Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Demonstration

Hi. I’m Julie Schiffman. I’m an EFT practitioner at Dr. Mercola Center for for Natural Health. I’m going to show you a tool today that can help you in various aspects of your life. It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping. Tapping is a tool that can help you to overcome negative beliefs, negative emotions, negative thought patterns and help you to replace them with positive thoughts, positive feelings, help you to feel calm and relaxed. Today we’re going to use EFT for anxiety. We all know what it feels like to feel anxious at times. We all know what it feels like to feel stressed. Our bodies are speaking to us constantly all day long. If you tune into your body, if you tune in to how you’re feeling, you maybe can even recognize some anxiety there. Many people carry anxiety in their abdomen or in their chest, sometimes in their throat or in their head. Tune in to your body. See what your body is trying to tell you. Tune in to your abdomen. Sometimes people feel like it’s in knots or in butterflies. Sometimes people feel as though their chest is feeling heavy, like there is a weight on it. Tune in to your shoulders, your neck and your back. Tune in to your head. Tune in to your throat. Is it feeling heavy? Is there shallow breathing? On a scale of 1 to 10, I want you to tune in – 10 being you’re in a full blown panic attack or your stress level is really, really high; zero being you’re on a beach somewhere completely relaxed, without a care in the world. We’re going to go through a tapping sequence today for anxiety. I’m going to show you the tapping points first and then we’re going to go through it together. The first point is the side of the hand. We call this the “karate chop point” or the setup point. This is where we tap and we talk about what the problem actually is. We’re tuning in to the problem. It’s a very gentle tapping. You don’t want to hurt yourself. You can do it on either hand on either side. It doesn’t matter. What we’re going to be tapping on are called meridians. These are energy pathways throughout the body that help to calm, relax and restore balance in our body. The next point is going to be the top of the head. The next point is the inner eyebrow, just toward the bridge of the nose. The next point is the side of the eye, just on the bone there. The next point is under the eye, also on the bone. The next point is under the nose and then on the chin, just on the cleft. The next point is underneath the collarbone point, which, again, you can use on either side. The next point is under the arm. The last point is going to be the inside of the wrist to the inside of the wrist. We’re going to tap just like that, again, very gently. I want you to tune in to a problem. I want you to tune in to what your body is trying to say to you. I want you to think about anxiety: where it’s created in your body and what is causing it. I’m going to tell you exactly what to say and exactly where to tap. All you have to do is repeat after me out loud. As always, please take responsibility for your own emotional well-being. started I want you to tap on the side of
your hand on that karate chop point and I want you to say even though I’m
feeling so anxious I love and accept how I feel about this even though I have all
this anxiety and I feel it in my stomach my stomach’s and knots
I have butterflies I deeply and completely love and accept myself even
though sometimes it’s hard to love and accept myself when I’m feeling this
anxious about various things in my life maybe it’s about finances or
relationships or my job I love and accept how I feel about this I’m open to
feeling calm and relaxed as I release and let go and now we’re
going to change points and we’re going to tap on the top of your head this
anxiety in my body and we’re going to move to the inner eyebrow this anxiety
in my body and on the side of your eyes this anxiety is intense and under your
eye I feel all this fear in my body and under your nose
it feels overwhelming and on your chin it feels out of control and tap on your
collarbone point it feels like I don’t have control over my body and tap under
your arm it doesn’t feel safe here and tap again
on the top of your head I love and accept myself and I’m open to releasing
these emotions and tap on your inner eyebrows I’m not sure it feels safe to
release these emotions and tap on the side of your eyes all this fear and
under your eyes all this anxiety and under your nose I feel it in my body I
feel butterflies or I feel stress and tap on your chin I love and accept
myself I know what it feels like to feel calm and tap on that collarbone point I
know what it feels like to feel calm I’m allowing my body to feel calm and tap
under your arm releasing the stress in my body and again on the top of your
head releasing the stress in my body and tap on your inner eyebrow allowing my
body to feel calm and relaxed and on the side of your eye infusing my body with
love enjoy and peace and under your eye
regardless of the stress in my life right now and tap under your nose I’m
able to own my power and tap on your chin I have control of my body and on
your chest on the collarbone point my stomach is feeling calmer more relaxed
and under your arm as I let go and then I want you to tap your wrist together my
whole body feels calmer and more relaxed as I release and let go none of what I
want you to do is take a big deep breath in and let it go and tune into how
you’re feeling now I want you to tune into your body tune into your abdomen
tune into your chest tune into your head and go back to that number go back to
that place where you were before we started tapping so if it was at a seven
or an eight or a ten what does that feel like now did it come down to a zero did
it come down to a four really tune in to what that feels like and if you feel
like there is still stress and anxiety there and there might be because we did
not get specific with what the anxiety is about but tune into it again and
we’re going to go through one more round tap on the side of your hand even though
I still have this anxiety in my body I deeply and completely love and accept
myself even though I have this remaining anxiety in my body it’s hard to let it
go this anxiety has been with me for so long
I don’t know how to release it I love and accept how I feel about it
even though I have this remaining anxiety again whether it’s about
finances about a relationship about public speaking about a job I deeply and
completely love and accept Who I am and how I feel about
this and I am open to letting go because I am safe and I have control over my
thoughts and my feelings and tap on the top of your head this remaining anxiety
in my body and tap over your eyebrows this remaining anxiety in my body and on
the side of your eyes this remaining anxiety and under your eyes I don’t
think I can let this go and under your nose
I’ve had this anxiety forever and on your chin
it doesn’t feel safe for me to let it go and tap on the collarbone point it just
doesn’t feel safe in tap under your arm but instead of criticizing and judging
myself about this anxiety I’m choosing just to acknowledge that it’s there and
on the top of your head I’m acknowledging it I recognize it I can
feel it and tap on your inner eyebrows I spend so much time trying to ignore it
trying to pretend it isn’t there telling it to go away
I choose to just acknowledge it’s there I’m acknowledging the anxiety
acknowledging how it feels in my body and it’s okay I accept myself even with
this anxiety and with this fear I’m just trying to protect myself I love and
accept myself I love and accept that my body responds
in this way I love myself enough to let it go releasing the anxiety taking
control over my body my thoughts and my feelings as I let go my whole body feels
calmer more relaxed I’m breathing easy my head feels light free and clear my
stomach feels relaxed as I let go and take a big deep breath in and enjoy what it feels like to feel
calm you

