Ecamm Live integrations with Stream Deck and Streamlabs

hello everyone it’s your girl Ms. Ileane and you know a lot of times I hear people giving excuses for not
succeeding online I hear you saying things like you’re not techie or that’s
too techie for me but around here we’re going to push past those tech hurdles
because my goal is to show you that you if — my goal is to show you that if you
have an online presence you really are techie maybe you just
don’t know what buttons to push and I’m going to make things so easy for you to
understand that you’re going to be pushing all the right buttons tapping
all the right screens slapping swiping in the right directions and in this
video by the powers invested in me by Ecamm live and with the help of Ecamm live
which is a live streaming software for Mac along with the elgato stream deck
I’m going to start showing you what buttons you need to push okay and by the
time it’s over you’re going to be techie beyond your wildest dreams you’re going
to be the master of Technology and you’ll be so tech savvy you’ll even be
able to teach the teenager in your life a thing or two about
tech so thank you so much for joining me
today I am an avid livestream streamer and I searched and searched for quite
some time to find the right software to use for my live streams and it took me a
while it took me some trial and error before I came across ECAM live and
that’s one of the things that I want to talk about today but never fear if
you’re not a Mac user because ECAM life is a Mac software so if you’re not a Mac
user never fear I still have some tips for you as well because like I said you
are techie I don’t want to keep hearing people especially women I gotta admit
it’s mostly women men say it sometimes too though I’m not techie don’t be
afraid of the tech if you’re online you have an online presence so you’ve signed
up for one of the social media outlets or social media platforms or you’ve got
your own website or whatever the case may be then you are using tech and
you’re just a little intimidating you’re just a little fearful because when you
get a new piece of tech or you learn about a new piece of software you’re
like I don’t know how to work this thing I know I I feel you cuz I was that way
oh my gosh when snapchat came out remember snapchat was all the rage about
two years ago right everybody was and I was just like I can’t figure it out I
don’t know how to use it I actually sat down with someone in a livestream in
fact I’ll give him a shout-out because the memory is like flooding my brain
right now jedd record is his name
he had a few of us over on a live streaming platform you know the one
that’s not around anymore and he showed us step-by-step where to swipe where to
push and where to tap and next thing you know I was doing snapchat tutorials okay
so your techie you are techie you just need to know what button to push so with
that I say that I have some of my friends here this morning Regina is here
and hope the Saturdays treating you well I’m hanging in with you for a few
minutes and off to run errands yes I have errands to run too so I feel you on
that girl and Donna just being real is saying good morning and Donna doesn’t
have a Mac but that’s okay Donna I got stuff for you too and I also want to
talk to you guys about just your mindset okay and Virginia and Donna you guys
have the right mindset you guys come on YouTube or maybe on other platforms as
well and you learn how to use a tool and the next thing I know you’re taking
action you’re putting up a video you’ve got all kinds of transitions going on in
your video you’ve got comments coming up on screen or whatever the case may be
and I want everyone who’s listening to this or who’s watching this even if
you’re watching on the replay I want you to embody that spirit because my goal
for you is to see you not have that bridge standing between you and
technology or using a software especially if it’s going to benefit your
life now sometimes technology comes out and you say I don’t need that so that’s
okay but when there’s things that can benefit
you your life your progress and just your knowledge I think
it’s worth taking the time to know what button to push so speaking of buttons
how’d you like to meet my little friend it’s the elgato stream deck now I talked
about Ecamm Live and how it’s Mac software but now this is a piece of hardware you
see my hand here guess what I’m getting ready to do push buttons okay so this
Elgato stream deck they run about a hundred and fifty bucks you can get a
smaller one that’s closer to $100 you can get a larger one that’s I guess it’s
closer to $200 okay and what it does it’s almost like having an extra
keyboard but each button is programmed to do a specific task okay so for
example let me push that button and you see that little green checkmark that
came off there that means that I just sent a comment over into the chat I’ll
put it up on screen just so you can see it welcome friends and thanks for coming
share this video and don’t forget to subscribe
hashtag two taps and that reminds me two taps one tap to like the video and one
tap to share it out that’s if you’re a regular subscriber but if you’re new
here two taps means one tap to subscribe and one tap
to click on that darling little ting-a-ling-ling
notification bell okay so we’re going to look at the stream deck and know that
the streamed works with PC oh my gosh does it work
with PC so if you’re a Mac user don’t be intimidated by this video because you
can also pick up on some stream deck tips now like I said you do have to make
the investment it’s a piece of hardware that plugs into your computer via USB so
that part is simple alright so here’s some of the things that I have and each
one of these buttons you can customize it with your own image ok and my friend
BarbTUSA is here I almost bought a MacBook Pro yesterday because I wanted
to use Ecamm live already have elgato still haven’t used it ok great
yeah the MacBook Pro is probably what you need because you can’t use one of
those watered-down MacBook Airs and things like that way you can you you
need some processing power ok I’m just going to take a sip of water guys so you
need some processing power ok so by the way the way that you’re actually seeing
my stream deck and my hand in front of the stream deck is through a technology
called NDI that’s a mobile app I do believe that you can get NDI and if you
can’t get NDI for your android phones you can also use something called
reflector reflector I pretty sure I have a tutorial around about that so this lets
me screen share but actually this isn’t more of not really a screen share this
is treating my iPhone I have an iPhone 8+ as a second camera and I have it
all positioned in fact you know what I actually have two iPhones so I’m going
to take a picture of this and then I’ll share it with you later so you can see
how I have it set up ok so I just got a lot of tech going on here and
you know it’s it so a matter of time overtime that you just continually add
on to your tech stack so you take one thing at a time now some of the things
