Elgato Stream Deck XL: The Ultimate Streaming Tool?

– What’s up guys, Pete
here from Gaming Careers and in today’s video, we’re looking at some
brand new streaming tech. Now, Elgato, the company
behind the incredible popular Stream Deck and Stream Deck Mini have today released two new
versions of their Stream Deck, the Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mobile. I have been lucky enough
to have been able to use and test both of these over
the last couple of weeks and we’ll be breaking down my thoughts and everything you need to know about them in this video. For those of you that are
unaware, the Stream Deck and the Stream Deck
Mini are USB controllers with individually customizable keys that allow you to easily
control your favorite tools and platforms, making
things like changing scenes, launching media, switching camera angles, tweaking lighting, adjusting
audio, posting tweets. Really, the possibilities are endless as to what you can now
control with a Stream Deck. With the immense growth in popularity that streaming has had over the last year, it’s not surprising that Elgato has broadened its Stream Deck lineup by adding a product at either
end of the pricing spectrum, a massive 32 key variant called the XL and their new 15 key mobile app. Let’s start with the XL. I think probably many people predicted that Elgato would one day
release a larger Stream Deck just due to the number
of streamers and creators who are purchasing two or more
of the original Stream Decks just so that they could have more actions at their fingertips. The button layout on the XL is eight wide and four high, giving
you a whopping 32 keys to customize and control. In comparison, the original
Stream Deck has 15 keys and the Stream Deck Mini has six. In the box, you’ll also
get a magnetic stand, a USB-C to USB-A cable
an a quick start guide. The unit itself is quite
large, it measures in at 182 millimeters by 112
and 34 millimeters deep. There’s a new non-slip magnetic stand which makes it easy to
prop the XL up at and angle as it locks into place using some magnets. But it also caters for those of you that don’t want to use a stand, prefer to have your Stream Deck lying flat at a similar angle to your keyboard. This is different from
both previous versions as the original Stream Deck
had an adjustable stand that allowed for a few
different angels of stance and the Mini came without an adjustable or removable stand at all. Another new thing is the
detachable braided cable that was not included in
the previous versions. Both the Stream Deck and the
Mini had fixed plastic cables which caused some issues for users that wanted to have their PCs
farther away from their desk or maybe their Stream
Deck on the opposite side of their desk to their PC
as the cable length was set. With the XL you get a roughly five foot or 150 centimeter cable,
which is USB-C to USB-A. So if you do ever need something longer, you could just buy a
different cable and use that. Although there isn’t technically
any new functionality that has been released
with the Stream Deck XL, there have been a lot of software updates since the last video which I did last year on the Stream Deck Mini. These things are no longer just built for and used by streamers. Music producers, artists,
editors, content creators, people from all kinds
of creative industries are now using the Stream Deck
as part of their workflow. Elgato has even opened up an SDK, allowing external developers to build integrations
for their Stream Deck. So the amount of applications
you can now control is incredible. Before we get into the
pricing and availability, let’s take a quick look
at Stream Deck Mobile. So Stream Deck Mobile is an app that brings all of the
features of a Stream Deck to your iPhone. It has 15 customizable buttons, so the same as the original Stream Deck, and it connects to your
PC wirelessly over WiFi. Similar apps to this have
existed for a little while. In particular, I’ve talked about the Streamlabs OBS Remote Control app in a video before, which
allows you to control some of the scenes and sources and audio and things like this for Streamlabs OBS. I haven’t seen any apps
that have the same level of functionality as this one. You can literally do
anything that you can do on a physical Stream Deck
with Stream Deck Mobile. One of my first concerns
when I heard about the app was that it would feel quite finicky to use since you’re pressing on a screen rather than on a physical button and that’s something I’ve definitely felt when using these other
apps that are available. But it seems like Elgato
has also thought about that and have integrated a very
slight haptic feedback along with the visual feedback to let you know that
you’ve pressed a button. Now the app is currently for iOS only and there’s been no announcement
about an Android version, which is obviously a bit of a shame, especially for you Android users. Hopefully if Stream Deck
Mobile does really well on the App Store, Elgato will consider building it for Android as well. As I mentioned at the
beginning of the video, this now builds out the Stream Deck family to four products. You have the original Stream Deck, which usually retails for about $149, you have the Stream Deck Mini, which is usually about $99, and then you have the two new ones. So the Stream Deck XL
is gonna be retailing for just under $250 and
the Stream Deck Mobile is based on a subscription model coming in at 2.99 per month or 24.99 for a full year of use. So $250 for the XL, certainly not cheap. It’s a real investment and
it’s probably out of budget for a lot of streamers out there. I think Elgato has probably built this more for the partner level streamers, people who are already making some money through their stream
from subs and donations. And would they be considering
getting two individual Stream Decks just to
have more functionality at their fingertips anyway? If you were to get two Stream Decks, that would set you back just
shy of $300 for 30 keys, so I think the pricing of $250 for 32 keys does many sense based on
the rest of their lineup. The nice thing about
having multiple options now in the Stream Deck family is
if an option is out of budget, you can always just step
down to the one below it all the way down to now a mobile app, which is just $25 a year for all of that same
functionality and control. In terms of availability,
the new Stream Deck XL is available through Amazon in all of the usual Amazon stores where Elgato products were sold. So if you use the link at
the top of the description, it should take you through
to your local Amazon store where hopefully the
Stream Deck XL is in stock for you to purchase if you’d like to. Also, whenever I feature
a clip of my Stream Deck, I always get asked the question as to where I got my icons from, and of course it’s from my
friends over at Nerd or Die, so I’ll leave a link again
near the top of the description to a massive pack, I think it’s nearly 200 different icons that you
can download now for free for your Stream Deck. So as always, when a new product comes out for the streaming market,
I really wanna hear what you guys have to say about these two new Stream Deck options. Does the Stream Deck
XL appeal to you guys? Massive 32 key variant, but obviously quite high
price point as well. And now that there’s a mobile version that comes in at a really low price point of $25 for a year, are any of
you gonna be picking that up and using that to improve
the quality of your streams? Let me know what you guys think, I’m always keen to hear other opinions, especially on a brand new
product that’s just come up. And massive thanks as always
to the Gaming Careers patrons this month, people that
keep the channel running, allowing me to do this as my full time job and keep creating these
tutorials and reviews and guides for you guys. So a massive thanks to
them and subscribers. I’ll see you in the next video. Peace! (low-fi beats)