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100 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Demonstration

  1. While im doing what you are do , in moment in hand tapping i felt of weird joy and laughs! thank u hope this work with me i have a hard strong ideas and iam trying to avoid cuz some of them tell me im gulty

  2. It's about 1 month i'm suffering from swallowing problem. I practice every day tapping and I feel very good after that but didn't have any effect on my problem .my swallow problem still there☹☹☹☹

  3. OH MY WOW THIS IS AMAZING I felt this tingling sensation afterwards and it just made me laugh and I feel so calm right now

  4. Wow, It calmed my severe anxiety. Thanks so much Julie! It's such an impressive technique and I just came to know about it today.

  5. So, after round one…I felt euphoric …and then round two I started sobbing and tears came…Is that something that happens often to people?

  6. I was unsure where UNDER THE ARM was as it looked like you were lower than the armpit about breast height?

  7. Omg! It worked! my breathing pace has changed, my anxiety level has decreased a lot! I always feel trapped inside, i get stressed easily, noises, movment etc. now i feel in peace. Now i have a big smile, the ones who worked for me was the tapping on the first meridian, head. And in between the eyebrows and in the bones of the eyes, after the chin. And the wrists. I noticed that tue time for me has slown down. It feels so great now i can breath, think and smile for once…. i felt confident ( i done my first time 10minutes ago…) ive been smile and lauhing in joy.

  8. thank you so much. I cried from the beginning till the end, I feel better in the end but I feel still much more I'm holding up inside and there fore will need this daily.

  9. I have used this video prob close to 40 times. It is my go to when I'm feeling anxiety. It has been so so helpful!
    Thank you 💛

  10. Wow. Thank you so much. My anxiety went from a 9 to a 5 which makes me feel very hopeful that I can deal with this. Thank you 🙂

  11. Thank you so much you made my DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been suffering anxiety for months and i have never felt this relaxed and calm for months I thank you for sharinhg this technique with everyone Thanks again

  12. Thank you so much for this video its helped me so much and I always come back to it in my hardest times. 💕💕

  13. I know from an early age, I began to notice a sort of lovely and vulnerable sensation when I'd run my hands down the sides of my ribcage, each arm "hugging" myself on the opposite side of the chest. I can try it elsewhere, or the tapping.

  14. Am I the only person here this DOESN'T work for?  I was really hoping it would.. Maybe i'm just untreatable.. running out of options, i don't want to be on Benzos for the rest of my life. 😢

  15. I can't believe how much this just helped me…

    I woke up just now in a full-blown panic attack.

    I'd say about an 8 to 8.5 out of 10.

    I had to get up and move around.

    Went to the bathroom to do this (I've done it before too) and yeah…

    I'd say I'm currently at about a 2.5 to 3.

    Thank you so much for this.