I’m saying to you now may be like wow she’s doing a lot but there’s others of
you who are watching this like Barb and she’s like hmm yeah think about getting
that elgato stream deck because she’s already seen it in action before so I’ve
you can customize these buttons with your own images so for example I have
the Ecamm live that would open up my Ecamm live but what I’m going to show you
today is a different integration but just wanted to let you know that then
here when the stream is over now I dare not push that now because that would end
the stream but what I really want to show you is the integration between Ecamm Live and the stream deck and for that I need to go to the next screen so the
guys that Ecamm live well there’s a there’s a gal there too that I want to
talk to you about and so it’s get Glen and Ken and Katie the Ecamm live team
they’re awesome and so they went out of their way to create what’s called a
plug-in that integrates directly with the stream deck so for example I can hear that yeah you can hear the sounds
that I’ve programmed into this to the stream deck now if I was using something
other than Ecamm and I just put some sounds in there you probably would just
hear it in your speakers but because Ecamm has programmed this stuff
I can add them that way now I can also um here’s just a know quick thing I can
do is just mute my mic okay so we don’t when we don’t want that
too long right because we want to be able to hear Ms. Ileane so the other
things we can do here I can actually good morning studio geek 32 how are you
I can actually play a video let’s make sure I have the right thing hooked up
with ya okay this here is a video and if I click that on you’re just gonna I’m
not gonna play the whole video I just want you to see that as a live streamer
you can be talking about your livestream or teaching whatever it is you want to
teach and then play the video and I did something wrong there oh because my
scene is locked so I have to unlock the scene let’s go up here ladies and gentlemen thank you for
joining me today it’s your girl Ms. Ileane let’s get started with today’s
video so now I just pushed the next scene button so I push one button to
play the video and now I push the next scene which is this scene which consists
of the stream deck through my iPhone I’m sorry I hit the I hit the stand the
stream deck through my iPhone and me in a picture-in-picture in a circle I can
change this as well I have to unlock the scene just right now the scene is locked
so I really can’t change it I’m saying I can change it but I can’t until I unlock
it as soon as I figure out where my scenes
window is it’s right there I have a little lock pad on it
I’m not going to screen share that right now but if I want to change this shape
of my picture-in-picture see how I just changed it to a square also I can
increase the size of it now this is an Ecamm function okay so you’ve got a little
bit of Ecamm going here and a little bit of the stream deck all right so now I’m
just gonna come back on full screen just to check in and see what you guys are
saying over here let’s go back to the ladies and gentlemen thank you for
joining me today it’s your girl… Doug Hewson YT you’re the man thank
you so much for coming and letting me know that my mic was muted because that
video played when that video played my mic got muted and I ended the video
early so that’s why my mic was still muted if I hadn’t have done that it
would have so you have to set things up ahead of time alright so as you guys
know now that I since I’m doing this live some things were set up ahead of
time just a little but mostly I’m on the fly and that’s how I roll
okay and I don’t get myself all un-glued when things don’t go as they were
scripted and this is one of the things that I also want to talk to you about
mindset and notice nobody seems to have left the stream because I made him
little mistake he poop and I just hit the stream deck again I mean the phone
again but a good thing in the stream deck was
a noise cam so it’s okay here as long as you’re delivering value and you’re
teaching your audience something it’s okay if you make a little mistake and
leave your mic muted and hopefully you have loving adoring community members
that will say no sound muted hello and so I thank you thank you once again and then
studiogeek he’s laughing at me he always laughs at me I think I am his
replacement for Saturday morning cartoons and that’s okay I don’t mind it
not one bit I’ve been watching some of studiogeeks
very entertaining covers that he does because he is a musician and he sings a
little bit as well so those are some of the things that you
can do with the stream deck and Ecamm live so what I want to do really quickly
is do a little screen share here with the stream deck this is the software the
stream deck software ok guys let’s see if I can do a little picture-in-picture
I’m not sure what shape I’m in right now ok I’m still in the circle all right so
this is how you program the stream deck you use this software this is an
application that’s on my computer alright and you see that you have these
different controls for the sound ok I’m sorry let’s start from the beginning
game capture the sound board the deck the system because you can use stream
deck with various applications that reside on your computer for example I
could have a whole entire set of buttons setup for Photoshop because Photoshop is
software I have on my computer all I need to do is go in there find a
shortcut keys or the command keys and program the stream deck to respond to
that command all right or that command line alright so here you’re looking at
the what I have set up for Ecamm and let’s go back to the default profile as
I scroll down so this is my default profile where I have like what if I
click this button I’ll go to my website this will start Ecamm live this turns it
off so let’s just take a look behind the scenes
let’s do this one Twitter because this one is a little more interesting in fact
I need to update this so let’s go into it the last time I tweeted out I said I
was live streaming on Twitch but now I’m live on YouTube so I just go in here
change this now I would have done this I at a time right before the stream
started and Katy is here hey Katy how are you great to see you my dear alright
so I changed that time live streaming on YouTube but I’ve also got to change the
URL right so instead of saying twitch TV I have to say slash Eileen
Smith I also want to change the image because there’s an image there I can
bring in the image that I used for the stream and that will be under my YouTube
thumbnails Oh gotcha stream deck tips I’ll use that one it may not be the
appropriate one but that’s okay it’s good enough for a tweet right so now I
come back over to my stream deck software let’s see if this fancy
footwork works ha ha it works yay and now I click the Twitter button
and you’ll see the green checkmark means all as well so it’s filling in with the
green checkmark that means that tweet went out although I know y’all believe
me and everything but I just want to go over there and show you and studio geek
