El Reno: Canadian Valley Technology Center one year later

AREA SURVEYED THE DAMAGE AFTER THE STORM. OUR CREWS ARRIVED AT THE CANADIAN VALLEY TECH CENTER. THE CAMPUS WAS DESTROYED. THAT NIGHT KOCO’S ERIELLE RESHEF WAS FIRST ON SCENE AND SHE SPOKE WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT. ONE YEAR LATER, SHE TAKES US BACK TO THE SITE. DRIVING THROUGH EL RENO THE NIGHT OF MAY 31ST, YOU KNEW IT WAS BAD AT THE CANADIAN VALLEY TECH CENTER, STREAKS OF LIGHTING REVEALED THE EXTENT OF THE DESTRUCTION ME: tell us what kind of damage was sustained to your building tonight? GREG: well Erielle, course I got out here after dark but I walked building inside and it to me looks like a total loss THE SCHOOL – A TOTAL LOSS AND A CLOSE CALL A 140 FOOT WIND TURBINE PROPELLER USED FOR TRAINING- DISLODGED BY THE POWERFUL STORM just like an arrowlike a bow and arrow it shot right into the roof of our child development center THE 30 CHILDREN WERE ALREADY GONE the last of the little ones got out of there about 5:30 and the tornado hit about an hour later EVERYONE STILL INSIDE THE SCHOOL HUDDLED HERE IN THE BASEMENTAND MADE IT OUT SAFELY 46:16 if this tornado would have hit 11 days earlier like it did at Moore, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the conversation you and I are having now and the conversation we’d have had uh that night, the 31st of May last year would have been a totally different conversation 30 SINCE THE TORNADO, THE TECH CENTER HAS HELD CLASSES AT THIS OLD CAR DEALERSHIP IN YUKON we moved those 20 programs, uh and 130 employees in 75 days and started school august the 15th like we said we would TODAY THE EL RENO CAMPUS IS STILL JUST A SHELL I’ll be real honest with ya, it’s still kinda hard to come out here and see it BUT BIG PLANS ARE IN THE WORKS FOR A BRAND NEW, CUTTING EDGE FACILITY we’re looking to move in in May of 2016into the main buildingto have the fullthat’s when we’ll have you backyou come back and see me then “the scars of the tornado are still felt and seen here at the Canadian Valley Tech center, a rich 43 year history wiped out by that storm, but Dr. Winters says he’s optimistic about the 45 million dollar new project and the most important piece is the 5 new safe rooms that will be built at this new campus Reporting in El Reno, Erielle Reshef, koco 5 news.” 56

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