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Now, let’s have a look at how to create
and setup your account. So let’s begin with creating your account. Start by opening an account following the
link in the description. Click on Sign Up. And then enter in your information. Then add a password. So the first thing Ecwid is going to do is
ask you for some more information. You can either skip this form or fill it out. I do recommend that you fill it out because
it will tailor your experience in Ecwid for the future. Once your account is open you will wind up
in your Control Panel. This is the onboarding module. It can help you setup your store easily if
you do not know how. Of course you will be following these tutorial,
so I will guide you through how to setup your store yourself. But if you want, you may also use this tool. We are going to close it for now. Hey, by the way, if English isn’t your first
language, scroll down to the bottom of the page and change the language of your Control
Panel in a quick click. So, you can add up to ten products and two
categories with the free version of Ecwid. For this example are going to imagine we are
selling electronic products. The first thing we are going to do is create
our Categories. Under Catalog, click on Categories. Add Root Categories and Subcategories depending
on your needs. You can illustrate your category with an image
and a description if you wish. This is where you can add products to your
categories in bulk once your products are created in the future. Next, we are going to setup Product Types
and Attributes. This information concerns most, or all of
your products. Click on Settings, and Product Types. In our example of Electronics, we are going
to add a Release Year, Storage Size and Color. You will see why this is useful very soon. You can add as many product types and attributes
as you need. Once your categories and attribute types are
all created, under Catalog, click on Products. You can create products individually or import
them in bulk from another eCommerce system if you would like to quickly migrate to Ecwid. I’m going to show you how to manually add
a product. Click on “Add new product.” Start by adding the photo of your first item. You will be able to add more photos using
the Gallery tab later on. Then, add a title, a compelling description
and the base price. You can also add photos, video and more. Add an SKU that corresponds to your inventory,
and do not forget to add the weights of your product if you plan on shipping it. I will explain why weights are very important
later on. After having filled out all the “General”
fields, click on the Attributes tab. We will setup these attributes earlier on. They save you time when writing out product
details, as this information will be featured at the top of the product description underneath
the photos. The kinds of Options we can setup in Ecwid
are really cool! I explain this more in detail in another video. Please see the description for the link. but here we will simply allow our customers
to choose the color they would like to receive. I will also allow them to choose if they would
like to gift wrap their purchase, and add a special note. I will show you what this looks like for a
customer on your storefront later on. If you have a paid Ecwid account, you can
also automatically sell digital products. It’s an awesome feature that is worth the
low monthly cost. This represents a great cross-selling opportunity
if you would like to offer eBooks or other forms of digital goods to your clients upon
purchase. You can add custom shipping options under
the shipping tab. Anything configured within a product will
override general shipping options. I will show you how to setup general shipping
rules later on, but let’s imagine that this specific product has free shipping. You can also setup custom tax rules for the
item. I will show you more on how to setup taxes
and shipping options later on. Enhanced SEO is also offered in any paid plan. Related products are just like Amazon’s
“people who purchased A also purchased B.” However, they are configured by you and not
automatically suggested. Once you have more than one product, you will
be able to setup cross-sales here. Learn more about cross-selling, up-selling
and down-selling in Ecwid my free eBook available in the description. To add more photos to your products, go to
“Gallery” and add your photos. Save your changes. Would you like to see what your storefront
looks like? Go back to your Control Panel home page, and
click on “Visit Your Site.” You could also click on Starter Site>Starter
Site URL to see your site’s front end like a client who is going to purchase from you. I suggest you always keep this window open
to track the progression of your work. By the way, if you do not have a website,
you can use this link to sell online as if it were your own website! I will show you how to design your Starter
Site later on. Now that you know how easy it is to create
products, we are going to work on configuring your store. Head over to Settings. Under General, enter all your basic store
information. Then click on the Regional Settings tab to
set your unit preferences such as currency, weights, dimensions and languages. Ecwid is available in 51 languages on the
store frontend, and 21 languages in the backend. That means that if Ecwid can detect your traffic’s
language preferences, it will translate everything written by Ecwid in the storefront. It’s really awesome. Click on Cart & Checkout to configure more
checkout options. There are many possibilities here so I am
not going to go into detail, but I have a specific video that covers this. Please see the description to access the link. Then go to the “Legal Pages” tab and add
your legal terms such as Shipping & Payment information, Terms and Conditions and your
Privacy Policy. Under Tracking and Analytics, you can add
your Google Analytics tracking code and Facebook Pixel to track website traffic and conversions. However, make sure to disclose that you use
cookies in your legal info. While still under “Settings” click on
“Taxes.” Ecwid offers automatic tax calculations if
you have a paid plan. You can also configure them yourself by clicking
on Manual. For a demo on how to manually setup taxes,
please check out the video in the description. Now click on Mail. This is where you can setup automatic emails
that will be sent to your clients. You can activate, deactivate or preview them. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add your
logo to your emails and to add your email if you would like to receive these notifications
at the same time your client does. Upload your Logo and add your tax ID under
the Invoice tab. You can create customer groups if you have
a Business plan. Customer groups will allow you to segment
and categorize your clients in order to offer specific programs or rewards. Learn more about configuring Social Tools
in the video in the description. Ecwid is constantly updating and improving
their platform. Click on What’s New to activate awesome
new features. Once you are done Setting up your store, click
on Payment to add payment methods. It takes two seconds to add your Paypal account. All you have to do is enter your PayPal email. This astounds me because just a couple years
back setting up Paypal for eCommerce was complex, but Ecwid made it super easy! Learn more advanced Payment setup options
in the video in the description. Once you are done setting up your Payment
methods, head over to Shipping & Pickup. There are tons of shipping options in Ecwid. What is really cool is that they offer automatic
shipping calculations for UPS, USPS and Canada Post among others. This is where the weights of your products
are essential. Ecwid will calculate the cost of shipping
based on the weights you entered on the product page. You can use default shipping costs or add
your negotiated company rates. You can also configure specific shipping options
on specific products. If you change the options on a product, that
configuration will override the global shipping rates that you setup here. For example, this product will have free shipping,
because we specifically configured it to have free shipping. If none of the shipping methods you use can
be automatically configured, set your Postal Companies rates using the table. Reload your store page and check out the changes
that were automatically made for you! It looks awesome and is super user friendly. If you would like more detailed information
on how to setup Ecwid, please feel free to watch the detailed video tutorials on my Youtube
channel. Also subscribe to my channel as I often add
new Ecwid tips and tricks to increase your revenue. Having a well-built, online store is not enough
to increase your revenue. You need to learn how to drive traffic and
convert that traffic intelligently. Head over to and check out
my eBook that contains 30 Actionable Ways to Increase your eCommerce Revenue. For example, I will show you how to setup
FOMO alerts, display compare-to prices, cross-sell, encourage social shares and remind your customers
of how awesome your business is with push notifications. This book is an essential resource if you
would like to maximize your online revenue and sales potential. Use the coupon code WEBINAR to save 15% on
your purchase. You can copy/paste the code from the description
of this video. If you liked this webinar, please subscribe
to my Youtube channel that contains many other Ecwid tips and tricks. This is Daniella from, thanks
for watching.

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