Elgato Stream Deck Mini – Should You Buy It?

What’s up guys, welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel, where we help you build a career out of livestreaming and content creation for the gaming niche and if you haven’t yet noticed, I am in my new studio! Obviously, I released a video last week of me building it and choosing all the parts for it and I’m just so happy with how it all turned out, so if you haven’t yet seen that video, do click the little icon up in the top corner to watch that first. But today’s videos are back to things more streaming related, and I mean obviously you’ve clicked on the thumbnail and you’ve read the title, so you already know what I’m talking about and that is that elgato have announced a new stream deck, called the stream deck mini, basically a younger brother of the traditional stream deck with 6 keys rather than 15, but the exact same functionality and a cheaper price point. So today we’re going to be looking at this and some of the features that you can do with it! So for those of you that are unaware about the elgato stream deck, and now the new elgato stream deck mini, basically what it is, is it’s a customizable hotkey sort of switch pad where you can customize certain actions that help you with your stream or your social media or any program that you use on your computer, and they have little screens behind each of the keys, that way you can customize exactly what icon shows so it’s designed to be sort of a hot key system that can really help in the heat of running your stream by doing some complex actions and also some simple actions. So things like muting your mic or changing scene as well as more complex things like bringing up certain graphics and changing music and you know multiple actions at the same time even. So if you hadn’t heard of it hopefully that’s a brief description before we get into setting up the software! So obviously with less keys, the 6 keys on the stream deck mini, compared to the 15 on the traditional stream deck, the stream deck mini comes in at a cheaper price point now that is $99.95 in comparison to the stream deck which usually retails for about $140 or in pounds that is £90 pounds or £89.95 in comparison to the £134 that you usually pay for the stream deck. So it comes in about $40 or £40 cheaper and I think it’s a really, really good price point, you certainly wouldn’t go wrong picking yourself up one of these, especially if you haven’t already got the stream deck. And it’s not just limited to 6 keys, as I’ve said in the video, you can bind multiple actions, you can put things within folders within folders, so you may be having to press one more key than you would on the traditional stream deck but it’s still a massive, massive efficiency improvement over alt-tabbing into OBS or sending out tweets and things like that. I really do think that this is one of the best pieces of kit you can get for such a cheap price to up the level of your stream. I have of course got links to the stream deck mini in the description of this video and so wherever in the world you are, I would really appreciate if you were looking to pick one of these up, if you went through my links, Amazon gives me a little tiny percentage of your purchase price, it doesn’t cost you anything extra and it really helps me work on this channel full-time which is obviously what I’m doing now. So yeah if you do want the stream deck mini I’d appreciate you checking it out through my links in the description! So as we can see, now that we have plugged in the new stream deck mini it comes up with an elgato welcome sign on one of the buttons and that’s just sort of the default as you get set up. In the software, you can see that I now have two different stream decks, one called stream deck 1 and one called stream deck 2 – obviously stream deck 1 is my original stream deck with 15 keys and stream deck 2 is the new stream deck mini, so I’m just going to rename these so that they’re easier to know which one you’re customizing. So you just click the settings cog up here, we’re going to call this one stream deck as it’s the original stream deck and I’m calling my stream deck 2, my stream deck mini. So you can see the default elgato gives us is a little welcome button which I imagine opens up the elgato website, but we’re just going to remove that so all we have to do in the software is remove the key itself and as you can see on the stream deck it has also been removed. So let’s go about adding some of the basic ones, let’s say I wanted to set a button to open up my YouTube channel, in the system tab here there’s a few different hotkeys that have been set up for you, and let’s just drag the website one on to the top left. Now we can name this whatever we want, I’m just going to call it YouTube channel and as you can see by default it puts the text below but you can set that to either show in the middle or at the top, or you can hide the title completely. Next we want to enter in the URL that we want it to open, so I’m just going to put in my YouTube channel here. Finally we get the option to customize the icon itself, now if we look across at the stream deck mini, you can see that our icon is now in place and if we click it it should open up our YouTube channel. So I’ve got a browser open, click the button and as you can see it now opens up our YouTube channel. So let’s look at another example of something we could do a little bit more advanced. Let’s say we want to tweet something at the click of a button and you can imagine as you’re starting your stream, maybe you want to tweet out that your stream is going live and rather than writing out this tweet every time, you could assign it to one of the buttons on your stream deck. So what we do is we browse to the Twitter category, we drag tweet onto one of our keys, we can name it if we would like. I’m just going to name it live and the account I’ve already linked is my Twitter account, you obviously have to link that within the elgato software. Here we can put in the text that we want so let’s say ‘I am tweeting from my elgato stream deck’, so let’s actually change it since this isn’t a live one, let’s just name this test, from the gaming careers account, ‘I’m tweeting from my elgato streaming deck!’, do I want to add an attachment? No, I