Elgato Stream Deck Tutorial – How to use Stream Deck with OBS Studio to enhance your live streams!

Hey, everyone. How’s it going? Adam or EposVox here, back with another Elgato
Stream Deck tutorial. In this video, I’m going to finally show you
guys what you’ve kind of been asking for, in that I’m going to show you how the Elgato
Stream Deck can work greatly with OBS Studio. This is going to be pretty cool. I’ve already got both programs pulled up here,
with my main Twitch scene collection and profile. And if you want to learn more on how to set
up OBS Studio properly, I have plenty of tutorials up on my channel, and I have a full new tutorial
course for 2017 coming out very shortly. So in the Elgato Stream Deck, I actually have
a dedicated button for OBS. Now, this is a folder. So if I tap on it on the actual keypad, you
can see all the different scenes that I typically switch between with OBS Studio. So the Elgato Stream Deck has a few different
features built into it for OBS, because they worked directly with OBS to make a plugin
that installs when you install the Stream Deck software. Now, you do have to have OBS open and on the
proper profile and scene collection in order to customize it properly. We’re going to make a new folder here, so
we’re going to drag a scene and a mixer audio, and I’ll explain what this does in just a
minute. I just want to make the folder first here. That’s how you make a folder, by the way,
if you missed my other tutorials. You drag two icons on top of each other and
you make a folder. So you have three different types of selections
here from the Stream Deck that you can choose from. You have a mixer audio source. And down here, you have the title. You can overlay some text. “Hello.” You can actually hit–which I did not know
until recently–you can hit Enter and keep typing on multiple lines, which is handy. And you also have this button to customize
what level the text is at: the top, the center, or the bottom. My default is it’s at the bottom. Alternatively, you could be setting up your
own custom icons and not use the text, which we’ll touch on in a moment. So then you have scene collections, which
are Twitch, and then you have a specific source. So for mixer audio, you’re controlling–you’re
basically muting out your microphone with this, which is really cool. So if I select my mic/aux, right here, mic/aux,
which is my main microphone, you can see that over here on my OBS layer as picking up, you
know, my microphone talking right now. So we have an on and an off, and it automatically
darkens the icon that you have when things are turned off and has it brighter when they’re
turned on. So if we bring in a custom icon for this by
double-clicking the icon itself, and then I don’t actually have–since I don’t use–I’m
not using that specific thing at the moment, I don’t have a specific icon for it, but we
will just use, for example, “Starting Soon.” That’s on, and then off is a little bit darker,
and that’s reflected on the actual keypad itself. So that is–we’ll just call this “microphone”
for now. So then if I touch the button on the keypad,
you can see it gets darker here and you can see in OBS it muted out my microphone. So that’s a real handy push-to-mute button. Or you can toggle and mute your microphone. And you can do this for multiple audio sources. You can do this for mic 1, mic 2, capture
card audio. You can mute out just about anything with
that mixer audio source. Really freakin’ handy. It’s also a relatively new feature to the
software. The second one is switching between scenes,
which is what I primarily use up here in my OBS layout. So these are all scenes. So collection and then a specific scene. Now, I went ahead and made an icon, so I see
that big green circle, so I know exactly which one it’s on without, you know, having to rely
too much on the brightness. But you can see I’ve got “Starting Soon.” BRB and you can see the little green circle
changing as OBS itself changes. Offline. Gameplay facecam. Webcam, Main, Side, Cam, Chat. And all that does is switches between scenes
in OBS using the default transition you have here. Now, what’s cool is you can actually enable
studio mode and then still use these. And what this does is it just switches the
right side using, again, the top transition here. So if I change this to fade and change this
back to cut, now if I change scenes, it’s going to–actually it’s still using the default
one. So if I change it to fade, yeah. So no matter what, it uses this default transition
and time down here, regardless of what you’re doing in studio mode. And that may seem a little obnoxious, but
it’s actually kind of nice, because then you can still make tinkering within the studio
mode here. You can still, you know, tinker with your
settings and things like that but switch scenes. Like, it’s pretty neat. So the other type is an actual source switcher,
which is what these meme overlay things are. So if I press the Surprise one… I don’t actually have a scene selected for