said cool cool cool cool all right so now let me come back to my default scene
which would be just wha okay and now Oh screen share and I’ve got to
change the source to make it Google Chrome and to make it Twitter and voila
you see I tweeted I’m live streaming on YouTube 49 seconds ago okay so these are
some of the things that you can use the stream deck for go back because I want
to also cover some more things that we can do with the integration with the
stream deck and al gato so we want to I mean Andy cam live so we want to go to
the stream deck software again so now let’s go back over here to the left hand
side cuz I show you some of the buttons and I show you some buttons and which
buttons to push right so now we’re gonna go over here to this right-hand side
alright and see there’s certain commands you can do on Twitch that you can
program the buttons for we’re not going to go into those Twitter I just showed
you YouTube is the chat messages I showed
that earlier right now here is the UM this is custom things that you can put
on here like the clock or the CPU usage and you see here on my stream deck this
clock is an actual clock that tells you what time it is it’s almost ten o’clock
and even though we’re looking at the software but one the extreme deck itself
you see that clock and then the CPU usage right now I’m running at about
twenty nine percent which is fine okay cuz I got the big boy Mac alright so now
here we go here’s the ECAM this is something that ECAM had to develop this
these commands and submit them over to the stream deck so they could be part of
the stream bed deck library okay that’s why they appear over here on the
side there’s a little plugin we have to install when
update our ECAM alright if you don’t have a cam you won’t see this okay
because you have to have the plug-in so these are the commands that are
available go live pause now you might be thinking pause you can’t pause a live
stream that’s right this is you can also use ECAM live to record pre-recorded
videos so when you’re in record only mode you can pause it with the stream
deck so how smooth is that you don’t have to pause it with your mouse you can
just put you know have your hand over there on that pause button then you can
run a scene go to different scenes okay you’ve already seen me doing that
multiple times this morning you can switch cameras okay and let me
in fact let me go to that section here alright so you can play sounds but you
saw me do but you heard me do I should say you can go into screen share mode
the picture-in-picture which is show or hide picture-in-picture
now this scene I believe is locked so I don’t think that’s gonna work but let’s
see oh nope it wasn’t locked alright so you see how I’m show I’m using that
button here the one that is the show and hi picture-in-picture and Adams life is
here hey hello studio geek yes I streamed on Twitch
this morning and watch the Sun come up actually people couldn’t see the Sun
come up but I can cuz I can look over here to my left
to my left there’s a big window mm-hmm okay so then I mentioned about muting
and I also can use this button to see the number of viewers but actually I
rarely use that button on the stream deck because Ashley ECAM live already
shows me like right now I have 10 people which means that you guys first of all
you’re awesome thank you so much for all being here but you all
haven’t done two taps because if you’re watching now you’re supposed to use one
tap to like the video and the other one to share it out with your friends okay
so three of you follow directions very well okay so now we’re going to go into
another another integration and let me put some comments up on screen before I
go into the next integration if I can close the stream deck software down
because I think I shoot everything I wanted to show you on there and Donna
she’s one of those she’s letting me know I’m one of those people that shared it
out she’s like I did and Adams life did and Adams life also says have been a
while that’s right where have you been Adams life I’ve been here and studio
geek he wants to know if I stream don’t twitch today and that’s kind of like
well of course I stream every morning sometimes on the weekends I’d do stream
in the afternoon though but ok and he also said that’s so cool all right so
come on I’m not seeing those thumbs up go up okay
studio geek say I did two taps you go you go studio geek I appreciate you all
right so ah yes another thumbs up woohoo okay so this
next integration that I want to show you guys is with stream labs let’s not get
confused okay so for those who don’t know what stream labs is let’s make a
clear distinction the stream deck is a piece of hardware USB device that you
plug into your computer and helps you control software’s based on keystrokes
or command lines all right you it also integrates with software and
and online tools like I just showed you how integrated with Twitter and I showed
you how it integrates with YouTube and I’ll do that again for those
who missed it the first time I put a comment just now and to the chat ok
stream Labs is a software that many many folks are familiar with who use twitch
and who are into gaming but there is also an integration with stream labs and
ECAM live so let’s see if I have any of that integration up and available and
we’ll find out in one minute let’s see let’s try that one more time there you have it I’ll put it over here
so you can see it better and I’ll make it bigger so that comment notice I
didn’t pin that up one screen like I did before with previous comments and notice
how it’s got a little different background there and the other
difference with this comment is that you can have multiple comments up one screen
at the same time so anybody who’s here on the live stream please leave a
comment so we can just show a little bit more about how this works and I’m just
gonna move myself around a little so that I so you can see these comments a
little bit better all right put a test comment in the chat
ok anims life left for comment thank you Adams life alright so see now I can have
multiple comments up on screen at the same time ok because of stream
laughs comment widget and yes coming for the stream blast
yes Thank You studio geek so if I don’t want to have to stop and pin comments up
on screen beauty bubble says full I made it you can count my comment all right
and also Bharti said you tweeted out the stream just tweeted out the stream yay
barb and Barb passed that little moderator wrench there that’s because
she is a patron over on patreon you want to get a moderator wrench going over to slash Eileen okay so you don’t need he cam live for this
you do need some type of virtual camera software and all you have to do is set
up on stream labs and then enter the for ECAM live you enter as a URL and I
believe it works the same way on OBS and possibly vmix and I’m trying to think of
this software that barb Tomlin uses for some reason I can think of it right no
mani cam mani cam I am using ECAM and stream y’all know I’m not using stream
yard today because if I was using stream yard I would invite you guys to come in
