ENG│D.I.Y │ 락카로 전투조끼를 칠했더니 테크웨어 조끼 완성!!!!!!!! DIY TECH WEAR!!!

Sister and brothers hello!!!
Its JJUNONG!!! Today i’m going to customize my own
So i turned the camera on What im going to customize is my vest im wearing with my favorite color BLACK!!!! First of all im’m going to use product called litmus dye I used the dye to change the color
before shooting this vid but as you see, the color hasn’t changed at all So for this time, i will try with the laccaic spray So, it would be cheap and it would be good for clothes that you can’t throw away easily but a little bit of change would be enough Anyway im going to use laccaic spray from now on i would be rebuked by my mother but i would try it lol GO GO~~~~!!!!! ZZA ZAN!!!!!! Those r the sprays i prepared i think it is worthless thing to do
But i will try i m also curious about the consequence So let s try!!!!!! i will do it right away Just in case i get sprayed on me, i prepared my self with protective cloth ssshh~~~ ssshh~~~ Im going to try with two sprays at once pretty spicy on eyes!! SSSSHHHH~~~SSSSHHHH it looks like its washed SSSHHH!~~~~ wow its kind of fun!! Feel like letting my stress go away But too stinks!!! it gets my eyes hurt I should have my glasses on!!! well it looks pretty COOOL!!!
Inst it?? AH!!! its permeating into my gloves!!! SSSHHH SSSHHH~~~~ SSSHHH SSSHHH~~~~ I think students who are majored in visual arts or sculpture would do such things like me a lot Aren’t they? lol i was interested in painting since i was young and i liked it well i need another pair of gloves If you are willing to paint like me Please get your eyes, noses, head, any part your body protective from the spray I dont see any spray on the bottom sshhh~~ i think i m almost done Ha~~ lol (deep sigh~~) Two days later~ ZZA Zan!!!!! i did dehydrated the vest uhm…. The fabric i feel is really stiff Something i can feel like its a sandpapaer its very rough! Can you see? Texture looks good but its rough i dont know whether you guys can see the texture clearly through the video or not Anyway, i will try on me now It hurts!! stinging!!! Its totally a sandpaper!! lol !! oh~ It looks good tho when u see the color but its not dyed perfect here and there How do i look guys?!!! Kinda good??? Well, i spent 4 sprays for customizing The effort i put on spraying or the work i try to make cloth are both AHHHHH!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! im a little bit sorry for this customizing spaying on the cloth was not an easy job It stinks a lot
and its is really stiff and also rough anyway i have no clue that this zipper would work fine… ugh~~~
zipper is also stiff Sigh~~~ huh what should i do when its now working? lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz something weird stuff comes off from the vest i think custom with the spray has a lot of problems i cannot help with it
so i would wear it anyway Giggles~~~ lol Next time, i will just buy the fabric and make my own vest what a shame! Anyway texture looks good It looks good to me i think??
kinda ambiguous Well, see you guy next episode brother and sisters!!!! BYE!! an nyong!!!!! Thx for watching this vid
see you in next episode~~~ AN NYONG!!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “ENG│D.I.Y │ 락카로 전투조끼를 칠했더니 테크웨어 조끼 완성!!!!!!!! DIY TECH WEAR!!!

  1. 악 학원때메 바로 못봤으억!?!?!.아 그리고 자랑하나 해되되요?
    그냥 할래요 저 인하대 실기대회 입선했어요 2000명중에서 100등안에 들었어요 우악!!!!

  2. 세상 저 전투조끼 살려했는데 너무 비싸드라구여 저도 저렇게 만들어 볼까 생각중이였는데 그냥 사야겠네요…

  3. 입고 다녀보셨나요…? 락카칠 갈라져서 떨어지지 않나요? 저도 가방을 락카로 덮고싶은데 천재질은 락카하면 어떻게되는지 후기가 궁금하네요…

  4. 쭈농님 3달만이에요ㅠㅠㅠ바빠져서 오랜망에 들어왔습니당 .. 영상 꾸준히 올려주시니까 좋네염 자주 들어올게요 쭈농님 홧팅ㅇ❤

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