[ENG] 나이키 에어 프레스토 미드 x 아크로님, Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym

Hello everyone! I am Lasthit. I’ll start reviewing the Nike Air Presto mid x Acronym. In Korea, I was able to purchase from September 20th. I bought the product from the Nike Korea website. My friend was a winner and I was able to receive it. The multi-colorway is popular and colorful. The black / gray colorway was not bad. But like the Acronym VaporMax, I like the white / black colorway. It is better to add dynamic yellow color. The Acronym VaporMax(Lightbone) is very impressive, the expectation for this color way has been enormous. Acronym’s colorway is enough to draw attention of others. It is a unique and unique colorway designed by Acronym’s Errolson Hugh and Nike designers. A dual-zipper entry system was applied to the product. In fact, mid-cuts is uncomfortable to wear off. And when we put on a mid-cuts, our shoes would have been a bumpy experience. This shoe is easy to wear because of the dual-zipper entry system. In addition, they use mesh material to enhance breathability. I do not think it will be hot and frustrating. Basically, the advantages of Presto are maintained, The functional considerations of putting off comfortably at the same time as bearing support and stability unique to mid-cuts are reflected considerably. It is a design that takes into consideration both the unique colorway and the functionality of the product. It is a practical design that respects the wearer of the shoe. It’s not easy to coordinate. I tried on other clothes and it did not look good. Shoes are beautiful. But it is not cool when I wear my shoes. If the discoloration comes on the white, it looks pretty bad. If you do not like discoloration and you wear All Black TechWear, Gray / Black Color Way is good. Anyway, I will finish the review now. I hope my review has helped. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up, please!

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