Ecamm Live and Stream Deck Integration

hello everyone
thanks for joining me on this video today this is your first time here my
name is Ileane smith and i like to welcome you to another edition of learn
to live stream with Ms. Ileane and you may be familiar with an incredible piece
of hardware that you can use to improve your life streams known as the elgato
stream deck you may also be familiar with another tool that is mostly an
online tool that is I’m sorry that you install on your computer if you have a
Mac and it’s called ECAMM live well today I’m going to show you a little
integration between the two and there you have it I’ve also got another tool
going on here and that’s the stream labs comment widget and I want to say hi to
my friends that are here Ruth from what’s the four one one TV and Dole Whip
dad is interested in seeing what stream deck can do and then there’s my comment
and then my pal frier wade is here and he’s also and Dole Whip has also heard
good things about ECAMM so without further ado and since you guys are here
let’s see if we can get this up on screen haha I did it this is the I’m sorry
excuse me this is the elgato stream deck and I’ve
demoed this before in Prior videos what was really exciting for those of you who
use ECAMM is that we now also have integrations with e cam live direct
integration in fact when I went live today I push the go live button which of
course won’t make much difference if I do that now and also let’s see if this
works might be having a little bit of a
problem oh hang on one second let me get over to my default scene and let’s take
the lock off of that and let’s see if this works now you yes Ileane let’s get started with
today’s video ladies and gentlemen thank you for
joining me today it’s your girl miss Eileen let’s get started with today’s
video okay I was lost a little bit of a shaky start
but what you can find with this integration now with ECAMM is their
actions that we were performing directly on ECAMM we can now just push a button on
the stream deck and it will perform the action such as I mentioned that go live let’s see well right now seems to be a
little bit buggy so as you guys know I am a beta tester so why don’t we talk a
little about this other thing that I have going on now you’ve seen me many
times if your regular here you see me putting comments up once green with the
oh I’m sorry with ECAMM live and I can change the size and the shape of that I
can change the fonts and the colors and all of that stuff there’s frier way
saying hi to Alfredo but notice now that I also have this widget over here we see
Wow and cool that is from the integration
with Streamlabs so like I said because I’m a beta tester I’m getting some of
these things first okay yes and the question came in from sports
time-machine ECAMM live yes it is Mac only so sorry about that but that’s the
way it is so what happens is as these developers can and
they’re absolutely amazing and they keep constantly iterating and giving the
users what we asked for and a lot of us have asked for these integrations so
what’s what kind of took me by surprise was this integration with stream labs
because stream labs is typically something that you think about using
with twitch and you know when you go over there you’ll see that you can
integrate it with twitch or you can integrate it with YouTube and I have a
link for streamlabs and that’s all my links
start off with that’s with two M’s
then she stream labs oh but I don’t have a special link for stream deck because
that’s Amazon and Amazon is funny about you changing their links but check the
description and as my friend bandra would say check the doobly-doo to see
but I didn’t Lee did and you’ll find all those links there and I definitely want
to say hi to my friend Alfredo thank you I’m glad you had a chance to attend and
the stream labs widgets yes they’re nice and you can customize them and I did a
little bit of a sneak peek preview of them in my last video here on YouTube
but since we’re having some other tech issues here we can go into that a little
bit more but before we do that I want to tell you guys something
that really doesn’t impact folks who are on Mac this is a live streaming thing
you know linkedin has started to roll out their linkedin life you have to
apply to get in I don’t know how long it’s that
it’s going to last okay but I just want to really quickly give my friends at
stream yard a shout-out and a mention because stream yard has just been added
to the official list of integrations for LinkedIn live isn’t that incredible
so let’s see if I have that here somewhere on my desktop I think I’ll be
able to show you that let’s see if I can get a screen share of that going just
one second I’m going to come back to that in a minute but here we go here’s
the list of all of the apps and let’s see if I can make that bigger that you
can use for LinkedIn live wire cast switcher studio social live restream
that I owe walls a brand live stream yard easy life and then live view is
coming and so is tared deck now you may be wondering well I thought you liked
