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100 thoughts on “eevRANT: Lily Drones Folds. A $45M FAIL!

  1. You don't go from being a nobody in the drone world to producing something with unique features like they claimed they could. Look at GoPro and a lot of the other failed attempts by companies over the last 5 years. It's something that takes years, and multiple attempts, to get right. Plus if they were inquiring about advertisement, that's probably where are good amount of the money was going. The VCs probably realized their money was being used to pay off debts rather or ship product that had already been paid for (and the money paid already spent); no real ROI so they pulled the plug.

  2. I bet they were going to make a loss during final production so took the left over money and made some excuses to cover there tracks

  3. just thought I would let everyone know my refund from lily showed up on my credit card today!!!!

    just wish my coolest cooler kickstarter I bought into would arrive!!!!

  4. If you're using your cell phone or other camera that doesn't have an external mic input, or you just didn't have an external mic to use, something you can do in a situation like this is get a little patch of fur fabric and stick it around the microphone hole with some poster putty. That gives you a very cheap and effective wind screen. I saw that trick once on a DIY filmmaker channel (either Knoptop or The Frugal Filmmaker, I forget) but now I can't find that video to link you.

  5. Funny because building a GPS follower drone is not so hard and 500$ for such drone is expensive I can build one with the half or even less money. I could prove easily if I had the money to order the components I need, no joking but looks like some losers take 45millions and real inventors and hard workers they don't even get a $ to build cool things. If I had even a single chance to get invested even for a single prototype I would make it FREE SOURCE for everyone to build one at home.

  6. I think they couldn't track the subject stably and perform the necessary manuvers to keep up at the same time without a mechanical gimbal. Little reason to get one with the Mavic Pro out, so I cancelled my order a few months back.

  7. If a small person did that they would be charged with fraud by false representation in the UK if the money wasn't returned

  8. My bet is they spent too much money on fancy office space, furniture, toys, over spec'd lab equipment (oh, 10k o-scope! Shiny!), unnecessary equipment (everyone gets a new maxed out Macbook pro and loaded iPad!), awesome office parties with live bands, and other nonsense. They should have focused on paying competent engineers, project managers, and perhaps a consultant or two to help get them running. Sounds like they mismanaged the hell out of that 30 million and blew it all on crap.

  9. I love that you have to put dont be a dick on your video there are a lot of them about great video love the wind noise made me feel alive 🙂

  10. Heh, couldn't find the money eh? Well, that's the struggle of virtually every new startup company … how to get that initial investment, without having your company controlled by a bunch of hungry investors.

  11. I have paid Lily company $520 back in June 2015, recently I've emailed them twice in a week still NO REPLY FROM THEM.

  12. You can get everything you want in a DJI Mavic, It is an awesome little device. It does everything that scam promised

  13. There's an Instructables for an Arduino-based drone that uses GPS to follow someone with a smartphone. Seems to produce pretty serviceable results based on simple code and hardware. Haven't built it myself, however.

  14. The issue is FAR more complicated then just money…. they were running into FCC and FAA issues where because it was automated and not directly controlled..they were fighting with the FAA to not classify it as a commercial drone having to re-design the entire drone to meet FAA regulations after the new FAA drone laws passed.. it sucked them dry..

  15. Its not the product. It was not certified / approved / goverment stamt. Its basicly uncontrolled autonomouse drone you cant override… Just saying…

  16. Worst. Video. I've. Ever. Seen. You knew about the wind noise, and yet you persisted. Stupid. You knew the subject of the video, and yet you had no facts or figures – "I don't remember". Then don't waste our time! As far as completely guessing what went wrong with the venture, what are the odds you got any part right? Good news – At least this is the last video of yours I'll ever see.

  17. I wont complain about wind noise, but shit, I wish I could be on a beach in a tee-shirt in January.

    Here in Minneapolis the weather has been warmer! Were In the mid 30's (Fahrenheit, just warm enough to make all the snow we got turn into freezing slush, and to blanket the land in cold gloomy fog. Better enjoy it while it lasts tho, soon it will be cold as shit again.


  18. This has the same sort of stink of what happened with Skully and their $1500 motorcycle helmet thing. Millions pissed away on booze, strippers and who knows what else.

    BTW, love the t-shirt!

  19. a drone that follows you around for $500? that sounds real dubious. it's going to need some serious obstacle avoidance software and equipment built into it, which would take years to develop with some expensive talent behind it. that alone i think would add an extra zero to the price tag.

  20. How interesting. As your frustration grows and my realization that you aren't going to say why the company failed other than the wheels came off, the wind picks up and nearly distorts what your voice. I'd sue in small claims court.

  21. What amazes me, is that they could not deliver with that kind of cash on hand…. They were frauds at every level. Used the money to provide themselves a lifestyle they did not earn. The idea was solid, it could have been done…

  22. Should have been obvious the promo video was not filmed on a Lily, no Lilys were ever featured in it, and no Lily has probably ever been made. The rest is your judgment call but I generally just do not buy things that are not even a thing yet. Not even a prototype, just a dressed up DJI and some indie background music.

  23. Can't agree with you more! so sad, I even asked for a refund prior but still have not seen anything!!! Never investing in any kickstarter campaign again.

  24. I cant believe ppl actually PAYING money to others without any guarantees or anything..
    BTW,im gonna breed a new cow that can fly,and after that a flying pig,so plz fund me !

