Ecommerce Startup Business Plan Shortcuts | Easy To Follow Steps

hey everybody its mark with adventures
in EECOM and today I’m going to go over a simple EECOM ecommerce startup guide
now I’ve decided to kind of simplify this I want to talk about it for just a
couple of minutes and give you some pointers and highlight some things not
to really miss when starting up your ecommerce store but just recently in a
group with some people with some beginners giving them some instruction
and getting a lot of feedback and they just have the simplest of questions you
just need to make sure that the time that you’re spinning is not wasted time
so I want to run this down with you also I had a previous partner who didn’t plan
anything there was no guide involved with
anything that he did he just moved forward at such a rapid pace and the two
of us complemented each other pretty well I was meticulous and liked to make
sure that my ducks were in a row and he flew at 30,000 feet which is something
that kept us moving forward so together the combination was good but always make
sure that you have a checklist when going in so let me jump into this real
quick I got this website here on the screen that you see and I’m going to
come back to it but I just like I got this business plan somewhere online it
is a standard boring oh my god I hate looking at this kind of crap business
plan but let me run through it with you real quick you’ve got to have a plan if
you’re starting an e-commerce business or any kind of business you have to have
a plan and know where you’re going so just real quick I’m gonna take about a
minute on this an executive summary ultimately this is just going to be
something that kind of at 30,000 feet highlights what you’re trying to do and
then number two company analysis you’re really just diving into a little bit
more company background where you came while you’re doing this etc standard in
an industry analysis this is something that most people in traditional
businesses would do in e-commerce it’s really more about niche research in
markets and trends and things of that nature
number four customer analysis this is really where you create your ideal
customer avatar and you have to know who your customer is
before you start selling products or you’ll never drive the right audience to
your product or offer number five competitive analysis I think this is a
layup right we all know we why we need to do competitive analysis I need to
know what my competitors are doing and what can I do that’s better than them
number six a marketing plan how am I gonna drive that traffic now I’ve
identified who my traffic is and why I’m better than my competitors but how am I
going to drive my traffic so create a marketing plan come up with a marketing
budget know what your goals are on the back end
number seven operations plan how am I going to run this business I’m running
it is it my side hustle do I have a nine-to-five well I have help in and
things like this teams of people that runs us right in to the next one
management team who’s who who’s who in the zoo right and is it just gonna be me
– I have a VA as my wife helping me whatever you you just need to plan this
out and the great thing about a business plan is it changes its malleable it’s
going to change over time number nine is a financial plan I mentioned a second
ago setting a goal what does this business have to do to produce either a
secondary income or an income to replace your business or an income that’s gonna
buy you a Ferrari in a house in a boat and you know depending on what your
lifestyle depending on what your goals are you have to know what you’re going
to go after and then number ten an appendix
that’s just for anything additional or otherwise that goes in there but I
wanted to drop down here just a little bit and I think some little tips that
help kind of differentiate you and make sure that you’re have your e-commerce
business on the right path the first one is – that I’ve seen this done and I’m
going to show you here in just one second but to create a personalized home
page and I thought this was really neat let me put this as a bullet point here
so I have a couple of things I’m talking on but create a personalized home page
and I thought this was really cool here’s this website that I had up just a
second ago ASOS and this is not their homepage although it is their home page
it’s not their front and homepage their cookies personalized
this site to me in my home page when I visit here a second time it knows who I
am it knows what I’ve been interested in in
so when I come straight back to ASOS calm it literally drops me right on the
men’s section where I can start browsing for apparel and a tire like this little
outfit right here I think it would look killer in it especially with Halloween
approaching but but a personalized home paste a personalized home page an
experience for your customers is something that is starting to become
more and more prevalent and you’ll get some benefits from that the second one
really is to add new product categories to your store and oops not new just new
so basically one of the things that you want to continue to do is add new
product categories here you can see some of the top-level categories Jackson
coats shoes and sneakers sweaters hoodie sweatshirt etc maybe add you know belts
and other apparel or you know whatever you if you have an audience especially a
returning bass audience you want to be continuing to offer them new items in
your store so be sure and do that the next thing on my list is to XP ok name
is Bill experiment with prices now I know depending on your niche or whatever