for you know to do like some QA or some panel discussion but I’m just using ECAM
and another reason why I didn’t want to you stream your art with this is first
of all it’s confusing for folks that are watching and second of all you don’t get
to see all the benefits of everything I want to show you with the stream deck
you can see it but it’s just because II cam live allows you to broadcast and
1080p all the way up to 4k stream yard right now currently as of September 21st
2019 streamed are allows you to broadcast in 720p so
there’s all my reasons for why I’m not using stream yari today but I will use
it whenever I am doing some type of an interview or if I want you guys to come
in on and hang out with me okay so so there’s another widget that I want to
show you and let’s see if I can find that because we’re looking at the
comment widget now but let’s see if I can find the alert widget so I can turn
that on cuz I got two wheeler twitch it’s one for YouTube and one for dream
lab so gotta make sure I’m turning on the right one you know what I’ll do
forget that I’m just gonna add another one so any cam live when I want to add
another widget I go up to my overlays and I put new widget overlay then I take
that URL that I just copied from stream Labs and now I have that one screen so
if you want to see what one of these alerts look like now there’s a whole lot
more alerts on the YouTube side okay I’m sorry on the twitch side but on the YouTube side because I’m looking I think
I have more I have multiple ones open so hang on just from bear with me cuz I
gotta make sure I know what button to push so for example if I got a new
subscriber doing today’s broadcast if you’re looking at the screen you’ll see
that subscriber would have got a shout out I’m just gonna put that up one more
time because I think some somebody wanted to
see that they were multitasking don’t multitask
cuz Mama’s gonna show you how it works so you see I have my gift there that’s a
YouTube subscribe dancer then it says the person’s name and then it says
thanks for subscribing also if anyone was so kind as to do a super chat during
this broadcast it would look like this and it would say that the person donated
18 this is just a test you can’t really donate 18 dollars but you guys get the
idea alright so just so you know super chat
is available in this broadcast for anyone who wasn’t sure about that so now
this is an integration you’re not able to do this on stream yard you’re not
able to do this on stream yard currently today but you can because when he came
live because there’s an integration with widgets URL widgets so any of the
widgets that are available over on stream labs once you set up your widget
you’re going you push you sign in with YouTube or you sign in with twitch or
you can sign in with Facebook but it only works with Facebook gaming just to
be clear you can sign in with periscope all that over on stream labs okay so
those little alerts can be set up for the various platforms all right I think there was a question that came
in that I actually missed so just so you know I’m going to hide this comment
widget here just so you’ll know like what’s going on with it oh and another
thing I can do if it was just too big I can just make it smaller or make it
bigger or move it around anywhere I want to move it on-screen yeah yeah it’s that’s cool in it it’s
pretty dang awesome isn’t it so I needed to make it smaller so that I could get
access to this the little button that closes it out
because now what I want to do I’m gonna move my alert widgets over just in case
somebody does want to give me a super chat or I do get a new subscriber this
morning I can go back to the old way of showing your comments up on screen well
I say it’s the old way but it might not be old to some folks the regular way
I’ll put it that way now something that I just learned and so I’ll show you how
it would work I’m going to show you two ways of putting comments up on screen
got a comment from studio geek that says how many max do you have quick answer 1
I have the iMac 27-inch that I purchased in 2015 and so we just say a prayer that
it continues to work it has already died once and I had it had to have it rebuilt
so so now I can manually move this comment around one screen anywhere I
want I can resize it okay I can make it bigger to make the text bigger make I
can make his little avatar the size of my face I think it depends upon how many
words he has in the comment okay all right and then I can hide it but
what I can also do is take a comment from the comment window and drag it on
to the screen so that it’s positioned anywhere so this is a comment from barb
T and barb T says so with Elgato we can use ECAM Plus stream labs comments Plus
stream yard on same live cast yes ma’am I’ve done it on multiple occasions
because you can use the virtual cam of B cam live so so here’s this is how you
can live is so much more powerful than most of your live streaming tools
especially any browser-based live streaming tool okay because I’m not
trying to knock any of them because you know I love stream yard but this is
where ECAM live rises above the pack because these things you can’t do with a
browser-based streaming platform all right so the fact that I can bring in
those overlays the fact that I can use ECAM live as the virtual cam you’re not
going to be able to use a browser-based software on browser-based
streaming platform as a virtual cam not unless they change the way browsers work
I’m you know I’ll put nothing past Google or Apple
I guess the folks of Firefox I’ll throw them in as well but as of right now that
can’t be done you need a piece of software that’s installed on your
computer such as ECAM such as OBS such as mani cam which is what barb uses vmix
is another one that’s really popular xsplit is one that I don’t hear
so much about anymore but it’s it’s out there I know it is okay so uh the
Creator spotlight show is here hello hello thank you don’t forget all the
folks that just got here hashtag – taps – taps one tap to like the video and the
other tap to share it out because Matthew Brockton just got here as well
hello Matthew thank you for joining and what video camera are you using
doing okay I think the doing part was a typo but right now I am currently using
the Logitech c920 – only because and I was using Brio I had really fallen in
love with the Brio until that day and some of you guys were with me that day
that my green top which was this color green a different top though was blue
and that’s the day that I noticed how the color was off and talked about it on
Twitch and someone else came in from Twitter said yeah a lot of people have
been complaining about labrie oh and the colors being off xsplit is used more by
gamers I used that one too yes yes yes just thanks for the thumbs up whoever
that was and raw and uncut podcast pike asses in the house he says great show
thank you so much haha and sturdy old geek says I remember that yeah I know
you were around right so that’s why I stopped using abrió and I’m not saying
that I’ll never use the Brio again because I used it for over a year before