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65 thoughts on “Elgato Stream Deck XL: The Ultimate Streaming Tool?

  1. What are your guys' thoughts on the 2 new Stream Decks? Anyone going to be splashing out on the XL or is it out of budget till later in your streaming career?

  2. I just recently bought the 15 keys streamdeck and i love it and i really like how there are 2 more options now, elgato doing a great job!

  3. These things are massively overpriced considering the cost of production
    Hopefully a decent physical competitor comes out that can make Elgato rethink these insane prices

  4. This is perfect. Sometimes I find myself inside 2 folders just to look for an emote while streaming. Definitely going to look into upgrading to this one

  5. i use an old android tablet as my wireless stream deck with an app called "MACRO DECK", i recommend it if you are starting and you cant spend loads of money 🙂

  6. Did they fix the software? My Stream Deck isn't very reliable with all of its features, especially scene changing and multi-action tasks. Mostly I just use the Stream Deck to mute my mic, which is a 3rd party add-on. I don't think I'd pay $250 for more keys that only work sometimes, I'd rather keep my 15 keys and wait for them to fix their software – and by then, hopefully the price will have come down.

  7. That subscription can kiss my ass. I'll either stick with Touch Portal, or stick with a macro'd keypad.

  8. The SLOBS Remote mobile app is free and better than the ElGato mobile app. I'm fine with my own Streamdeck. I use folders where I need more keys.

  9. I so want the XL, but I'm not impressed by the monthly price of the mobile app, plus I'm one of those Android users.

    But the XL will have to wait a month or two, since I need a new PSU and Case first.

  10. If you're an Android user, Macro Deck is probably the best deal currently so far, however, beware of some encounter of bugs and crashes. My Nexus 7 (2012) seems to have a beef with it and crashes, however my Nexus 7 2013 version doesn't crash. Until Elgato releases a version for Android, you might want to check out Macro Deck. Same functionality with connecting through the Wi-Fi though. Also, might be worth a review as well.

  11. I have the regular one right now , didn’t think I would care but I’m actually so excited. Next big upgrades for my stream will be this and the Go XLR

  12. Oh my god – I would love this one! I feel the Stream Deck is way too small for my needs, so XL would be incredible!
    Problem is yet another thing you need to pay for….

  13. Although this works out cheaper than 2 stream decks (and you get 2 extra buttons), the advantage of 2 stream decks is that you can have one stream deck to change with profiles and the other not. This is very useful in my workflow.

  14. Can’t justify ever paying for a streamdeck. So over priced. I use my numpad for everything scene related. Will try the mobile app free trial, and take it from there. 👌🏽

  15. the "buy once and it's yours" i like and the price is fine for what you get. remember it is not only the product but also the development that cost money, I just wished they applied the same model to the app. I effing HATE subscription software for mobile and i will never ever support this model. Phone apps should be a one off like the hardware, just price it correctly.

  16. Damn.. I just bought the 15 key version about less than 2 weeks and this one POPS OUT!!!!???????? AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have love to get this one man.. maybe two as it has more of what I need without adding 2-3 smaller 15 keys version.

  17. Thanks for the video. Until I can afford the XL, I went on, and added the mobile app, which is letting me get just two keys shy of the XL. So nice to not have to flip a page to get to my sound effects. 🙂

  18. Pete was wondering if you could do some setup with Mixer and Facebook.Seems these platform are growing and just wanted some guide in it

  19. Great new deck and the stand looks better. I don't like the stand on my 15 key version but will probably use the stand with this one.

  20. Just bought this, coming in 2 days, I have the one before it but short on space and don't like having folders in folders especially if it's for the same software, I don't stream but I use it for pretty much everything on my iMac, from opening certain websites, to inputting large bits of text, to opening applications, and then shortcuts I use mostly in applications like PS and FCP, and also buttons to open specific folders on my iMac too…. price is a bit steep but I use it over and over and over on a daily basis and it's made editing and general navigation so much easier and faster.

    Also, not sure why they made the surround a lot bigger than the last one, a lot of blank black space around the buttons 🙁

  21. But how would it perform on android since there arent any android phones that have a haptic feedback engine like the one on iphones

  22. I would buy the Stream deck XL of the others due to the number of keys that's provided. What I really like the idea of is the mobile app. It's a great way to try things out before taking the plunge and spending ££!

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