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100 thoughts on “ECO-DEATH TAKEOVER: Changing the Funeral Industry

  1. Something I found super interesting is that secondhand caskets exist! Some people rent caskets for funerals/showings, and then the funeral home gets them back. A good number of people can get use out of that casket before being cremated (or aqua-mated). And then the last person can use the casket for their burial! My grandpa got a second (or fourth or fifth)-hand casket for his burial for cheap, and the funeral home threw in a free urn! Less wood used, less waste, and more affordable for the families. It's like thrifting, but you're dead! Super cool.

  2. Also, I did a few tours of Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn (lovely Deathstination btw! And their death parlors are equally lovely!) and they were talking about how it's the highest altitude location in all of New York City. It would be super interesting for you to do a video on the effect of climate change on burial. What will happen to graveyards and cemeteries in cities that end up underwater? What will happen to places like Greenwood that end up like islands floating in the East River? Should they be reclaimed by the living, or should they become floating necropoleis?

  3. Can you transport a corpose to be naturally buried in another state?
    Cause I'm working on my mother's death plan because not sure how much time she has. I doubt alkaline hydolisis is legal here in Alabama (will ask), and I'd prefer that or natural burial for my mother. Here's the tricky part: she doesn't want to be buried in Alabama dirt.

    Do you know if it's possible to transport the body to say North Carolina or Florida to be naturally buried.

  4. Hi There, I am a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada (Episcopal) and have been trying to help our cemetery committee open up a green burial section. I am meeting a surprising amount of ambivalence and some resistance. Thank you for this video. I think I am going to show it to them. You make this conversation understandable and fun. Green burial is actually more consistent with the more ancient practices of Christianity which believed that we were to return to creation at the end of life with simplicity and gentleness. Thank you again, John

  5. So, burial aside, just wrapping the body in natural fiber cloth? Just like the way GOD was buried when we killed(crucified)him? I would think if it was good enough for GOD it should be okay for everyone else…

  6. aquamation: it can be disposed in memorial park 'gardens', so that neutralizes the argument.
    bones: can they be crushed in the same grinder as the crematorium?
    re: cost: green funeral process is starting to get a bit expensive, compared to cremation.

  7. Is this alkaline thingy available in the UK, I've never heard of it. I'll be dead I just want to be disposed of after the doner people are done. Atheist!

  8. why not just ban embalming except for cases that requires it when it is shipped overseas? it's not like every funeral home doesn't have a refrigerator

  9. As someone who lives in the Seattle area, the aquamation (?) facility was where my childhood dog, Chauncey was sent after she passed. It’s kind of nice to get to see the facility that handled her (I couldn’t do it at the time) and see how peaceful it is. Wasn’t expecting that but I’m happy I saw it. Gives me a good feeling even though it’s been 3 years.

  10. That's settled it, I wanna be water cremated & used as fertiliser

    I doubt it's an available option in Northern Ireland, though

  11. You should make a video about Psychopomps between cultures. Beings believed to help lead the dead to the afterlife.

  12. I either want my ashes pressed into a gem (to be placed on the gulf of a family heirloom sword) or just be chucked in a shroud. Who knows

  13. Question on this if anyone is still watching it besides me. Can you have a green burial in a traditional cemetery? I have a family plot I always planned to be in but I would like a green burial hopefully many years in the future

  14. i hope auqamasin comes to denmark, that is the way i want to go. my bones will get place at my mothers grave, and my soup water 😛 shell be use to give nitrusen to treers ^^

  15. Alkaline Hydrolysis was legal in NH til 2008 when religious lobby groups made it illegal, and the bill was shot down again in 2013:(

  16. Love your videos please keep them coming and have you covered donating your body to science? If you haven’t I’d love to hear about this from you. 🙂

  17. I feel like I'm so late to the game finding your videos. I love them and it really made me consider death options for me and my family. Also, perhaps talking my family into making their 14 acres in NJ as a conservation burial ground. Now to start the research!

  18. I wanna be strapped in a Tesla and launched into orbit and allowed to explore the solar system…why waste a good space suit?.

  19. It's sounds good but people still going to go with triditional funerals .some people want to be creamated some people want to be buried . So I say let people do what they want and don't try in force your way on others .

  20. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. So many intelligent people been indoctrinated by the climate change scammers. The most life abundant time on the planet was when CO2 levels were many times what they are today; for instance, I'm taking about dinosaurs and the giant plants that provided them sustenance. CO2 levels today are about 400 ppm but we could use around 1500 ppm for optimum plant growth. Eons of documented historical geology can't be wrong. So, shovel that coal and drive that giant SUV!

  21. Caitlin,
    I am a licensed Mortician and Funeral Director
    First off I want to say that I love your videos and admire you for putting so much time and energy into them. Thank you!
    With that being said, I do have a few issues with what you are saying.
    1) As far as embalming a decedent goes the reasoning for it that I understand and was taught was that it isn't about keeping the person preserved for years to come – the main goal is to have the decedent last until the funeral and look more presentable for their family. I'm not saying everyone has to be embalmed – alternative body preparation and funerals are great, but even then you are doing some work to make the person look more presentable. Closing the eyes and mouth, covering with a sheet, using a pillow, etc. Embalming is just a much more intensive preparation. Like I said, I don't think everyone needs to do a 'traditional' funeral with embalming, but I disagree with your statement that it's done for a 'forevet corpse.' Some laymen might think so but Morticians should know that that is not the true reason.
    2) Yes, formaldehyde is a dangerous and carcinogenic substance. I'm sure you will agree that it's nice to know a lot of funeral chemical supply companies are researching and developing fluids that don't use formaldehyde. With that being said, I think you are giving people the impression that funeral homes are the main users of formaldehyde and ate the industry most damaging the environment but using it. How very, what a lot of laymen don't know is how much formaldehyde is used in the production of sooo many other products. For example, it is used to process lumber for construction, in fertilizers and pesticides, in many household products like glue, fabrics, and paper, etc etc etc. The entire funeral industry uses less than 1% of the formaldehyde used in the country. So, yes formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical, but funeral homes are farrr from the main industry using it and endangeriny the environment with it.