  25. I ordered and I have paid a Lili Camera on 05/28/2015.
    They told me they were going to return the money paid. But he has not returned anything.
    What can I do to get it back?

  26. Not necessarily scam artists, I think. People overestimate themselves (and others), everyone wants to witness a touching story of a man with a DREAM who "overcame the impossible", something straight from a Holywood movie where people achieve great results just because "they believed in themselves". Like, a few months ago, a friend of mine approached me and asked, "I have a brilliant idea! you can program, right? let's create our own game console! we'll be rich!" Well, fortunately I'm competent enough to know that i'm incompetent, otherwise we could end up just like those guys, with debts and a criminal investigation.

  27. You cannot deliver a product after receiving $30,000,000 in backing.. Hmmmmmm, what really was their business plan..?

  28. build yourself.  I have a chineese 78.- Euros  DIY  all inklusive Frame;  Propellers; 4x BLDC Motors; 4x BLDC Controller and Little Mainboard  without Lipo

  29. Actually I think that is a really cool idea, can imagine someone like Bear Grylls using it when he's on his own filming stuff.

  30. What you need is a cat…………you can do a tear down on it and then use the skin to cover your mic………………sorry lol

  31. Too big for their boots? Like taking in pre-orders with fake prototypes? I don't know if they ever had an actual prototype.

  32. dislike
    you must be an idiot to buy a lily drone
    someone could probably sell you a robot house assistant for $5k and youd probably believe them xD

  33. i wonder what would be the growth of $45m on time deposit, or mutual fund or something for a year? then after a year i say, well i cannot complete your order so i will just give back your money sheeple.

  34. For an open space without obstacles at a certain altitude, it isn't that hard to program, it just takes dedication for a small team, and a lot of it can be somewhat automated through gyros and the like. Either they got way over their heads with irrelevant fluff, or they are just full of shit.

  35. I got in a discussion with Lily in January of 2016 about the delay and in delivery since I've been waiting for 2 years. The WSJ reported on their sales of over $30 million in sales with no deliveries. With these numbers it is a Ponzi Scheme. I filed a complaint with the SEC

  36. Yes, there is a bigger crowdfunded project. Not a drone though. But the game "Star Citizen" which looks really promising is crowdfunded to the tune of 140 millions. I think that is the biggest yet.

  37. is there an open file complaint where we can all sign or have follow up? I understand the risk I was taking, but also think they should have stopped their process/scam/fraude earlier and at least have given us a drone, even if it could not follow. Anyways, what happened has passed, but I still would like to join any movement that has been set up against them. Thanks!

  38. Take components from another drone, smack it to a new body and poof! You got a new drone to present with accompanying high tech ad video to entice unsuspecting investors.

  39. My initial deep thought was it was real and then legally made a black project, and is now the project is under some military body, being designed to hone in on our mobile hone, I mean phone. Killer plane ✈️ drone have been a thing for decades. Can you imagine a time where there's three drones for each of us and no one even knows that people we know on social media are dead and been replaced by an Ai system?

    Just saying! 😂🤔🤘🏼👊🏻🍀

  40. As soon as the Mavic was released, I asked for my money back, they gave it back no issue. I actually made money due to exchange rates. I didn't buy a Mavic. But its tech was far superior to the Lily yet to be released. The DJI Spark is an absolutely spectacular piece of tiny tech that Lily had no chance in competing against.

  41. I can't believe there's no accountabilty and not even explanations on these campaigns. This is the definition of scamming.
    At least they should have to itemize where the money went. Like another commenter suggested, they probably give themselves exorbitant $600k "salaries"

  42. I clicked baited on this thinking a review of the drone in the hand shown would be the subject. Instead I wasted 30 seconds of my of my life listening to a voice drowned out by bloody wind! If ya gonna just ran, why pick that place? DUMB!

  43. Don't know if this have been said already, but they refunded your purchase (I did not pay through any Kickstarter, but directly at I was refunded when I cancelled my order. Dollar also went up over the 2 years I waited, so I earned more money than saving them in the bank 🙂

  44. Becoming a millionare is not a fail. Escamming is the new business model now. None of those ebegging scum ever intend to deliver anything. It's all about marketing your stupid bullshit idea to scam the stupid out of their money. I can't believe you fell for such a stupid obvious scam. I consider you to be very intelligent. I'm blown away.

  45. Inside Info:
    No one will get a drones because they would have to sell all the houses and cars they bought with YOUR money!
    Dave you got scammed m8.

  46. This video doesn't even touch on what actually happened with Lilycam I had pre-ordered back in 2015 after many dates changed lot of excuses they eventually told everyone they would refund. Later they said the only way they could refund was to go into bankruptcy which made the refund take almost 2 years. What they did was commit fraud they shot videos of what looked like a lilycam drone in reality it was being controlled by someone with a controller. The watch in the videos being worn by people going down rapids or snowboarding wasn't even operational. It was basically fake videos what they also did was use the pre-order money to borrow millions of dollars securing those loans using money they already owed product for. The DA's office in SF filed charges against the owners my understanding a deal was worked out if they refund everyone the charges would be dropped. That's how everyone got their money back if it wasn't for the county stepping in I doubt we would have gotten a penny back but prison time usually helps in motivating someone. This will be the last time I ever pre-order anything even if it was discounted by 50%.

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