[ENG] 나이키 acg 도그마운틴 서밋화이트, Nike acg DogMountain Summit White

Hello everyone! I am Lasthit. Today, the product to introduce is the Nike acg Dog Mountain Summit White. This sneakers were released on August 25. And out of stock now. When I saw the picture before the shoes came, the design looked like a hiking boots my dad wore. But when I saw the sneaker, the feeling was very unique. Mesh material in the tongue of sneakers, an overlaid shoelaces, a high-quality suede, a unique textile of the front part and the Nike swoosh, a light form cushioning, a rubber outsole that would never slip. The combination of materials and bold colorway gives you satisfaction in functional and retro-style design. The basic string is a white string. Additional straps are… a combination of different colors. I was able to feel the sense of stability and firmness when I wore these shoes. In my opinion, it seems that the frame of the shoe has a great influence on this feeling. It really holds my feet steady and fixes it. There is no shaking even when you are walking. Black rubber outsole ensures a stable grounding. I recommend that you increase the size by 0.5 or 1 more than your size. Also, I recommend you to spray waterproof spray for maintenance. Nike’s acg products and various shorts are good for this sneaker. It is also a shoe that looks better when women wear it. In addition, there was some opinion that it would match with a techware. I will finish the review now. I hope my review has helped. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up, please!

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