I noticed that the color was off only because I was wearing that particular
shirt and Andy Marshall is here everyone say hi to Andy thank you for joining my
friend and Katie said that was me yes thumbs up you go girl
so you know I logitech it’s probably top of the line as far as webcams go for
live streamers there’s probably and I say that and then somebody saying no
what about such-and-such this is the typical one that most live streamers use
either the c920 the C 930 the c920 2 or the Brio and if there’s another Logitech
out there that is popular that’s popular y’all let me know because I’ll buy it
cuz I got all the rest of them why not buy that too I believe I gave my
daughter the c9 30 because I can’t find it and I gave up and said oh geek says I
had the c920 the c920 was working fine but I think the c920 does not give you
the possibilities of 1080p I’m a hundred percent sure about that but I could have
used the c920 but I plugged this one in and I liked it better so I use I’m using
C 922 and you know that was one thing about the Brio the Brio gave you that 4k
capability but actually because ii cam live gives you the 4k now wait let me
back up let me just talk about 4k for a second when you’re doing this kind of
video like the video that I’m doing today I’m doing some screen sharing but
for most of this segment it’s a talking head video you really don’t need to see
me in 4k you really know you can see me in 720 that’s why stream yard is fine
for a lot of broadcasters and streamers because of their doing interviews and
all that it’s just talking heads you may show a screen share but it’s not that
much of a difference but having the ability to use 4k because a lot of the
streamers that are on ECAM life are using DSLR cam
especially the cannons because they’ve got a special little integration with
the Canon camera where all you have to do is plug it in of Canon and 50 and
that’s the one that pops in my head if I buy a Canon that’s probably the one I
would buy is the m50 okay so I’m being corrected about my c920 specs the 922 60
frames per second at 1080 but the c920 is 30 frames per second okay thank you I
knew that but I just forgot so I am so glad that I have and educated a
tech-savvy audience that’s why we are community because one person knows don’t
know the other one knows and we put them together and that’s why when barb said
earlier that expert is used more by gamers yes same way OBS is really used a
lot by gamers but then some streamers started using it as well that are non
gamers but my goal has always been not to use OBS and thanks to the power
vested in me by a cam live I never ever ever have to use OBS and I don’t have
FOMO okay because I know that’s the thing some people are really really the
creator spotlight says the m50 works well great entry level camera yes you
know and I would have probably bought the m50 and a bunch of lenses but I’m
thinking do I need that like you know like I said I’m doing a talking head
video or I’m doing a screen share which when you’re doing screen share trust me
don’t matter what camera you have you know yeah it gives you a little bit more
depth of field and if I had a studio and I wasn’t in my living / dining room that
would matter you do have green screen capability with
the ECAM I’m so glad I remembered to say that to you guys because I’m talking
about a lot of these things that ECAM life can do a Marshall saying hi to the
Creator spotlight show and and crater spotlight show is saying hi to Andy so
thank you so one of the things that you cannot currently do and I’m not gonna
put anything past the developers at stream yard it’s all about priorities
but one of the things that you can do with a tool that’s on your computer like
what barb uses which is mani cam and OBS which a lot of my friends use and ECAM
live which I love to pieces it’s a green screen so using that green screen
basically lets your background put you anywhere you know anywhere you can be in
space you could be in front of a brick wall you could be in the meadow you can
be at the ocean wherever you can find a graphic image on the internet or take
one yourself take a picture and put that up
oh speaking of taking a picture I forgot to show you guys my little setup here
I’m going to go into my photos and airdrop it over because I didn’t want to right so oh I sent it to my phone I was
too quick all right so now I have it here on my computer let me get that open
so I can screen share it for you let me just make sure I don’t have too much
mess in the background oh no it’s not too much miss okay so this is the stand
I have it on a floor stand have it on a floor stand and there is a popular iPhone stand company that’s wants to
charge I don’t know hundreds of dollars for
their stands for these types of overhead shots and then there’s this little if
you can barely see at the very bottom here I’ll just try to the very bottom
here you see that little blue and black thing all that is is one of those twelve
dollar tripods with the flexible legs that I literally wrapped around this
microphone stand so I already had the microphone stand so I didn’t have to go
out and buy it and then I used a tripod I use the the
clip that hold your iPhone and I put that on the top of that tripod actually
that came with that tripod and then I just positioned it so that it’s showing
off the stream deck on my desk and then I had that black and what do you call
that protege portfolio is a black portfolio case fake leather just to make
it so that it’s isolated so that when you’re looking at the stream deck that’s
all you’re seeing and I’ll show you again for those folks who just got here
I’ll show you again hang on I got a zoom in some all right so let me get rid of
this preview let’s see if I can just go to screen share with picture and picture
so see you see my hand so you know this is really my desk right and you know
when I zoomed when I turned it when I did the airdrop I err dropped something
over to my phone then that messed up the positioning of it but still you’re not
being distracted by all the stuff I got in the back like my sofa and the pillows
that I have on my sofa and all these lights that I have around me you’re not
seeing all of that because I made it so that all you’re seeing and actually what
I have it sitting on what I have the stream deck sitting on is a jewelry case
it’s something that my mom Barbara Smith rest in peace
Thank You Barbara gave me some gorgeous piece of jewelry that she got from QVC
or something and I always saved the boxes and so that’s what we’re seeing
there let me take get rid of this screen share now and just come back there so
you can use this NDI app which I haven’t really talked about that much but what
you were just saying was the MBTI app and that app allows you to what they
call clean and di so it’s not like I’m just screen sharing from my phone
because if I screenshare for my phone you would see
all the controls like zoom and tap and play and flip camera around you see all
that you’re not seeing any of you you’re seeing clean it’s acting just like a
camera no controls on screen okay so that’s what the NDI a p’ and not sure