ECAM I do and ECAM can be used with LinkedIn live through restream restream
da oh and they’re becoming much more stable and a friar asked if I was using
LinkedIn live yet no you know it’s a good question though because you guys
got to understand I beta test so many things you guys know about me beta
testing ECAM live but I’m also beta testing three apps that I have
non-disclosure agreements with killing me that I can’t say anything one is an
app that just about everybody who’s got a mobile phone uses so it’s very popular
and I definitely can’t even breathe a word I can’t even tell you
I’ve a DM about that one and then there’s another app that I beta-test I
guess I can tell you about that one it’s called pocket pocket is an app that
you save an article and it’s like a contact curation platform but what it
does is it translates from text to speech so you can listen to that article
later so I do beta testing for that and then I also do beta testing for this
other app that a lot of folks use here on YouTube that they’re getting ready to
roll out some new features but I can’t y’all might be able to guess that one
but I can’t confirm yay or nay so anyhow I am at my wit’s end with beta testing
just like today with my beta testing this what everything that I wanted to
show you guys today didn’t work but it’s okay because y’all know we can make
lemonade out of lemons but I feel like with LinkedIn because I really don’t
spend that much time on LinkedIn myself I check in every now and then I have a
few thousand followers over there or connections over there
I just don’t spend a lot of time over there and so I thought why don’t I just
wait let everybody else do the beta and then I slide in there when they make it
available to everybody now if they want to pay me I’ll come over there and roof
from what’s the four one one TV says I use pocket I didn’t know you can list
articles that you save yeah and the pocket app actually works just like any
kind of like Flipboard or any app where you want to collect all the articles on
a given topic and though so you just when you save it to pocket you put a tag
on it let’s just say one of my favorites is podcasting
so I have all my podcasting stuff under one tag and then I can go in there and I
usually let the the app read the articles to me usually that’s when I put
something once a pocket is when I wanted to be read back to me and pocket is
great for that and you know you when they sent reneged come out with new
features we send them feedback and then they iterate one the changes but you got
to know when you use an app as a beta tester there’s gone to be bugs this is
vitamin water guys and actually that’s one of the reasons why you are beta
tester you’re supposed to find the bugs so as you find the bugs then the
developers know what they need to work on fixing so there’s another thing that
happened you guys know that I love to use ECAM live as the virtual cam I’ve
been talking about it I’ve been doing demos about it in fact I gave a
testimonial just the other day and it’s on the ECAM YouTube channel and I end up
my testimonial by saying one of my favorite things is using a virtual camp
well here’s a little bit of a problem we ran into a little snag now this didn’t
have anything to do with the beta this has to do with Big Brother
I’ll call Google big brother chrome has made an update that makes the virtual
cam not work anymore I am definitely going to try listening to articles on
pocket that’s why I like Alexa flash briefings yeah I love my flash briefings
even though Lexie can’t pronounce my name and she continues to call me Elaine
here’s your flash briefings I don’t know how Eileen could ever be pronounced
Elaine but we’re not gonna go there right
because y’all know how upset I get with that studio geek 32 hello how are you
thank you so much for joining us today and I will put that up since a lot of
folks probably never saw his little profile pic there and I always tell you
guys when you’re here in my chat if you could please you know connect with one
another hit those three little dots there and make sure that you go over to
each other’s channels follow each other you know if you find you hang around for
a while and you find that the content just wasn’t all that great or if you
find that hey wow I’ll always remember that miss Eileen introduced me to
whoever it is so that’s why I want you guys to think of this as the community
where we you know we meet we greet we hang out yes I’m using ECAM live yes I
sure AM thank you for asking and I’ll put that up as well yes I’m using ECAM
and with stream laughs and I did promise that I’m gonna go back and so now Ruth
is teasing me yes she calls me Elaine Ruth can you believe that darn Lexi yeah so we’re just gonna do a
couple of demos about me what the heck why not all right so this one is I do
believe yeah you can see this here and what I’ll do is I will take us one of my
sources hang on one momento my lovelies there it is okay
and what I’ll do is I’m just gonna take the comment widget down for a minute and
