Energy Control Technology

Students have the opportunity to learn
basic wiring, basic residential air-conditioning, entry-level refrigeration, home efficiency standards, they have the opportunity to test themselves in a lot
of different fields it’s hard to narrow it down into just
two or three options so there’s a lot of options to come with this program I learned a great deal it’s a lot of
hands-on, its mostly hands-on which is great but there is some book work to it and there are some challenging parts to it but nothing that can’t be overcome It’s way more than I expected, I mean not
in terms of work, but in terms of the level of education i’m going to have
when i get done. Every semester at graduation we have people asking, you know, for more employees The fastest-growing field right now seems to be the refrigeration and we have companies that are looking for people
with the skill set the basic knowledge you don’t have to be the ultimate
technician you have to be trainable

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