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Hello everyone! We are back with another Budget Modern deck
tech, and today’s deck tech is Elemental Tribal, which is at time of recording 6.27 tickets
on Magic Online. You can, as always, find the deck link in
the description box below the video. This deck is based upon a brew by Tempest,
on tapped-out. Essentially this deck is all about playing
Elemental creatures on curve, turning them sideways, and hitting your opponent in the
face. Most of the Elementals in this deck have a
drawback however – you have to sacrifice them at the end of turn. So, to kill our opponent we have a fairly
brutal curve: One red mana gets you to Spark Elemental,
which is a 3/1 – essentially a Lightning Bolt on legs. At two red mana you get to Hellspark Elemental,
which is nearly the same as Spark Elemental but it has Unearth, meaning it can come back
from the graveyard for a few extra points of damage. At three red mana you get Ball Lightning,
which has a whopping 6 power. And at four mana (red with a splash of white)
you get Spark Trooper, which is like Ball Lightning but it’s got lifelink. All in all, a fairly aggressive set of cards. Outside of the self-sacrifice we have an interesting
set of cards: We’ve got Flamekin Harbinger: it’s a tutor
piece which puts an Elemental in your deck on top of your library. It’s essentially a slow tutor; but it’s very
handy if you’re trying to dig for some extra steam. Smokebraider allows you to ramp into some
of the more expensive Elementals on earlier turns, and pay for the ability of any Elementals
you have. Such as Incandescent Soulstoke. So this card is rather special. By itself it’s an Elemental Lord, but it has
a very strong ability: you can pay 2 mana to put an Elemental from your hand onto the
battlefield with haste, and it’s going to die at the end of turn. This is great for some of the non-self-sacrifice
creatures, such as Tyrant of Discord and Nova Chaser. Tyrant of Discord is just a bit of fun – likely
to just blow up a land, but equally likely to take down some non-land permanents as well. Nova Chaser is a really interesting card,
though. It’s a 10/2 trample, so it’s likely to just
die in combat most of the time. However, if you combo it with Flamekin Harbinger,
you essentially get multiple tutors out of Flamekin Harbinger. So, the extra spice in this deck comes from
Mimic Vat. Having a Mimic Vat out means that when your
creatures die, you can put them under the Mimic Vat and have them back again for the
low cost of 3 mana. The best cards to put under Mimic Vat are
Nova Chaser and Spark Trooper. Spark Trooper’s very good because it means
you can deal 6 lifelink damage a turn for 3 mana, and that’s actually a very good way
of winning the game. There’s a couple of spells to try and maximise
the damage: an Assault Strobe and some Flings. And obviously the best red instant in Modern
– Lightning Bolt. Lands-wise it’s heavily Mountains, but with
some white fixing in Primal Beyond and Unclaimed Territory. For the sideboard, not a huge amount of transformation;
Searing Blaze is very good anti-creature tech; Stigma Lasher and Leyline of Punishment are
great against life-gain decks, and Hell’s Thunder is a slightly different Ball Lightning
– it’s also got Unearth. There’s also an extra Nova Chaser and Tyrant
of Discord. The deck is actually a lot of fun to play
and you get a surprising variety in gameplay. So if you’re looking for a fun budget brew
you really can’t go wrong with Elementals! If you liked this video, please let me know
in the comments! And I’ll see you later

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10 thoughts on “Elementals – Budget Modern Deck Tech (6.27 tix) – MTG

  1. Having also brewed with Elementals in Modern (but having gone with five colors in my case,) I appreciate that you can get a fast Incandescent Soulstoke into Tyrant of Discord. I'd like to also suggest that you can also use Liege of the Tangle for another way to hit even harder, which can be tutored up with Harbinger.
    I will say that the deck needs the other three Smokebraider. Having that much mana is too good to pass up.

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