you can see there even though this is my iphone six-plus not my regular phone my
regular phone is set up for the demo that I was going to do okay Elaine she
still hasn’t gotten it right you might need to write Amazon Ruth you probably
don’t remember honey I contacted amaz I contacted Amazon you know what they
said to me you’re right she can’t pronounce your name right
we’re always getting better and one day we’ll get better yeah I contacted their
support they actually had the nerve to come back to me and say you’re right he
can’t worth the money honey ECAM is was so well worth the money if you have a
Mac and our studio gig 32 I’m assuming that you know that ECAM is only for Mac
alright so now that’s really quickly this look at em not the top row the
second row one the right and fryer wait is backing me up on that he’s saying he
cam has worth the money yes and you say it says Pocket beta it’s got that green
stripe across or you might not be able to see cuz it’s kind of tiny but that’s
what it says Pocket beta okay I like the way the comments are coming up on screen
yeah well and that other widget I put it down just because I want you to see this
Oh Pocket bait is not behaving correctly like I said when you’re a beta tester
these things happen and one reason why is probably not behaving correctly is
because I’m on that other phone and I probably need to update that app I
probably do so I can’t do that little demo either that’s okay we don’t let
these kinds of things bother us not one little bit I just got to figure out to
put myself back up on screen now oh now I’m over on the side
all right well oh I know that it’s the source
take off the airserver as the source and just go to the Brio hang on one of mementos darlings I know
what I’m doing I quit airserver there’s always more than one
way to skin a cat I just completely closed the app down so now there’s a
saying hey auntie Eileen oh thank you so much oh and took two bees Tube techie
you slid in here on me too okay so just a quick recap for the folks that just
got here ECAM live has an integration with the
elgato stream deck now I had a little bit of a glitch showing the demo but let
me just show you how it looks okay let’s move things over here and my first clue
that something was wasn’t working is this viewers button right here should
tell me how many folks are here but it’s actually ECAM actually already tells me
so I know that there’s nine of you here and that reminds me
hashtag two taps because I see there’s nine people here but I only have five
thumbs up so two tabs the first tab is to like this video and the second one is
to share it out okay and you know what maybe I disconnected something because
even my other hang on I actually did have something sitting on top of that
cord there so I might have messed that up one in a second
let me reconfigure my setup all right so let’s go back to the main screen here
all right so these buttons you may not have seen before so I’m gonna go over
them with you now and here’s the two – tab crew leader miss Beauty bubble thank
you very much beauty I’m sorry guys I have to give Beauty bubble a special
message you started a watch party over in the stream yard group and it’s still
going I think you have to end it just want to let you know that okay it’s been
going for date a couple days now all right so here we have this button would
open my home page now that’s work that worked so maybe some things are working
and some aren’t right at this moment and I just programmed it just let’s let’s do
that let’s go over to the stream deck itself the software on my computer the
software on my computer this is how you have to set up when you get yourself a
stream deck and believe me you will think about this thing at night before
you go to bed your mate will be talking to you and you’ll be like yes I have to
program a Twitter button and it’ll be like what sorry I can’t stop thinking
about my stream deck because you can program it for so many different things
so in fact for example I have this button program that’s my website I don’t
have to have a program there’s my website but I do so when when I open or
turn on my computer instead of me just having a blank tab on Chrome I can click
that button and open up my own website every day then I can check make sure
everything looks good and all that and then here’s
the button that I have to open ECAM now the way the stream deck works is you
would for this button here it is a system button
all right so notice how I’m over on the white right hand side guys you can do
websites oh there’s a question I came what is your CP o on your Mac doing the
stream oh because I’m sorry earlier you said your head of a 1950 I’m sorry 2015
MacBook Pro let me back up in the comments guys hang on because this is
important if studio geek is thinking about getting one of these let’s let’s
go back because earlier he said something that I forgot to acknowledge
and I think you’ll be ok as long as you can run the latest version of Mac OS
whatever the latest version of Mac OS is I do not have a lot of power on my