don’t for this one and hopefully now if I also open up my Twitter and I click the button you can see a tick mark comes up on the screen to say that the tweet was successfully sent, hopefully now if we refresh our Twitter you can see the tweet went out: “I’m tweeting from my elgato stream deck”, okay cool, so we’ve got a couple of basic ones out of the way, now as you can imagine the main purpose of a stream deck is to help with your stream so you can customize all sorts of things within OBS studio or streamlabs OBS, as well as things like alerts and you know sound boards and things like that. So let’s look at a couple of examples of that. So now I’ve opened up streamlabs OBS and I just have a couple of example scenes, you can see here I have my live scene and a starting soon scene and a be right back scene and I can obviously control these using my new stream deck so if I open up the streamlabs OBS tab, here you can see I can drag scene across to one, and let’s say that this is my game scene, so I’m just gonna write “game” and spell it right, you choose the right collection that you’re using, I’m using vivid IRL and then you choose the scene that you want. This is all already integrated so I’m just going to choose my live scene that’s my game one, of course you can change the icon if you would like to. I’m just going to add a second scene here, let’s say this is my starting soon and it’s already selected the right one, I’m going to remove the text since it doesn’t all fit in and then I can push the right icon on my stream deck and we should see the streamlabs OBS change. So pushing it now and as you can see it’s absolutely instant, so you don’t need to alt-tab across to OBS or Streamlabs OBS, you can easily control the scenes very quickly. Now obviously, with the stream deck mini you have less keys than the traditional stream deck but one thing that you can do with the stream deck is you can create folders so you can have basically an infinite number of buttons at your fingertips. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to delete these two that we’ve just created, and we’re going to recreate them inside of a folder. So right click on the space, create folder, you can name this whatever you want, we’re going to name it “scenes”. Again we can change the icon if we would like to and if we go into the folder then you can see we have a back button, which is already selected so if you ever click that you go back, but you can click into your scenes and then we can have a few different selections of scenes in here. So let’s recreate the two that we had, we have our game scene which is live and we have our starting soon scene which we’ll hide the title from. These are starting soon, and then let’s just do be right back as well. There we go, so now if we click through our scenes on our stream deck you can see it changing instantly in OBS and of course we can go back up to the root folder and go in and out of folders. Now obviously, there is absolutely loads of customization that you can do with these and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the kind of cool things that you can program into each of the individual keys, but I’ll probably save that for another kind of video. I’m just hoping to give you a sort of taster as to the kind of things that you can achieve with the stream deck. One of the newest features that elgato added in the latest software update, is something that they’re calling multi actions. What that allows you to do is to do multiple different actions with your stream deck with just one key press. Now this hasn’t really been explored too much and it probably deserves a video on its own but I’m just going to show you an example of the kind of thing that you could set up with just one key press. So let’s imagine a scenario that you’re in quite often, when you’re streaming you want to start your stream, you want to be on your starting soon scene, you want to tweet out that you’re going live, you want to maybe wait three to five minutes and then swap to your webcam scene and then you want to unmute your mic at the same time and post a message to your chat saying that you’re live, and then maybe change your Twitter username to show that you’re live and all these kind of things that can all be done with the new stream deck software with just one click! So let’s do something similar to that, let’s say we want to do a starting stream multi-action. So what we do is we go to the stream deck section here and we drag across multi action and here we can start to drag in actions. You can add sort of delays and timers in between each action. So we can obviously name this, let’s just name it “live” and we can set a custom icon. I’m just going to grab one of these icons from an icon pack, which I’ll show you where to get later for free. Let’s say we get the Twitch one where’s this Twitch one? So it’ll be the Twitch icon with live and let’s start setting up our multi actions. So the first one that we want to do is start our stream, so depending on your streaming software, OBS studio or streamlabs OBS, or xsplit, for this example I’m going to use streamlabs OBS. I’m going to drag stream in and that is going to be starting my stream. The next thing I want to do is to switch to my starting soon scene, just in case I’m on the wrong one, so drag in the scene switch to starting soon. Next I want to wait a bit of time before tweeting out that I go live so if you go into the stream deck option you have this delay we add that and we can delay in a certain number of milliseconds if we want to wait one minute then that is 60,000 milliseconds. Next we want to tweet out that we’ve gone live, so we go down to Twitter, drag in tweet and let’s just have “I am now live on twitch.tv/gamingcareers, obviously you put a bit more thought into what you actually want to write. Then we want to wait another three minutes so we drag in the delay one again, three minutes will be one hundred and eighty thousand milliseconds, then we want to change our scene in streamlabs OBS, we chuck the scene one back in and we change to our live scene. We also want to unmute our desktop mic, so we take in mixer audio and we make sure that we activate our mic, whatever your mic is called and we also want to post a welcome message in our Twitch