Elon Musk Reignites Libel Controversy, California Cash Bail Reform Explained, BTS, Pewdiepie & More

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100 thoughts on “Elon Musk Reignites Libel Controversy, California Cash Bail Reform Explained, BTS, Pewdiepie & More

  1. Oh hi. Let me know what you want me to talk about tomorrow in the comments down below! <3
    Elon Musk (00:29), Industry Quickies (2:59), TIA (6:09), Bail Bonds (8:00)

  2. Philip DeFranco maybe you can do a video on idiots that posed as a Government Agents which is a obviously against the law, didn’t they think that it would eventually catch up to them?. Hey DeFranco they better enjoy their freedom while they still have it.. am I right?


  4. The saddest thing with the jokes like Logan Paul or even CM punk
    getting into the UFC is that there are amazing athletes all over the world who have done nothing but train to be the best fighters possible and that even 1 could be passed over for an internet douche bag is just sad.

  5. If people use social media for legal actions against public figures? Why hasn't Trump been sued by everyone he has ever tweeted about????

  6. #BTS estuvo cerca a los 60M !!! Muy cerca!!!!🙌🏻💖👁👌🏻
    En el MV de IDOL !!! 🔥😀🔥
    hasta que se lo arrebataron, y ni los likes de muchos, hicieron valer. 😢💔

  7. Love this guy… don’t have the same political views as him but he really does treat everyone so respectfully and approches everything with an unbiased eye

  8. I'm happy for BTS but the fandom is horrible and the new ARMY are worse. Because of the fandom I don't longer get excited about BTS. Even some people attacked me cause I said I didn't like this comeback. Every now and then you don't like and album. There's nothing wrong with it. With BTS I'm kinda out.

  9. Lmao I clicked because I saw bts I'm a simple person I see bts I click ARMY WHERE YOU AT ❤️💛💚💙💜💞💕❣️🖤💓💗💖💘💝💟💌

  10. 5 seconds news? What am I gonna do? Say no? #idol 56Millions in 24 hrs I have proof. Also Felix being the 2nd most followed channel? Times are really really really changing wow 🤔

  11. Whether your in jail or not isn’t dependent upon if you have money or not, it’s dependent upon you committing a crime. If you don’t have the money then don’t commit the crime.

  12. Aspirational? No friend, this is Musk's whole deal, throwing money at problems he doesn't totally understand and being a snarmy tool to anyone who expresses criticisms or concerns.

  13. I'm not sure why people hold Music in such high regard. Sure he's a bajillionaire businessman but he also got divorced by the same woman twice.

  14. It makes sense to get rid of the cash bail system. The replacement in California does seem deeply flawed. However the replacement system could be reformed in the future to increase fairness and reduce discrimination. Cash bail can't be reformed to make it fair.

  15. So just because California wanted to make an even playing field it’s wrong. I’m not saying that there isn’t biases, but this is at least a start

  16. but Phil?! If we get rid of the bail system, what'll happen to all those low-budget 'reality' tv shows about bounty hunters?! (who almost always have ridiculous names like "white snake")

  17. It's really bad…
    I cant get your new videos anyway.
    Like seeing you

    I come to your page and cant see your videos WTF YouTube is screwing you me etc

    Like suggesting shit

  18. I love this cash bail proposal. my two sons would not have had to sit in jail waiting for a hearing with bonds set at $3,000 (I pay) each. both lost jobs and their place to live. both were minor charges. nothing violent. bond is just the first of many charges and fees family has to pay to communicate with the offender.

  19. cash bail should be a thing but based on risk and it should be there to be the way to pay the person who has to go and find and bring in that person when they do not show up. on the side that removing it would save money then when in jail you should have to pay for your food and care. either by way of cash or by work. maybe the bails are set to high but i do not see why a $1000 bail would be hard to pay for as baild bonds can be bought for $100 with no return of cash but as i understand bail is returned to you once you appear in court so a bail of $500 would be easy enough to pay for any family that isnt dumb enough to spend all their money, what if the car breaks and cost $600 to fix well they just go homeless i guess.