computer but in fact this button right here on the stream deck that’s what that
is it’s monitoring my CPU so under the more actions tab displays the current
CPU usage that’s what this button is right here so I have programmed that for
this so right now I’m using 22% so basically I have open Chrome and I have
the head the phone connected a minute ago so that was another usage and I
actually still do have my my other phone connected so I think 20 22 percent is
hovering going back and forth it’s reasonable then you see here I have a
clock it’s just um and I can change the color of the clock
if I want that foods green that’s probably ugly that’s probably why I
stuck with I actually like the black and white one let’s see what the white and
black one the black with the white that’s okay as well alright so then I
also have pre-programmed messages like the one that I can put up right now into
the chat that says welcome friends and thanks for watching
and each time I can change that now at some point I lost my Twitter connection
I’m sorry next to that this YouTube one is one for twitch so when I’m on Twitch
I have a pre-programmed message so let’s just go down under that is a Twitter
message and I must have lost the connection and you can tell because look
what happens let me go back to you actually seeing the stream deck the
stream deck with me on cam now let’s see what happens when I push this oh that
time it went because there’s a green check you see that check mark you’ve
made it looks blueish but it’s actually green okay so things are looking up last
time I tried it didn’t work alright now so basically you can set
this stream deck up for actions on specific programs like twitch they have
a set of things for twitch or a chat messages viewers most of these things
are related to game gaming ok let me scroll down make sure I’m not missing
anything alright you can slow down the chat you can have chat that’s for subs
only things like that but since we’re on YouTube here let me
tell you what we have for you to YouTube is very limited you have that chat
message and you have the ability to see the number of viewers you don’t have
much with YouTube in fact I asked them to you know be fed up but now we have
this integration with ECAM life let’s go over here again just see if any of us
working yet I can tell like I said I can tell it’s not working because my viewer
count is not showing up but I should be able to once I figure out what went
wrong with it make sure that when I press the camera button that just me
comes back on like like here and in fact now that I did that I’m going to put the
comments back up on screen so you guys I want you to chat it up in the comments
because I want you to again see this stream lapse because now we’re going to
transition over into talking about the stream labs widget okay and um while I’m
waiting for you guys to put a comment and just to say hi again or anything
like that I just want to talk to you about what I’ve been up to because I
have been doing a lot of streaming but you guys probably didn’t know that I’ve
been streaming every day over on Twitch I have been live streaming every day
over on Twitch ok come on guys is somebody gonna type a comment and oh I
can do it myself if you don’t want to that’s okay there you go now I got that widget going
again I want it looks different on twitch than it does on YouTube and I
just wanted to see what the differences were so roof says I have a twitch
account so you get it you get the big version of the comment to leave a
comment on twitch no I meant on here I meant in this because I put the widget
back up on I had taken it off when I was showing something on the stream deck but
now that it’s just me here I put it back up and I actually can make it so that
has a little bit more room hang on because I can just pan around and my that’s not giving it more room there’s
another way I can give it more room but let’s see let’s just change up the
position how about that we’re gonna do a whole lot of stuff here so bear with me
guys we don’t want that all right so what I can do is make that comment
box wider or taller and you’ll see over on Twitch
you’re able to go into your twitch settings and change the color that your
name appears in on Twitch it looks like here on YouTube everybody’s name is the
same color it’s the same YouTube red but let’s tweak our settings and studio geek
says I have a MacBook Pro and I just started streaming one mixer yeah a lot
of people went over to mixer because our friend ninja well I say our friend but
y’all know what I mean ninja went over there
I’ve been using OBS I feel like OBS is not overheating as much on OBS anymore
okay also I think stream elements has something for max as well my friend
beauty bubble mentioned that to me once before but I never tried the stream
elements one and it’s like an OBS for stream out for max check it out stream
elements is very similar to stream Labs for those who don’t know what that is so
let’s go into stream labs so with this update that chrome made I want to go