what the apps would be for android be honest with you I know there they have
them and studio Greek agrees with me that the airdrop is the best yes I love
airdrop it’s one of the one of the many reasons why I’m glad I am in the Apple
ecosystem although I am NOT an apple fangirl and hold the phone what happened
to the alert that should have came through for this
Thank You Michael Michael Daniels with the super chat love catching you live
I’m doing a stream deck workshop with our community today you know Michael I
really wish you would give me a little there it is it’s coming up now there’s
the notification from the stream labs thank you Michael
so the whole his whole thing is you know his comment and everything is within
this widget okay I hope you guys saw that because I can’t duplicate it but
thank you so very much and I did not mean to ignore you dr. clay I see you
there thank you so much but I just had to give him my call that special shout
out so sort of his comments sort of got on top of yours but webcam camera or
camcorder for my podcast which do you recommend
thanks I’m ready to purchase for your podcast are you going to be doing your
podcast there’s a live stream as well you got it you gotta let me know because
if you’re just doing an audio podcast you don’t need any of what you just said
here web cam cam or camcorder you don’t need any of that
so you gotta let me know you plan on going live with your podcast then that’s
gonna be a different answer hello shall Juana’s creative circle yes
now you gotta be more specific you can’t say yes
you gotta tell me exactly what you’re going to do you’re going to tell me
where you’re going live if you’re planning on live recording your podcast
tell me what platform you’re gonna go live on okay and why you’re going live
while you’re going live with the video and in addition to that if you’re going
live for a podcast you need a microphone the webcam is separate but you need a
microphone you do you never here’s my you know I hate to say you should have
you should do this and should do that but this is my one of my golden rules
when I say you know I started this broadcast by by talking about being
techie all right I’m going to repeat what I said at the beginning of this
broadcast and this is also going to tie into your question a lot of times I hear
people giving excuses for not succeeding online I hear you saying things like
you’re not techie or that’s too techie for me but around here we’re going to
push pass those tech hurdles because my goal is to show you that if you have an
online presence you really are techy maybe you just don’t know what button to
push I’m gonna make things so easy for you to understand that you’ll be pushing
all the right buttons and tapping all the right screens in this video with the
help of ECAM live and the elgato stream deck don’t worry about a thing
by the time is over you’re going to be techy beyond your wildest dreams you’re
going to be a master of Technology and you’ll be so tech savvy that you’ll even
be able to teach a teenager in your life a few things so with that said here is
one of my number one rules of podcasting and live streaming never ever ever never use the microphone that’s built into
your computer or your webcam that don’t even you and just act like they’re not
there the only time you want to use that
microphones when you facetiming your child okay could be your auntie yeah you
use that microphone there but the number one thing you knew you need is an
external microphone hence the ATR 2100 and you can check the links in the
description check the doobly-doo to see but I didn’t Lee did it’s gonna take you
over to my kit where I have all of my gear that I use such as ATR 2100 the
Samsung q2 you the smart laughs plus lapel mic from Road and the stream yard
I have everything my podcast will be similar to dr. Phil fix my life concept
I have a row plus mics headphone everything ready then you need cameras
if you’re trying to do a dr. Phil style situation you need cameras not a webcam
you need camera you need like a cannon or I see some people talk about
Panasonic’s that are good I don’t have a camera so I can’t make that many
recommendations I would say the Canon and 50 because that’s the one that I’m
I’ve been researching and interested in by but for first-hand knowledge
honestly I I can just tell you what my friends use personally I use a webcam
but it’s just me I don’t have other people in the room or if you’re using
stream yard maybe you’re talking about bringing in your guests via stream yard
you want to make sure that they have a webcam if you want the best quality but
I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you would be perfectly honest with you dr.
clay I think you should take one step at a time if you’re gonna do a live show
focus on that for a while before you put that out as a podcast because there’s so
much to learn in fact I tweeted the other day that one of the one of my pet
peeves I didn’t say this in the tweet but I’m telling you guys this in fact I
have this still pinned to the top of my Twitter and I’m gonna screen share it
with you to show you okay and and and I’ll tell you why as I’m just getting a
screen share set up alright let me make it a little smaller so I get the whole
thing in it and screen here alright it’s now just screen share okay make sure I’m
always sharing this tweet I just counted and it turns out that I subscribe to a
hundred and fourteen podcast on overcast so don’t think that I’m going to listen
to your episode when your guests sounds like they are in a tunnel I have way too
many other great sounding shows to listen to and boy did I get questions
and feedback on that tweet you know people ask me what should i do what
should I do cuz they know that their guests sound horrible well you first you
make yourself a checklist and see because you’re new
dr. clay you’re not even sure what needs to be on the checklist yet but you also
want to get with your guests ahead of time it could be right before like say
you’re scheduled for 11 o’clock and you get on at 10:55 and you say okay let’s
make sure you’re in a quiet place let’s test your mic let’s make sure how it
works let’s make sure you want to do all of that so focusing on the live stream
and focusing on the podcast are two different frames of mine I suggest you
can do whatever you want but I suggest that you deal with one first get
yourself used to doing the one and then go to the next and since you’re already
going stream your I would say go ahead and do the live streams get yourself
some experience maybe about four or five live streams under your belt where you
see people coming in with bad lighting or bad sounding microphones or maybe
even it’s your tech that you need and then you learn what you did wrong or
what you need to improve before you go further with the podcast that’s just my
I am and since you asked my opinion and you here on my channel somebody else to
tell you I’m gonna do it all at once get it online and then spread it over on
Instagram line or IG TV and put it up on Facebook and YouTube and somebody else
