Ellen Scares Her Staff with Her Robot

You may remember I got
a gift for my birthday. And maybe you don’t remember,
but I’ll never forget this. This was the robot from the
ride Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Disney World, and when they
closed it down, we got it. That was supposed to be me, and
my writer surprised me with it. So I thought I would pay it
forward and have my writer’s assistant dress up and scare
unsuspecting staffers as they walked by. [MUSIC – FOREIGNER, “COLD AS
ICE”] You’re as cold as ice. You’re willing to sacrifice. [SCREAMING] Oh my God. [SCREAMING] Oh my God. Oh my God. Why are you doing this? [SCREAMING] Oh my God. Stop. [SCREAMING] I’ve seen it before. It happens all the time. [SCREAMING] Help me. [BLEEP] It’s not even
[BLEEP]-ing-ing Halloween. [LAUGHTER] Oh, Andy. [APPLAUSE] Somehow a man in a
wig looks more like me than the robot did. I don’t know how.

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