back to that because I know some of you guys are using OBS with stream yard and
I’m wondering I’d like to know if anyone has tried it and if it has made an
impact or if there’s been any impact on it and a super Dell TV is here hello
hello my dear and I’m logging in with YouTube and so that’s the only reason
why you’re not seeing the screen share right this moment just because I’m
logging in so it’s really nothing to see ok so right so let’s go over to the
alerts I mean the widgets and then I can put the screen share up okay let’s zoom out so you guys can see
this all right so the widget that I’m using is the chat box widget okay so
let’s go into there and you’ll see that you have a choice of what they call
themes what’s called themes so really quickly I just want you to take a mental
picture because I’m going to shut the chat box down so you can really see what
I’m sure showing you here okay so let me just close it down and I’m actually
going to show you a different theme and this theme is called clean
alright so now let me come back one screen and now let’s put the widget back
up as soon as I find my widgets box because it’s hiding behind all these
other tabs and things I have open bear with me yes I am way over there all right so I
have to make it live again all right so now it’s live again so I’m going to put
another comment just so you can see so this is what it looks like when
you’re using the clean theme okay and who says that studio geek I use stream
labs if you make a virtual machine of Windows for Mac you can customize it and
I like the chat customized yeah but I don’t need to make a virtual machine oh
you’re using stream Labs OBS okay then maybe you don’t need ECAM maybe you
don’t need ECAM like I don’t want you to get ECAM if you don’t need it and if
you’re concerned about it taxing your system I want you to be happy and I want
you to say I’m so glad she told me to get ECAM I don’t want you to go get ECAM
and then say I didn’t even need that I can just use OBS okay
because ECAM does a whole lot more in my opinion than OBS but it all just depends
on your application what you want to use it for cuz you’re you might be using it
for gaming studio geek are you using stream labs for gaming authors oz is
here hello hello hello let me get I want your comment up one
screen cuz I just love that bright green profile pic I love it okay so now we’re
gonna go back and look at another theme on stream labs now which means I’m gonna
put the comment box down the other thing which I didn’t show you guys is that we
can pick the size of the font nope I didn’t mean to put that my finger just
clicked the wrong thing no I am using it for music okay then yeah yeah I think
you will probably be good with either one if you’re happy with the performance
that you’re getting with stream labs OBS with that okay and others asses I hope
you’re having a nice Thursday everybody say hi to others oz such a nice fellow
there okay yeah I’m having a great Thursday so far so the other thing that
I didn’t show you guys in here is that you can change the color of the font as
well as the size of the font so let’s just change the size I’m gonna change
the color but I want to keep it bright so I’m gonna go with something gold or
yellowish okay and then I’m gonna hit save and then I’m gonna come back now I
have to find that widget again to put it back on screen yeah I have a lot of
windows here that I’m dealing with guys so there you go nope that’s not the one
it’s this one okay so the next time somebody leaves a
comment you’ll see the yellow and I’m gonna come back on screen so you see
exactly how it would look and so that’s the yellow now I thought
it was gonna be bigger and what I don’t like about this theme and why I use the
other one is that it doesn’t have a background to it so therefore it can
easily get lost like if I put my hand up you can’t really read that yellow on my
hand I thought I made the font bigger than that though geez let’s try it again
I don’t know if I don’t think it changes went on the fly we’ll see I’m just going
to put save settings yeah it did it did change on the fly but I’d like it even
bigger than that I’ll put it all the way up to 42 this is
the yellow but I also have to change the width of the box to make that that’s
huge size worthwhile and it’s cutting my name off so I just want you to know I’ve
gone through all these choices and this is why I know the one that I want to use
is boxed because I don’t like the way that looks
depend upon your setup and how you can move things around on there it will look
totally different for you I do like the yellow part of it and hang on guys I’m
gonna put that font size down so I can read your comments there wow ECAM is
just $12 well I think you’re buying a subscription so if you’re seeing $12 I
believe that’s a monthly fee I see the yellow even with your hand behind it
okay Ruth good thank you all right so yeah I’m still gonna come
back on cam all right so this is what they call an overlay inside of ECAM live
now this is still part of the beta but I’m pretty sure this is gonna roll out