    Sorry for the long winded comment (that no one will probably read), but I felt the urge to clear up some of your statementism.
    Once again, thank you for all your videos! I will definitely continue to watch for a long time! I also just ordered one of your books! Keep up the good work!

  22. My parents were directly cremated in a "cardboard" box. My mom passed in Maryland at a cost of $3,400 for her cremation. My dad passed in Florida at a cost of $1,400. Now I'm wondering where the difference in price came in…

  23. what about death by firey archers in a old tiny boat? why is that not a thing anymore… sounds cool. toss a old rag on me and push me out to water and watch me blaze.

  24. the natural casket is so beautiful… helping the earth.. life and death together as one… its gorgeous… it amde me write a poem… so beautiful.

  25. I just wanna say, we have body disposal through water, earth and fire . . .

    . . . We need to incorporate air somehow.

  26. At some point someone was talking about that bodies could be frozen and then vibrated into pretty much dust that would decompose super quickly. I read about it and had SO MANY QUESTIONS AND THOUGHTS then but I haven't heard anything about it since… was it impossible, or…? What happened to that? 🤔

  27. Can you help me with more info on natural burial.. I can’t find any place locally that makes that an option.. I just want em to dig a hole and toss me in I’m a bigger guy so i figure that’s the best way plus I hate the idea of someone messing around with my body after I’m dead unless it was for something useful like science Any help would be appreciated

  28. What's left over from an aquamation is definitely not the same as cremated ashes. I'm a glass blower, and I've made some glass mementos with remains mixed in them for family members and pet owners. Cremation ashes work just fine, but when molten glass hits aquamation remains there is a lot of fire, smoke, and nasty smells as whatever is not inert burns off.

  29. I just learned Utah approved water cremation last May . So happy this is available . I think it sounds like the best option and will put it in my final requests file🤔

  30. I already knew I wanted a natural burial but I did not know about the conservation burials and the place you mentioned is in my home state where I want to be buried! Not only that but my passion and career is conservation. Thank you so much for making this, everyone should absolutely choose a natural way to give their body back 🖤🖤🖤

  31. In the veterinary field we are very comfortable with death. We make death beautiful and painless. We give our patients dignity when they go. We use Euthasol to help them to cross the rainbow bridge.
    I just watch my grandmother 2 days ago take her last breath in a hospital bed. I'll tell you animals have it easier. 🐾🐾

  32. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe formaldehyde is even allowed!! 😳

    Wow! I want that aquamation done! (And I’m Catholic! Lol)

  33. I’ve always found embalming and caskets to be too expensive as well as creepy. I also have always hated burying people with anything of value. Once I’m dead, I have no use for things, and I want my body disposed of in the least expensive, yet still respectful way possible.

  34. So now I'm wondering what would happen if you just burned on the surface of the earth, like a viking funeral or something, and how green that would be compared to other forms of burial/cremation 🤔

  35. I have never been the most eco conscious person… but I really like the idea of natural burials because it’s super fucked up to make your grieving family pay thousands of dollars just to put you in the ground.

  36. YES!!! Thank you so much for this video. I've made a will and fully intend to go back into the ground from which I came. Conservation/natural burial all the way!!! Love your work!

  37. I'm definitely not getting embalmed and having a biodegradable casket and wanna have a conservation burial, hopefully somewhere that sunflowers are native too, any plant will do

  38. What about nitrogen freezing and shattering? Or is that just some crazy idea I read about in a magazine like 5 years ago

  39. Does alkaline hydrolysis totally destroy biological matter like cremation does? I've always disliked the idea of leaving any of "me" behind when I die, and learning that about cremation made me feel much better about that option, so I'm interested if aquamation does the same

  40. So legally, does my family have to follow my burial wishes? I'm a Christian and so is my family, but they believe cremation is wrong. Where I live, natural burial is illegal…and though nobody uses embalming methods here, a formal casket burial is the only other option. I'm conflicted about leaving the Earth and my family so heavily in debt

  41. I've always planned on wanting my body cremated, I really hope alkaline hydrolysis is available in my state when the time comes. There are currently no laws or regulations regarding it in my state so I'm assuming that means it's not currently an option. Any tips on who to contact regarding this?

  42. Can I have a headstone with a natural burial? I would like to have an apple tree planted next to the headstone 🌳⚰️ so the tree will grow around my headstone. Also ceader coffin (6 sides), and shrowd.

  43. Ok, I'm asking a mortician: I buried my beloved cat in my backyard in a cardboard box, in a plastic bag, about two feet underground with a cement memorial on top. Roughly how long before it completely decomposes (in Idaho)? I worry about bacteria, bugs, or something digging him up.

  44. Never in my life would I imagine being so enlightened about death and the many ways to handle it. I love this Caitlin Doughty, I love this… DEATH mother!

  45. Bury me with the avocado and mushroom patch! All natural… it's legal. $100 funeral in the woods.

  46. Jews, the Amish, and indigenous people just bury the dead in cloth or simply box no chemical. Very cheaply. Do a green burial for under $100.

  47. You know what if it wasn't illegal I'd want a Viking funeral, burn me at sea with a pagan song to send me off to Helheim.

  48. They is a company they freeze dry your body shack it into a powder and put you in a pod with a tree seed of your choice and you become a tree.

  49. I want a natural burial, you should check out the cemeteries in Skye in Scotland, there's no burial vaults and they are so beautiful

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