[ENG] 나이키 ACG 플리스 후디 라이트 크림, Nike ACG Fleece Hoodie Light Cream

Hello everyone! I am Lasthit. Today, the product to introduce is the Nike ACG Sherpa Fleece Hoodie. The retail price is 209,000 won, not the cheap price.. I bought this because the picture of Nike’s female model wearing this hood was so pretty. Let’s take a look. It is a great cream color. I have nothing to add. It’s the coolest Nike clothing I’ve ever seen. Especially if you wear it in springtime later, it looks fantastic. There is an acg mark on the top of the triangle. I thought this was a patch, but it was embroidered on the clothes. It is solid and intense color. The zipper part looks like this. The ends of the sleeves and hoods are finished. It is the part that can be damaged by friction. You will be able to protect your clothes well and to some extent cover dirt. The orange color in the pocket in front of the zipper and hood is exquisitely point color. They used a combination of orange and turquoise which was not suitable for the soft cream color. But this is also really beautiful. It is made of Sherpa fleece material and boasts simplicity and cozy dressing style. The color of the clothes is very stylish and cozy. But this is not the only appearance. It is comfortable and cozy when you actually wear it. Very soft. Comfortable and practical. You can put a variety of things in your pocket like a kangaroo pocket. You can close the pocket entrance with the tick button. No dry cleaning is required. It is very easy to manage because you can turn inside and out of clothes, wash in cold water. It is a really good item to wear comfortably. It matches the shoes of acg very well. Especially with new products. Bottoms will be perfect if the jogger pants. Anyway, I will finish the review now. I hope my review has helped. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up, please!

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4 thoughts on “[ENG] 나이키 ACG 플리스 후디 라이트 크림, Nike ACG Fleece Hoodie Light Cream

  1. bro, if you can, could you please compare the fleece nike use for this hoodie with polartec? i mean, is it similar to polartec "classic 300" or less warm/more lightweight? like "classic 100"? how warm is this hoodie if you wear it with just a t-shirt underneath?

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