[Eng]✨타오바오 언박싱📦스트릿패션 가성비 최고 11만원으로 완벽한 쇼핑하울‼️

Hello! I’m Shownyezzang.
We’re going to shoot our first video. I prepared this first video with Taobao Unboxing. I went shopping for the fall.
I’ve been shopping my style, and if you like it,
You can buy it with reference to the URL. Shall we do unboxing together?! The first product is Oh, this!
Long T-shirt! I ordered a long-sleeved shirt. It’s for men and women.
Guys can wear it.
Women can wear it out loud. The second thing is,
I think it’s a dress. The product I really wanted to buy!
It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. Isn’t it so pretty? That caps it all! I’ve been waiting for you!
Do you know what this is? This is not a regular pink. I don’t know if it’s the right size.
I bought small size. It’s a CD. It’s amazing! Zipper. East, West, North and South! Third product! Everyone, this is the product! The price…
How much was it? cost-effectiveness T-shirt.
I bought it right away! But
I don’t know if it’s gonna be okay. Can’t you see me? The only thing I need to wear is to wear this morning. T-shirt or Short-sleeve? I bought it because I thought it would look pretty if I wore it inside or outside! Pink! Look at the color!
I think I really like pink. Umm~
And. This time, One-piece! Where’s the front? So
It’s made of Unbalance. The material is a summer material.
I bought it for layered. I bought this dress to wear with this one. Ta-da! Can you see this? Be of great quality. A neat finish to finish.
The zipper is very pretty. It’s so pretty!
But it’s shorter than I thought! Hoodie!
As expected, hoodies are gray! Have a hole in it! Boom! on top of this
I bought it to sleeveless shirt a nash or a tube top! Next~
Pink! This is a balancer! It’s for the ankle. I bought it to wear it with a pink dress!
I wanted to show you how we dress together! The color is similar! And I bought earrings, too! How do I wear it? in this way… I love the earrings. Successfully shopped for earrings! We’re finally here!
Sunglasses. So pretty. Does it look good? This is the product.
A product that can get other people’s attention! There’s a regular string and chain of sorts.
I bought it in a chain. Unboxing is over now. There’s a lot of garbage to clean up now that we’re done… The next video that’s coming up.
This is unboxing for Taobao wigs!

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