End Coating for TimberTech & AZEK Decking

To protect the end cuts on your TimberTech
decking or railing, TimberTech end coating is the ultimate finishing touch for your deck. This special formulation provides a durable
weather proof coating for the end cuts of the full line of TimberTech products. It can easily be applied with a brush or roller
and one 8 oz bottle is enough end coating for up to 250 cuts. This end coating is available in the same
colors as the rest of the TimberTech line, it dries in 24 hours and cures fully in 7
days. Finish your TimberTech deck the right way,
with TimberTech end coating. Check it out now on decksdirect.com. Hey, thanks for watching, my name is Travis,
i’m one of the content specialists here at Decks direct. If you have any questions or comments call
us at 888-824-5316 or visit us at decks direct.com. If you found this video helpful, like, comment
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