Embedding technology into clothing

So what we have here is
a little line of garments that are being developed, funded by the Imagine Fund
here at the University. They are sort of an exploration
of the aesthetic possibilities of a couple of specific kinds
of electronic technologies. The idea behind them is
that I’m sort of starting from this pallet
of sort of vintage or slightly historic
silhouettes and embedding into them these technologies
that wouldn’t have been available at the time that the aesthetic
was developed and sort of seeing the interplay between
the traditional aesthetic and the new technology to
kind of add another layer to what the viewer sees. These two are also responsive. So the kinetic effect
is triggered by a touch of some sort. The sleeves that
will be attached to this garment have touch
sensors down the arms so if somebody were to, you
know, run a hand down your arm or if you were to brush up against somebody then
you’ll see a little shiver run through the skirt; the same
sort of effect you might feel through your body, but it
sort of becomes visible because of the vibrating motors. And then, this flower, the stamens of this
are touch sensors that robots would usually use. So they’re little whisker sensors and when they’re bent
they complete a circuit and that would trigger
the vibrating motor so then the flower will
just flutter a little bit.

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