[ENG] 반스 컷 앤 페이스트 화이트, Vans Cut and Paste White

Hello everyone! I am Lasthit. Today, the product to introduce is the Vans Cut & Paste SK8-HI White. If you hear the product name Cut-and-Paste, what kind of product this product will be rough. At first, I thought you put anything on it. I suddenly came up with a ruined mosaic in my childhood art class. You can put anything on it and make something very horrible. Fortunately, this shoe was not like my horrible mosaic work. This is one of the cool shoes to be released this month. It’s pretty popular. Both overseas sites and domestic sites are sold out. Let’s take a look at the shoes. It is not enough to say cool. Fancy. Various detail elements are added to the SK8-HI. The outer upper has a zipper. There is a long string. ‘The zipper was applied on the side of the shoe so that it can be easily put on’ explains Vans. But the zipper does not come down well. A friend laughed at me trying to lower my zipper, and I asked him to give me the other shoe. They both did nothing for ten minutes. The zipper is just for decoration. Let’s not touch it. If I tell you not to do this, there are those who do it. Like me, he will not be able to do anything for 10 minutes. There is a patch next to the shoe that seems to be attached to the outsole of the shoe. The suede that resembles the skirt attached to the shoe is covered, and it moves to here. Is there any side patches on other Vans shoes? there is? I have seen patches upside down, but this is the first time I have seen a patch next to my shoes. Next to the upper, there is the ‘Jazz Stripe’, a symbol of Vans. This Jazz Stripe is stitched in zigzag. It’s like a Swoosh on an Off-white x Nike Collaboration. Above the eyelets are canvas fabrics and suede padding. The padded side of the canvas popped out of the end. The shoe tongue has a soft, black fabric on it. When viewed from the front, you can enjoy unique and colorful shoes. Personally I think the front of the shoes is cool. The upper of the checkerboard pattern is here. Honestly, if this pattern were in the outer upper, I would not have bought this shoe. There is no PU coated cowhide jazz stripes on the inside upper. However, there is a zigzag form of stitched jazz stripes. Suede is padded on the back of the shoe. Designers are using suede and canvas pieces to decorate the upper and create a feeling of inside out. It looks similar to the Off-white x Nike Collaboration product. But adding a lot of detail, they made unique and special shoes. There were opinions that it seemed excessive and frowned, but generally it was rated pretty good. Personally, it is as splendid and cool as a collaboration product. It is the footwear that the coming springtime is expected. Off-White x Nike Collaboration was a little uncomfortable, but these shoes are surprisingly easy. Because the collar of shoes to wrap ankle is not long, it seems to be comfortable. Also, the pads in the collar of shoes are really good. It is fluffy and makes your ankle comfortable. The leather inside the shoe is made of pig leather. This pig leather is very soft and nice. For the comfort of the shoes, it was very satisfactory. I recommend 0.5 size up to men. The exact size may be slightly tight. It is easy to walk with 0.5 size up and in some cases, you might want to do a 1.0 size up. For women, I recommend a regular size and a 0.5 size up. The shoes are not tight, and the space in front of the shoes is good for your health. There are also disadvantages As mentioned at the beginning, the zipper does not go down well. The zipper does not work very well. It is a disaster that the zipper does not work Next, It is not a disadvantage to shoes, but let me tell you one more complaint. Delivery. It is very big complaint that wrapped only plastic bag in shoe box and sent. After carefully removing the plastic bag, the shoe box came out. I bought a lot of shoe products, but this is the first time a parcel has arrived. It was terrible. I think it is a miracle that the shoe box is not seriously damaged. Vans is not sending goods in this way, right? I do not think so. It should also not be. It is so absurd. Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Fila all use extra boxes to send boxes containing shoes. I was disappointed with Vans. Anyway, I will finish the review now. I hope my review has helped. Thank you for watching. If it really helped, Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up, please! END

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