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100 thoughts on “Elon Musk & The MOST EXPENSIVE TWEET EVER – TechNewsDay

  1. If you found out your wage was going to be more than doubled no matter where you work I’m sure the reaction would be similar.

  2. I heard that the 🇺🇸 has a list of exploits that were i
    Found by white or grey hats and where kept on the low so they coukd use them

  3. FUCK JEFF BAZOS by donating to charity he gets a bigger tax right off then if he would just PAY A LIVABLE WAGE…he gets to say "did you donate 2 billion dollars??" All while getting a giant tax deduction

  4. Luckily I had no problem canceling my Moviepass from the APP. I wish there was an AMC near me to get A-List, but I joined Sinemia, and Cinemark Movie Club.

  5. Elon, Kimbal, those are (Disney) lion names. A group of lions is called a pride. Ergo by induction logic of course Elon is proud. Regarding FB, remember back in the days when we were pissed off you had to sign up for every forum and store on the internet thinking "why can't I just use one account?" And then came FB integration and now we're pissed off we have to sign up with our FB accounts. There's no way pleasing us.

  6. the reason the internet is asslicks is because the people who control the internet are all 80 year olds who dont even use the internet.

  7. Twitter was a mistake. Seeing Mark Hamil talk about politics breaks my heart. Also seeing people like James Gunn and of course Elon lose so much is SAD but a good lesson to learn.

  8. Legally increasing the minimum wage is not a good idea, but pressuring companies to increase their own minimum wage is excellent. Dont for get it benefits Amazon to increase the legal minimum wage… They can afford it, smaller companies cant… This is a scary thing

  9. It's not great, all drivers, custodians, anybody that works for Amazon through a 1099 are technically still contractors and won't see any boost in pay. Not sure what % of employees is on a 1099 but it's probably close to 1/3

  10. about fucking time, hate all these smug rich ppl thinking they can do anything and not being told off or having consequences to their stupid choices, no one is above the law, except maybe batman

  11. im seriously tempted to work at amazon now, after 4 years with my job im still at 13 an hour lol. but i am waiting for the other shoe to drop it seems to be too good to be true.

  12. bed bath and beyond will be no more by this time next year. everyone is going to amazon… why does amazon pay no taxes?

  13. Now we can sit back and watch a bunch of people loose their jobs at Amazon over any damn thing because there's going to be a line of people a mile long waiting to get in. This will be entertaining.

  14. except the 15$ only applies to everyone amazon considers an employee. so the truckers, distributors, so everyone but the factory workers. Or so I was told.

  15. Yeah amazon is raising the minimum wage but in doing so everyone else that had raises don't get a bump and all the stock benefits and bonuses are done away with.

  16. Your internet sucks? I'm in Aus and i'm lucky to get 500 kb/s. Yes i said kb. That's actually considered good compared to some people i know. The good news is the upgrades are happening right now and should be done in a few months.

  17. IDK man. The Amazon thing was all good until you talked about them lobbying for the federal minimum wage to be raised. It sounds like they're trying to put small businesses out of business. Maybe in places like NYC or LA $15 minimum wage might be needed but federal? Isn't that all of the US. Am I wrong? Won't that cause small businesses in places like Alaska or any small town to have to fire some people?

  18. I'm a FB "senior" if 40+ constitutes. I don't know, I watch "old" people online and giggle. I think I have arrested development and I'm stuck forever at 30. ANYHOW, and I am seriously asking you kids, what else is there other than FB? I'm on the tweeter and the youtubes and the polaroids, er instagrams. I stay away from Weechat (china? hell no), and Snapchat (I've a face and body for radio). Still, I have a hobby I like to exploit and FB is cheap advertising. Though, after a $1k of ads, I've not seen one sale. What am I doing wrong? Please, is there a Louis to my Lestat? How do I connect with this new age? (I am seriously asking, here.) Ricky. Elliot. HALP?

    On another note, is this new fandangled YT joke of "I watched this video, and I don't even own a ______" a version of "Yeah, but did he died?" or "Darude Sandstorm"? Just for the record, I was listening to Darude when the Matrix was still blowing everyone's mind. 1999 forever. Fuck, I am stuck at age 30.

  19. Amazon's wage increase to $15 sounds good at first but if you take a closer look with the increase employees will lose bonus and stock awards so that raise is actually very small not to mention they have been working on automating everything so in the next few years not only will they be hiring fewer people but they will most likely start laying people off. Bezos is one of the greatest conman (business man, same difference ) of this century

  20. The richest, smartest man, is a nerd and he tries to communicate with common folk, shit I'll smoke with Elon

  21. For years they mocked me for making my Facebook account for my World of Warcraft character, well who's laughin' now Dad!

  22. From my experience, Facebook is part old people, part the most radical people on both sides of the political spectrum, and part middle aged people. Like, there's the old people who think posting on Google's wall is equivalent to googling something, there's the super liberal groups where saying that all the people calling for the murder of all police officers on a completely non political video makes you uncomfortable because one of your loved ones was killed in the line of duty will get you mocked and then banned, the alt right edgelords who claim the previous is an accurate representation of the entire left, and your parents, completely oblivious to the last 2 parts

  23. i was once going to build a pc specialization shop called Tesla's Computers. I should've done it, I pretty sure people initially invested in Tesla because it was fucking called Tesla. The typical people who invest in new stocks are not the wisest folks so why else would they throw money at company they know nothing about? So if i would've done atleast that there would've been a chance of this asshole never being in the news. I doubt anyone cares that Elon worked with paypal, he was an ass back then too.

  24. i am considering finding developers and studios that only release games with minimum play standards of 4k 120hz gameplay, anything less is simply to disgrace any true creative work

  25. Wait a second… he said "I'm thinking about" … so.. how is it his fault that all these idiot investors didnt get the 420 joke. I vote innocent.

  26. I deleted my FB account almost five years ago. Somehow, I manage to stumble my way through my life day by day. Seeing young people locked onto their phones with the excuse "it's so convenient" is just baffling to me.

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