherever you want then i’ll make menage a trois of these tree apple…? oopsy.,.. I shouldn’t have said like that and this is a warrenty and this one is also the manual about Macbook suddenly it’s turnt on what did it say? I have no idea I don’t know about English but you do
(He’s from Harvard) I took the cover away well… wait which one should i put It’s lighter than i thought tho i’m holding it with one hand and i can show how it’s going with the other hand do you hear this sound now? you’re now listening to different languages from many countries all around the world I don’t know what they’re saying it’s quite funny tho lol nah let’s find Korean ah that kinda message they’re saying ‘if you want to use your mother language, press return button’ but where is the return key? well, since i don’t know , just find a mouse and click the arrow and this touch bar .. um what should i say? I used to use old version of Macbook is this touch pad right here? the touch pad of new version get bigger than the old one so beautiful aight i put Korean now the thought after i bought this Macbook is.. well. i’m looking for a bumper for this I mean a case every cases is over 100$ that’s too much anyway that’s just my complains about that let’s looking for South Korea now i got it Korean Keyboard layout.. choose Korean keyboard layout which input method do you prefer? usually use double right? usually use double so… damn lol actually i have no idea aight choose wifi network this is wifi of our office actually i should find out the password hold a second oh it’s all getting wrinkled time out for a second here well let’s put the wifi password d2.. oh i don’t need to say this lol 300 f..c.. ohhhh this .. what should i say I like the feeling of touching keyboard I’m feeling kinda orgasm oh too good and there’s some keys like esc on the touch bar do you see? I see as well then what is the next? I don’t know what should i do next just wait for a second why doesn’t it work..? ( this is the concept of being new Macbook user… don’t get it twisted) Oh.. did i forget to put a capital letter? hold on let me do it again ohhh it works quick setting since i don’t know.. lmao it’s done it’s so neat alright I’ve done unboxing of 2017 Macbook pro letina touch bar ummm… i’mma double check if there’s something i forget to show you should check earlier .. why you didn’t ? anyway so sorry.. I think i showed eveything the simplist in the world, Apple after i put out all of these there’s only the plastic pieces in here I’ve done unboxing today I’ll make my video with this for youtube from now and do other works with this as well why did i buy Macbook? honestly, for people who use Windows the product of Dell ‘XPS’…?is that right? hold on since i’m not majoring IT industry I should google it probably XPS is right ‘XPS’ of Dell or Work Plation? right? work station? alright it’s Workstation if you have the money that you can buy this one you can buy the 2 models i metioned and those 2 models are higher spec than Macbook but I don’t like … the processing by Windows… what should i say.. um… I should format usually I really hate viruses and some kinda bugs that’s one of reason why i use Mac and i just wanted to use Final Cut pro because I think Final Cut is more stabilized than Premier of course Premier is such a good program but when you use Final Cut in Mac, I heard that It’s so stabilized and the speed is also optimized I’ve considered those points and since i usually uses Apple, It’s very convenient for me and because i really like music, i’m gonna use Apple music there’re lots of streaming apps like youtube , Melon and so on but in Apple Music I can easily find some techno musics and some foreign music that i could get in Korea that’s why i choose Mac there’s many reasons tho but It’s hard to explain everything anyway i choose Macbook I was able to buy this for a cheaper price and what should i say… I’ve installed Logic, Final Cut and some other programs on here It’s quite a messy unboxing review tho please understand that i’m not majoring in IT industry lol well, please give much love to the youtuber Jjunong working with Macbook and today i’m gonna say bye with Macbook bye~ guys~ see you later~ thank you for watching this again and hope i see you in my next video~ thank you and bye~

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