to tell you all that and I’ll tell you break it down break it down okay when
you run the test there you go alright so see I am a little bit of an influencer
at least he said he was going dr. clay information man speaks is in the house
what’s up my dear how are you every time I do a live stream I learned what I did
wrong with my sound every time I’m always trying to see what I can do to
improve yes absolutely you know and I’m glad that you guys are you know
finding out what buttons to push finding out which way to swipe on how to
tap and once again you Michael Daniels for the super chat you guys everybody
makes sure that you’re subscribing to Michael Daniels and another one of my
patrons is in the house and that’s Alice you know what Alice I need to make you a
moderator because all of my patrons can be moderators in the chat room you are
now a moderator and it’s nice little perk to have for as a patron perk I
totally get what you are saying about the audio but if the content is good I
will put up with average sound I love podcasts including yours oh thank
you Andy you’re awesome well you know I’m picky I am picky but I
did get a lot of people that came and want and agree with me though that they
don’t like it and you know honestly guys you know sometimes I like to get my
little digs in with the so-called gurus because the real people that I see
making or I hear making that mistake are these so-called gurus podcasting gurus
cuz that’s what I subscribe to right I got all these podcasts about podcasting
I’ve got all these big time marketing shows that I listen to podcasts I’ve
been at it for years and they’re still bringing on guests with bad audio
quality ain’t nobody got time for that and I got too many podcasts that I’m
subscribed to like I said I subscribe to 114 of them so when I I am to the point
I’m frustrated with it because you bring on a guest first of all I never even
heard it a person so I don’t I have I’m not even invested in listening what they
have to say because at this point you’ve run out of all of the popular folks so
you’re bringing on the secondary people or you’re bringing on your clients or
your customers have them you know get the chance in
despite spotlight okay and my girl Alice said it’s got no time for that that’s
right ain’t nobody got no time for that and I am trying to get my learn on and
if I’m in the car driving to work and I put in my podcast and I get
blankety-blank guru I’m not trying to throw nobody under the bus and I hear
them say great intro music and their life today we’re going to be talking
about all the wonderful blah blah blah blah blah blah and I am so happy to
bring you this gasps blah blah blah blah blah blah and the gas comes on the sirs
oh I’m so happy to be here with you today because I got a lot of expertise
and what I was thinking about being on your show oh man ain’t nobody got no
time for that okay if you publish them this a podcast you listen to I’m always
up for recommendation and Andrew Andy sorry Andrew someone else Andrew is not
here today I’m going to give you the link you go over here to this tweet and
you can see I took I recorded my overcast podcasting list and you know
I’ll screen share it again I’ll screen share it again
so this is me thumbing through all the podcasts that I subscribed to and you
know I did this very strategically I made sure that I slowed down when I got
to podcast you know like my daughter and notice my daughter’s podcast is at the
very bottom there right because I was listening to her last episode that’s
Nicole Purvi of the better than success podcast but notice how I slowed down as
I went past the the anchor show and miss Eileen speaks podcast and then you know
I spear is from A to Z see I slowed down when I got to Nicole’s show and then you
so you can catch every podcast that I subscribe to currently you know of
course the list can change at any given moment because enough of those horrible
sounding interviews Pike asking to get kicked to the curb because you know it’s
a new one around the corner every day right and that’s just overcast I
actually subscribed to a couple podcasts that are done as video like dr. clay was
talking about doing like for example you’ll see that I subscribed to of
course my dear dear friend Dave Jackson from the school of podcasting but he
also has another podcast called ask the podcast coach which is done as a live
stream which I probably should be watching right now but I’m here with
y’all but but I watched the live stream and I watch it on YouTube so I don’t
need to subscribe to it or overcast I’d rather watch the video some of my
podcasts are like that so in addition to those 1:14 there’s probably about five
to ten that I actually watch as a YouTube video the some I do both like
podcast egde which is Bandra says actually it’s called the Bandra says but
his logo is podcast äj– you know he does the microphone reviews Oh dr. clay
make sure you get with that YouTube channel for podcasting because he does
the microphone reviews and there is a guy that I can’t say he does camera
reviews and I can’t think of his name right now either so yeah there’s that
but you know definitely check into some of the different camera reviews because
I definitely think that you want to get yourself a camera okay but you know and
you said you have all the rode mics and everything so that’s a good
Alice said the perks are fabulous and so are you
Thank You Alice that’s the patron perks that she’s talking about and anybody who
wants to also join us on patreon we also have a Facebook group that’s
slash Eileen Isle e8e and our friend our Bahamian beauty is
here Pamela Gomez from Tech Talk live is in the house how are you my dear so
great to see you and then here I’ll put that up on screen uh-huh
all right so let me just scroll back to see if I missed any more of your
comments and Alice was laughing at me say it’s a great impression and I went
to a workshop on podcast and they kept stressing you have to have great audio
yeah you do and you know the thing is people think that because they have this
reputation as a great podcaster that when they have a guest on and they know
that the guest audio is subpar that people are gonna be forgiving and
they’re gonna listen anyway and you heard Andy say that he does he will
listen but you know because the content is so great but my problem is if I’ve
got a bunch of those podcasters doing the same thing on Tuesday morning or
whenever I download their show then that means it’s like show after show after
show with bad audio from the guests I never even get a chance to hear how
valuable the content is cuz I’m out next next next all day cuz remember I have oh
you guys don’t know that yet I didn’t post that video up here yet I
have the the echo Auto so I have Amazon Lexie in my car so I can easily just say
I’m not listening to podcast I have Lexie read me a book and I’ll post I
posted a video up on Facebook I did not post it up here on YouTube yet but maybe
I will do that tomorrow since I’ve already gone life today okay so oh and
one of my friends whose podcast I was on I want to give a big shout out to him
his name is Dane golden and it’s the video marketing value podcast he’s in