that wall. All right, yeah, so there we go. “Surprise, mother fucker!” So that is the source toggle that you see
here. So then you choose your scene selection, which
again, is my Twitch profile, the scene itself, which in this case is my overlays. I have a nested scene in my overlays. And then you have the actual source that you’re
toggling, which in this case it lists all the sources available in the scene. So if I go over here and click on the overlays
scene in my OBS. Here we go. We’ve got overlays. It lists all of these different sources, and
you choose which one you want to toggle. And it’s really useful. This is how everyone’s doing their memes with
it. So then I click Surprise. It turns it on. Once it plays through, surprise, it turns
it off. Pretty straightforward. Like I said, this is my example of what I
use to create a very dynamic stream in which I can switch between a bunch of different
camera angles, gameplay, PC, console, sponsored slides. Everything all at once without having to do
any crazy keyboard thing. I don’t have to touch the mouse. I just reach over and tap this, and it’s really
neat. So we can run through what setup on my actual
OBS overlay is here. We can walk through the scenes that I have
set up real quick. Now, these three at the bottom are actually
meme overlays that I picked up from Steggy at the Elgato team that I haven’t made icons
for but that I’ve been testing out. And I don’t know if they show over top of
my slides here for you to see it. It does not look like that works. Okay. But so let’s tour what I have going on at
the moment. So I have “Starting Soon,” which is what you’re
seeing now. The stream’s about to start. I have a BRB slide. These are image slideshows, but it navigates
these specific scenes. And so be right back, and then it slides through
some sponsored slides. And then the same thing for hey, the stream
is offline. Now, move down here. We have a scene for my gameplay facecam but
specifically my PlayStation 4 gameplay facecam, because I stream some PC stuff, as well as
my console stuff. So I have a couple different, you know, actual
physical scenes in my actual setup set up. Setup set up. And if you want to see more about my streaming
setup, I do have a full office tour linked in the description down below. So if I tap on that scene, then you see over
here, hello. I have a camcorder set up here above my monitor
for my PS4. Then I have a dedicated button for my actual
webcam itself, my main webcam mounted on my monitor. Hello. That’s what you see here. I have my main computer desktop, which is
going to create an infinite loop, so don’t freak out here for a minute. Bam! Got what you’re seeing now, as well as webcam
view. This is what I use in my editing tutorials. I have a side monitor view with my right-hand
monitor here. And this is usually a webcam for that. I like to have a webcam here. I’ll just go ahead and point it up here. So if I turn over and look at this monitor,
I can still chat with the chat. I had it pointed down because I was actually
doing a quick live thing where I wanted mouse cam going. Cam 3 is my camcorder full-screen here back
over there. And then I have a special setup with the Twitch
chat going. That’s kind of a little jacked right now. I’m actually going to switch that out for
my quick live chat soon. And then I have a button that enables or disables
certain overlays on the chat, which is pretty handy. So actually, if we pull up our console gameplay
facecam, if I disable the overlays, it takes away the tip jar and that’s pretty much it. I originally had some bars at the bottom that
had like, Top Donator, Recent Tipper, all that jazz. But now it takes away–since I’m an affiliate,
I have a bitch star. So that’s a tour of what I have, along with
the memes, which are just video files green-screened out here. And then that one is a full-screen one picked
up from Steggy’s meme Subreddit. I’ll have it linked in the description down
below. Now, this one is actually just a normal hotkey. It’s for a zoom-in tool, which I use for some
of my editing live streams. I don’t even know if this will work with Nvidia
ShadowPlay, so you may be seeing nothing right now, but it’s a button that zooms in on the
desktop a little bit. It’s pretty cool. It’s that time of the year again. Awesome shows like Silicon Valley and Game
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out via the link in the video description and get caught up on the first few episodes
of Silicon Valley right now. This was a bit of a longer tutorial, but this
is hopefully showing you what you can do with the Elgato Stream Deck within OBS. I think you can do a lot with it, and I think
it is pretty cool. So I hope this video was helpful for you. If it was, smash the Like button, get subscribed
for more awesome tech videos, and I will catch you next time.

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