Enflux demonstrates motion capture clothing

(exciting music) – So, I’m here with Mickey from Enflux. And Mickey, you’ve forced
me to put something on that I’ve never put on in my life, and I feel very, very vulnerable. Why am I wearing this suit? – This is motion-capture
clothing for everyone. So, just like they use in the movies, this is for everyone, for $300. – So, what am I capturing? I’m just capturing my arms,
you can see me lift my arm and do all sorts of exciting stuff. – That’s right, he’s got
five sensors embedded right inside his shirt,
all integrated together with a Bluetooth transmitter right in it. – [John] Is there a belly
sensor, for belly physics? – [Mickey] No belly sensor yet. – [John] Not yet? And I could wear pants
with this too, right? – That’s right, there’s also pants that I’m actually wearing,
and you can see my animated character moving on the screen. – [John] So, you can do
that and I can do like, a Tai Chi move. – [Mickey] That’s right. – [John] And then we can do these things, I used to do Tai Chi, I
used to be good at it. I used to do lots of things in my life. But what we’re actually testing right now is sort of a rehabilitation
program, right? So I could, if I’m doing these exercises. And if I do them correctly, I get points. – That’s right. So, three different use cases we’re really targeting for consumers. It’s medical, you know, physical therapy, like he’s doing there. Also sports, that’s any
sport you can imagine wearing the clothing for. And also gaming, you jump
into, you know you jump into a video game and become the character. – If you force me to wear this gaming, you understand what’s gonna happen? There’s gonna be Cheeto
dust all over this thing, I’m gonna be a mess, I’m gonna be drunk. – Well, you know one of the best parts is, this thing is washable. – Oh, perfect. You can wash it with these wires in? – You wash it with the
wires right in there. – Alright, perfect. So, when are you guys shipping this? What’s the date on these? – So, we’re shipping to
developers right now, who’re integrating into
applications in sports, in therapy. And then consumer
release is later in 2017. – Alright, super. This is called Enflux,
where can I find you online? – You can find us at www.getenflux.com – Thank you.

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