  20. Can't pay bail? How about not doing the crime? No, your account balance has nothing to do with it. I'm all for keeping degenerates locked up awaiting pre-trial. I believe something like 90% of criminals say "I didn't do it" yet they end up being convicted. CA law makers are a bunch of morons. Each time I hear of a story coming out of CA I am more happy that I don't live there.

  21. I'll tell you why getting rid of the cash bail is VERY DUMB. I got pulled over for turning without a turn signal. I apparently had a warrant for a failure to appear in which I was not aware of. Because I got lucky and had the $1,500 on me that the bail cost, I was able to get out within 45 minutes of being arrested, which meant I was able to show up for work the next day and not lose my job.

    I was, and still am not, by any means wealthy (making just $15k a year at that point). I've just been smart in budgeting my expenses vs my income. If I would've had to wait until the following morning to just TALK to a bail bondsman, let alone get the whole bail process taken care of, I would've missed work and likely lost my job

  22. I watch Pewdiepie's videos and I'm looking forward to him not being number 1 anymore. Being number 1 has just made him a huge target. The man can't even start a video with an incomplete half-assed guitar cover of despacito without losing $12,000.

  23. Who hasn't been called a pedo online? who can I sew? Musk should know better, but it seems everyone can't control themselves.

  24. Everyone arrested has a bond hearing, if they don't bond out before, and at that hearing a judge can determine whether their bond needs to be raised, lowered, or revoked. The judge can also determine that the accused person can be released without bail while awaiting trial. Trials sometimes take years to happen. The bond system isn't perfect but there are options for indigent people. The jails are simply overflowing with people who don't have bail money. Of course the laws vary from state to state and I don't claim to know them all.

  25. Why don't they base the cash bail system on a person's income? Or on their their legal guardian's income? Raise the cost EXTREMELY for the rich, lower it for the poor. I always thought it was screwed up judging people based on wealth, but this new system is much too circumstantial and wishy washy to be truly fair.

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  27. Anyone who has ever had the unpleasant experience of going to jail can attest to the fact that poor people are all that’s there. Jail only exists because people are pit there who can’t afford bail. This law is fantastic. I’m all for removing a huge piece of the for profit criminal justice system in this country that preys on the poor to milk the taxpayers of their hard earned money.

  28. Bail Bondsmen in CA can STFU if they are going to pretend that they are opposing the change for any other reason then they don't want to lose their hard(ly)-earned money! All they give a shit about is their money, not how it will affect the taxpayers or future offenders. Shut up.

  29. Here’s the thing with musk, he wants to be right above all else, and if he can’t be, he wants to look like he was in the right. I used to be a lot like that, still sort of am. It sucks that such a cool guy can be such a dick, but that’s why he has been successful.

  30. in reality tho pewdiepie is still the 5th most subscribed channel on youtube after "Music", "Gaming", "Sports" and "YouTube Movies"

  31. Brits just dont run around suing people. We think its scummy unless really deserving life changing damage. He was willing to let it be but musk forced him. Just take my 4kin munny.

  32. Someone gets arrested for a misdemeanor. Now has to bail fee to get out of jail, and later has to pay fines and courts costs if found guilty. Or can't pay bail and loses job and can't pay fines and goes back to jail. New system for a misdemeanor, get out jail within 12 hours for free, keep job, pay only fines and courts costs, no bail fee.

  33. So, I've heard that if you create a youtube account in india you will be already subscribed to T-series. Is this true? If it is, no wonder why they are gaining subs so fast. Some of their videos dont get much views at all compared to the huge increase in the subs still. Seems so scetch.

  34. most of indian people do not get pewdiepie's jokes……i am a indian and have subscrbes to pewdiepie for years and i know his comedy is roast and sarcastic and sometimes borderline offensive……but most of indian population have never seen this type of comedy….all we have seen on tv is clean cut jokes..never sarcastic…..so whatever he is saying people take it at face value never realising he is joking and they assume he really does mean it…and taking offence is most indians leisure hobby….so ofcourse you are going to see them in comment section in videos…we are really big on fake pride over here…sigh

  35. I first heard of BTS from you, from this video and I've been a fan of them (ARMY) ever since. Thank you for introducing them to me. <3

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