  16. I've been anxious since 1999. Refused to take any meds or see a therapists as per doctor's advise, I have social phobia so no way would I speak to a total stranger about my silly social phobia….WELL, I am sorry I JUST FOUND this video…..IT WORKED. I didn't even need the second part, it worked on the first part. I waited this long because I denied my anxieties and phobia, how embarassing….but I had enough. THANK YOU Julie Shiffman, hope you're well.

  17. But how long does this last? Can’t do this during your work meetings or while driving. How is this a cure? I don’t need to calm myself when I’m alone, I need it during stressful situations when I can’t be hitting myself in front of an audience.

  18. Watching and participating with this video is the craziest thing that has happened to me in years. Words cannot describe. 😀

  19. At first I felt like a monkey and thought it was really bizarre that this could possibly work. If anything, I thought, it would be more annoying or add more tension to my already bad headache and make me more uptight, but it honestly does work!! I’m amazed and in awe right now… my headache has even gone away! I can feel myself breathing slower and easier, the weight that was on my shoulders, back and chest has been lifted and I feel a sense of lightness to my entire body and am not struggling to breathe. I am very relaxed and it feels very nice! This is amazing- wow!!!

  20. I have been tapping for almost a month now on different issues in my life , my body etc. I have found very little improvement, and i don't plan t stop tapping, for I know everything takes time and needs us to be consistent and committed.
    So leaving that part aside, I just wanted to know, would tapping benefit in some other ways, like for example since we are activating the various pressure points in our body, can it help indirectly to do good to the condition of our face, our looks, in terms of indirectly reducing our wrinkles, our eyes, the cells in our brain,, our hair folicles and such superficial elements aspects of our body?
    I was thinking, the emotional part might need certain amount of work to see results, however, is there a chance , that we could end up with some benefits, and feel satisfied that we have indirectly achieved something if not everything.
    Mercola, please respond. Thank you.

  21. this video helps me so so so much! I have always gotten anxiety and when I was in grade school I would do acting. my director for almost all of my productions got really bad anxiety too and my mom and her were talking about it and she said just look up anxiety tapping. so I did and here we are. whenever I get an anxiety attack I look this up right away. it always calms my nerves and I go to sleep after. thank you so much!

  22. I have so many moments in my life when EFT helped me! When my father died of cancer I was having so much grief and even pain on the right side of my chest after I breath. That pain and breathing problems disappeared after tapping and deep breathing. I tapped on many issues arised out of that event.

  23. I come back to this video again and again and I'm ever so thankful for it because it really really helps! THANK YOU <3 🙂 <3 🙂

  24. I am not an anxious person, I dont really get anxiety but I do on occasion get a migraine. When I start to get the weird vision, I know that I am getting a migraine. I immediately start doing this tapping. I have to do it for about 10 minutes and the weird vision goes away and the headache never comes on

  25. Wow. I was at a 5 and I went down to a 0. I am mind blown. I was skeptical but this will definitely become a regular practice.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much. 😁

  26. Sick people all-around me who don’t take responsibility for their own health,where I have.They are becoming dependent on me to care for them.I hate it! I’m not a care taker and I’m I’m stuck with them!They are energy suckers!

  27. Wow. This was recommended to me by a friend. This worked today. Thank you so much. So so much. You have no idea!

  28. I didn't feel anxiety but I was a bit agitated and my stomach was buzzing, I also had a lot of muscle tightness in one side. My stomach almost feels calm now and my tighter side is much softer – maybe i could do this standing up and without the video – i think it would work better, i would focus better without the video.

  29. Julie, GREAT video. Your calmness, inviting personality and warmth were just right for this exercise. Grateful for the healing. Thank you

  30. Thank you for this excellent demonstration! EFT is an outstanding, life changing tool! God bless all the folks who share this information.

  31. Omg. This was amazing. I highly recommend to everyone! After ONE time, i already feel different relieved. During the tapping i started to cry and felt a release

  32. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to put this out there. I tried it in the past and didn't think it worked but I tried again last night and this morning and it took my neck/shoulder pain from a 7 to a 4.

  33. I've been using this "tapping" EFT for quite sometime, and I found it to be more therapeutic than using vistaril for panic attacks/anxieties. Kept on trying tapping until I feel relieved. Thanks for showing us the demonstration, Julie.

  34. Hi , i dont know what to do i feel awful i have all these symptoms like nervousness unsteady faiting or passing out feeling i cant breath fast heartbeat dizziness head pain pain everywhere i feel like trapped in a whole i cant do anything sometimes im ok and i can but then i fall again or im just getting worse i feel hopeless like giving up and i just want to sleep im scared of moving or going out so i dont anything basically i have no life i feel like im dying i go to docotors and er alot but they seem to not find anything so they think its anxiety and Chronic depression im scared to take medication can anyone relate ? Any advice? Would appreciate it!

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