it is you’re doing or this is clothing you may want to kind of hat you want to
stay within you know you’re looking at your ROI you’re looking at your product
cost and you’re looking at your competitive analysis to see what Levi’s
hoodies are going for or adidas shoes etc but you want to experiment with this
pricing and it doesn’t necessarily always mean to just lower the price
doesn’t mean lower the price actually quite the opposite what I would do is
I’m trying to maybe include some bundles maybe it’s a sweatshirt and sneakers
bundle and play with the price on that because you know if you’re getting
multiple sales in one shot then you have a little wiggle
in there from marketing dollars and shipping costs that you can play with
some of your prices a little bit but experiment with your prices another
thing that I want you to do is to improve your search on your site now
these guys have a right here and in the middle a search bar and that’s great and
you’ll notice as I scroll down it’s going and it has disappeared luckily
when I swipe up a little bit it reappears for me but you always want to
make sure especially if you’re in a store that has multiple categories has
lots of product etc etc that you make it super super easy for people to search
and find what they’re looking for more so nowadays then in the past the search
bar has become as prevalent as some of the categorical navigation and things on
an e-commerce site so especially on mobile it’s so much easier to just go
into the search bar than it is to try to navigate on a site so speaking of mobile
you want to have a mobile what’s called a mobile first design not design design
you want to have a mobile first design so when we’re looking at this store and
I come up here to the top let me shrink it down here and you can see that it is
responsive and mobile ready so these guys have done a great job at doing that
but make sure your website is mobile is mobile is mobile or you just won’t even
get out of the starting block so keep that in mind as well all right another
tip that I have is to create like I mentioned a minute ago to create bundles
you want to create bundles that will increase your average order value just
like when I said this Levi Levi Saudi and an Adidas sneakers just imagine how
cool you’d be walking down the street and some Levi’s hoodie and a d2 sneaker
right I know I would I would look probably look a little bit like this guy
but when you go into some of these categories let’s see what they got here
and I’ll just jump into something cool here’s a beanie mustard-colored beanie
let’s see if they recommend so they you might also like these other
of beanies so that’s definitely good and then by the look I would definitely if I
were them they have more room in here for this but to flesh out more
accessories so here’s a hoodie that might go good here’s a hoodie that might
go goody with that beanie or maybe it’s pants maybe it’s the shoes maybe it’s
whatever but basically you can complete a whole look by just looking here on
this website or on this page so definitely add that kind of stuff
another thing to really do is when I add this to cart add multiple payment
methods if I go to checkout let’s see what they have here free shipping
worldwide that’s great sign in with whatever I’m not going to go to okay so
here they have Visa MasterCard blah blah Apple pay they have PayPal that’s a good
thing maybe stripe pay I would also add Amazon
pay so many people have Amazon wallets because I don’t know Amazon it’s pretty
big right so Amazon pay would be another would be another good thing to add there
so multiple payment options don’t chase a customer away because they don’t have
their electronic wallet available on your website another thing that I think
you should do let’s go back here is and see what they have real quick is to have
a blog on your website and it doesn’t really look like they have this on here
but have a blog so that you can create a community if you have returning
customers then you want to have have your rabid fans come back your your good
customers come back they’re excited about their purchase and talk about it
you want to create a community and engagement platform and and ultimately
just a place where people feel like they can contribute this goes a really really
long way especially if you have something maybe if you’re in the dark
nature survival niche or something that people are really really passionate
about I know they’re probably more passionate about it then some Adidas
sneakers but if you’re in another niche that has really focused heightened focus
on passion then for sure you want to create that sense of community and
involvement and another thing that plays off of community ultimately is to be
able to try to build some sort of subscription into it so if you can it
again if you are let’s go to dogs so things that consumable goods like food
and things like that if you can create some sort of subscription-based product
and delivery that just automatically rebuilds then maybe points every 30 days
whatever so that is sending fresh dog food that your dog just loves make it
super easy on your customers they don’t always want to have to remember that
spike has giblets and bits so make sure that you are able to offer a
subscription-based model in your business and I think that will really
help generate more sales so this is my little list of ideas and tips to really
kind of launch your business and things to look out for along with that awesome
business plan if you found good value in this video then give me a thumbs up go
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