really quickly because I haven’t had any problems at all with the stream labs
widget oh the only thing that I’ve had to do is tweak it to my liking and I do
wish that stream labs gave more choices for the themes because they have
the clean I just showed you guys clean and boxed but then there’s a twitch
theme which I don’t like at all oh the Trish thing wasn’t that bad but I
don’t like it old school is the one I don’t like at
all and then chunky and I can show you guys that but y’all won’t like him trust
me no I’m just kidding I’ll show you I’ll
just show you what it looks like but I’m not gonna cheat update my theme
there’s chunky and that’s not bad actually this is the old school this is
the one that I don’t like but I know I have a feeling if Alfredo is still here
that’s something that he would like now this one says twitch but it it looks
very similar to clean to me so the clean happens to have like a little drop
shadow around it whereas the twitch one doesn’t I think that’s the difference
there okay so I know that is $12 a month that’s great I think it is fantastic
it’s definitely worth an investment and what you need to do is you’re gonna get
a free trial you could use my link you know it’s Eileen that link slash you can
live I’ll give it to you again just in case you didn’t go to the link in the
description and you’re gonna get a trial so then that way it gives you a chance
to test it with your system and see if your system can deal with it you know
you may want to take OBS off or stream labs OBS take that off
I don’t know it’s up to you test it out and see how that works now do you have a
stream deck do you have a stream deck that’s another question okay guys so if
anyone is using OBS with stream yard and I don’t know if Alfredo is still here
but I would love if if you’re here Alfredo
and beauty bubble I don’t know if you’re still using it with OBS I don’t think
you are it might not work with Chrome anymore
and so they have to in fact I meant to check to see if snap camera worked
so I’m actually opening snap camera I hope it doesn’t crash my system a new
version of snap okay install the update I’m not I’m not gonna put snap camera on
me I don’t think I want to put myself wants that camera now I don’t think so
oh okay close and install I think it did make a
little bit of a change already I see looks like my my the coloration of
things has changed I test the ECAM before the free trial and I used it I
like it does ECAM have NDI yes it has ND i built
in this is what you saw me using earlier and i’ll bring it up again
although it looks like i’m in snap camera let’s see okay you guys aren’t
seeing snap cam we’re good but this is what I’m using right now the NDI
integration now you have to have the NDI on your phone you have to buy the MDI
app and once you buy the NDI app I think it’s it’s not more than $15 but that’s a
one-time thing or maybe it’s one a year $15 a year something like that and oh
just for clarity for what nd I stands for guys and that’s how you’re seeing my
hand here okay this all NDI means is that when you use your phone as an
additional cam people aren’t seeing all the controls like zoom in flip the
camera around take a picture so it’s clean but they call clean and di so
you’re actually using it as a camera and people don’t see any of the controls
that are on as opposed to if I was just one time
I did a live stream with Lexie and I thought well how can I show Lexie this
was before I even knew what nd I was and I did have the second camera up can I
use nd I with two with two max now that I don’t know the answer to that question
I don’t see how you can use it with another Mac I don’t know how you can use
one piece of software on two different max I don’t know but if you’re just
talking about the monitor or just using these second Mac I some just the monitor
only that might work because I do think that John Eric is doing that John Eric
Mosler from a venture social he may be a good person to ask the blessing says we
love you out here in Hollywood Hills I’ve been thinking about you and boom a
live stream yes hey how are you thank you so much now let me make sure which
author is this all this is a different author okay thank you I didn’t know you
were in the Hollywood Hills okay so let me see if I can do this
really quickly I’m just trying to play around with something here just to see
if this works and wasn’t supposed to do that I’m going back to the Brio how dare snap camera it came in there
with the wrong filter and everything so I’m shutting that down how dare it and
I’m taking it out as a source No I’m checking you know no more soup for you
snap camera but at least I do know that snap camera is still working with you
can’t dunk Houston is here hey Doug how are you great to see you so dog knows
about the ECAM integration with stream deck have you used it yet Doug I used to
earlier today but then when I tried to do a demo just now it didn’t work I
don’t know why but I’ll try to diagnose it later
so Doug I’d love to know if you used it before and offer cess hang on there’s