this was Twitter thread here let me get his he had me on his podcast and let me
show you what he said and reply to that tweet he says I know what you mean
I skipped those episodes to on our podcast which you were on we always work
to make sure our guests sound as good as possible and send them some basic tips
but sadly sometimes the conference room echo is unavoidable now I haven’t heard
of any of Danes episodes that had the conference room echo but I gotta tell
you when I do as much as I love Dane I probably won’t listen to that episode
but I you know I still love his show and he is a master at promoting his podcast
as well I’m sure he has a team helping him with that but what he did before we
got on the show let me come back on cam because I’m gonna set up what I want to
show you before you know we started recording he did a little chat with me
like a pre-interview and said you know how’s your sound you know like what kind
of my car using do you have headphones now I really don’t believe in headphones
but guess what I love me some Dane so guess we put in
Apple earbuds because actually what we did was let me just show you when you’re
using this ATR 2100 you can monitor your sound and I have my old Apple earbuds
from the iPhone 6 okay this is my six this is my 8 plus
both of them plus the old ones the ones with the plug not the one with the
lightning connection and I could monitor what he was saying because we were on
skype and you know he took me through all this little QA before he hit record
and so what you do is when you have someone who has this really crappy audio
you just say you know can we record again later can we pick another time
because maybe if I send you a microphone or you know I let you borrow a
microphone you can send them an 80-yard this is only after your you’re able to
work this into your workflow I mean I’m not saying spend your last you know your
grocery money to do that with okay but I was scrolling through here trying to see
where he promoted the show but I think he promotes it on his other Twitter
which is the one that I can’t find right now but anyway doesn’t matter I want you
guys to go over there and check out that interview that I did because we talked
about live-streaming you and I have a link for you it’s HTTP
I put into Maties I leaned that link / hey H ey hey
because that is his website it’s hey calm so and you’ll see what he’s what
his team has done or what I would wish I would be able to show you right now but
I can’t find the tweets but what they did was they created multiple audio
grams for this to promote this episode and they also made show cards oh I know
what I can show you cuz I asked him to send them to me so he sent me the whole
file all the files that they use to promote this episode and if I can just
remember where I stuck that folder probably in my Eileen Smith yeah
interview these are all the assets that they created
he took may quote cards for me in different colors different quotes okay
all of this to promote the episodes and then like I said different audiograms he
had them on Instagram and all that and it was you know I love the episode I
loved being on his show and you know he’s one of the real legends when it
comes to video marketing because you know anytime you have the website domain
of hey calm H ey dot-com that lets you know the man been around for a while and
he’s has really so much experience as far as recording and all this
so everything was done was super super duper classy and I love the fact that he
invited me to come on his show in fact that’s probably the only interview that
I’ve done in the last few months because of you know the level the level of class
and the level of promotion that that was done on the episode I really truly
appreciated it oh my gosh would you look at the time you guys have been so
incredibly wonderful to me and I love that you guys are you know really
embodying this whole concept that I have of us being a community and you know I
just want to give you all the opportunity here to remind you like how
to connect with each other even though I see that you’re doing it already what I
want just to serve as a reminder to folks that come and watch this replay
and you can do the same thing went over on the chat and the replay okay what you
do is you can information man with the super chat woohoo
thank you so much you’re a good one Eileen thank you Jason
okay but here’s what you do this is what community is about guys you you look in
the chat you see these three dots over here one the right hand side click on
those three dots go to each other’s channels like I’d never been to Jason’s
channel before and I’m just going to subscribe he doesn’t even have any
videos yet but I’m going to subscribe anyway oh and there’s a super chat
notification come up oh yes my dancing youtuber is out here he is partying
because of that super chat Thank You super geek must have went and had lunch
because he’s like hey I’m back we’re here breakfast I’m sorry it’s he’s in
the same time zone as me so it’s 11:00 8:00
Eastern so you know as far as community is concerned connect with one another
follow each other uh-huh thanks Eileen I am only on
Facebook right now but you did the right thing
you plan it you you planted your flag over here on YouTube and so that when
the time comes you can you know repurpose some of your facebook content
or whatever the case may be fabulous life I have to ask a new friend now
Channel oh yes Alice is amazing she’s on YouTube
Facebook as well so you guys make sure you connect with Alice fabulous live
with Alice over on Facebook but like I said I’m glad that you are still
planning your flag and still having a presence here on YouTube very smart and
I know that YouTube has been going through ups and downs and people
complaining about different things but this right here is the most
sophisticated video platform remember you know everybody else was trying to be
like YouTube all right I just say Facebook was trying to copy YouTube now
they trying to copy twitch as well because they have their little gaming
section and they have little things that only pertain to gamers an auntie is
saying you always provide such great value with your podcasts and videos
thank you so much Andy you’re awesome and studio geek I have
now two new friend here I have you now two new friend here okay thank you and
Donna is just laughing at me because she gets some of the jokes that may go under
other people’s radar as me and Pam is she’s definitely having her grapefruits
this morning because she finally getting a chance to come back and say hi to
Beauty bubble and guys it has been amazing amazing broadcast today and Pam is saying miss Eileen rocks thank
you so much oh gosh you guys are really really
wonderful so I will see you guys probably next weekend but for anyone
who’s watching the replay just click one of these other videos that’s linked up
on the screen YouTube’s gonna pick one out for you I’m
gonna pick one out for you and with that said guys I will see you in the next
video take care bye for now

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