chat, so we get onto the Twitch category and as long as you’ve linked your account, we can do chat message and we can just write out into our Twitch chat: “Hello everyone, welcome to the stream!” Obviously, I’m not encouraging you copy this word-for-word, I haven’t really put much thought into it but I just want to demonstrate you could do all of this from one button on your stream deck and I think that’s such a powerful tool. We haven’t really seen it to its full use but there’s no limit to how many actions you can add, so you could have a whole custom scene with all of things going on and noises playing in the background and cool dance music and honestly I can’t even fathom the kind of things that you could do with just one button on your stream deck. One of the main differences between the stream deck and the stream deck mini is that the original steam deck that came with a stand where you could change the height that you wanted your stream deck to sit at, then you can have various different angles depending on your use case. The stream deck mini doesn’t come with a stand, in fact it has a sort of non-sticky underside to make sure it doesn’t move whilst you are pressing it, but it can’t be mounted at any angle so that’s certainly something to consider if you’re one of those users that wants to have your stream deck completely flat, like your keyboard or you know you want to mount it in a in a different orientation, that can’t be done with the stream deck mini. So you might be thinking who is the stream deck mini aimed at, and I think what elgato have thought about in this product is that a lot of people do really enjoy the stream deck, but it’s quite an investment especially for a new streamer starting out. So they wanted to introduce them something with a slightly lower price point that could come in under $100 and really help people level up their stream in terms of production quality, and all these kind of cool things that you can do with there as well as people that want to work outside of streaming, in Photoshop or Premiere Pro without a second macro keyboard and so that really I think aiming more at the smaller to medium growing streamers as people that want to start taking their stream more seriously and up the professionalism, if that’s even a word, of their stream. Yes you might have to press two keys to get to the same function as you do in the traditional stream deck, but I wouldn’t say that’s actually a massive disadvantage because you’d be surprised at how quickly your muscle memory kicks in and you you start to know exactly where you’re going to be within a new folder, and you start tapping to a folder and you know exactly which key is the action that you want to complete after that. So it does have less keys obviously, they had to reduce the price somehow they decided to do that with less keys and I wouldn’t say it’s a massive disadvantage, just purely because you’re not really limited by the number of keys anyway since you can have both multi actions and folders where you can have actions within folders. Using my crystal ball, I can already see that one of the common questions I’m going to get a lot in the description of this video, is “where can I get icons from, I don’t want to use my own icons, I’m rubbish at Photoshop, I can’t create my own cool looking icons. Well thankfully both elgato have their own tool, so you can sort of go through the elgato website where you can use any of their icons that they already have and customize them in certain ways as well as uploading your own images to use as wallpapers, if you’d like to like I have with my Gaming Careers logo which I have as my default layout on my elgato stream deck but also Twitch Temple who are associated with Nerd or Die, they do sort of a lot of alerts and things like that, they have uploaded a stream deck icon pack which you can download for free through the website, of course I will be linking to that in the description below and they have a lot of cool icons ready for the standard programs that people are using. If you would like to see a video covering more advanced parts of the stream deck and things that you can do with the multi actions, especially if you’ve got any ideas yourself then jump in my discord or send me a tweet with some of your multi actions that you’ve come up with yourself because I’d love to see what the community comes up with in terms of cool things that you can do with your stream deck and I’ll definitely create a video of some more advanced things and more advanced multi actions and sort of workflows that you could have using the stream deck or stream deck mini, if that’s something that you’d like to see please do let me know through the comments. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this little video on the elgato stream Deck mini, I tried to cover a few different things from first impressions as well as a bit of setup, hopefully you found that useful. If you have, please do give this video a thumbs up and if you are new to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel, I would heavily recommend subscribing for more content like this. I would just like to say a massive thanks to my patrons, the people that support me month-to-month and help me keep creating content like this and doing it full-time, so a massive thanks to my patrons and subscribers I’ll see you in the next video. Peace! [Music]

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    Touch Portal does exactly the same and is free.

    I personally use it myself. It's damn easy.

    Of course not only for streaming but also for your daily computer use.

    I created a icon pack special for Touch Portal ! Download the 200+ icon pack right here: http://bit.ly/Touch_Portal If you don't know what #TouchPortal is Check out their website: https://www.touch-portal.com Don't waste your time & money on overpriced products. 😉 #MrRDB

  3. Can you map key board actions in the Stream Deck? I.e. in game save/quit/resume? I do a lot of Borderlands farming and it's a pain to have to hit the escape key, then mouse down to the quit selection, then press enter to accept save & quit, then mouse up to select "resume". I'd like to be able to all of this with the push of one button. Do-able?

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