Arsenal delay with the comment coming into YouTube does twitch hey like
YouTube monetization wise yes and no oh studio geek says he gets that joke about
no more soup for you yes you you’ve been hanging around with some old folks then
if you know that joke it’s the old Seinfeld joke the Soup Nazi okay this is
the way you twitch monetization goes and I think this is a good topic since we’re
live streamers here you have to do your time to get into the affiliate program
with twitch just like YouTube however people can you have more parameters more
achievements that you have to reach in order to make affiliate and twitch has
two different levels the first level is affiliate the second level is partner
YouTube only has partner so either you’re in with YouTube or you’re not
however YouTube does still have levels because depending upon how many
subscribers you have you can have merch you can have memberships and all that on
YouTube they just don’t call it a different level so you know the
difference is with you – also they have the partner I’m sorry YouTube premium so
once you’re in the partner program and people have YouTube premium they don’t
have to watch commercials but yet you would still get credit for it
YouTube premium people watching your videos and you’d make ad sense but on
Amazon the way it is now with twitch Prime you still have to watch a
commercial so twitchy gets that commercial patron to them no matter what
so it’s it’s basically the same you’re still making pennies until you have a
big audience and you know people are kind of more forced to watch ads on
Twitch than they are YouTube because with YouTube you can go youtube premium
and then you never have to watch ads so those little things are splitting hairs
the bottom line you as a creator the more views you have the more people you
have watching the more money you’re going to be able to make in the
beginning it takes a long time for you to get a payout it took me years to get
a payout on YouTube and I but once I did you know and I started getting it at all
every month or every other month because you have to make $100 and Amazon or
twitch is the same way you have to make $100 and Doug has some great insights
one time in the first beta should be streaming with it this weekend
okay so you did try all right I ain’t really a twitch user find it hard to
navigate round the site but that’s just me no it’s not just you twitch as a big
learning curve author’s eyes it does and so that’s why I’ve been streaming over
there every day because I want to learn as much as I can about twitch and how it
works and honestly twitch is the most
innovative out of when it comes to live streaming and all the other platforms
take their cues from twitch and they try to emulate twitch which which does and
am Clark 7/7 thanks for coming I appreciate you hi and then author also
has another question what are you using for your screen capture I am using ECAM
live oh that’s why we’ve been talking about ECAM live so that’s good that you
are trying new streaming platforms out yeah I’ve been on twitch for a while aza
you know I just I left I went away from twitch because I got a little upset when
they made it so you had to watch a commercial because originally when you
had twitch Prime you didn’t have to watch a commercial but um you know I’m
over it it’s like a 15-second commercial maybe 30 at the most and so I’m kind of
over it and I’m doing more streaming myself than I am of actually watching
content which eventually has to change right you can’t just always put out
content and not be part of the community so when some of my friends are over
there streaming then I will watch them but most of my friends are here
streaming on YouTube or Facebook okay and then studio geek says oh and when am
clark says i’m in the UK okay cool it’s easier to get monetized
on mixers you just need two thousand followers
yes but on twitch you only need seven no you only need a hundred and four the
affiliate program you only need a hundred and some followers but you have
to put in the hours because it’s not just followers it’s the number of
followers the number of hours and the number of viewers that you have so you
know now I have the comments up in two different ways so this time I’m just
going to read the comments so am Clark says I got my own channel on YouTube but
can’t stream neat 1k which is a shame I am Clark all you have to do is use an
app a third-party app and you can still stream so this app if you have a Mac
this app ECAM live you would be able to stream you can also on mobile you could
go you can download the stream labs app I’ve got tutorials right here on the
channel to show you how to use the Stream labs mobile app and with that app
you can stream YouTube has not restricted third-party apps now I’m
gonna put Michaels comment on screen because this is my first time seeing
Michael Haley Michael Michael Kenny video tips and tricks how is the stream
deck working with ECAM live actually it was working fantastically this morning
Michael but this afternoon it didn’t work so well so you know I’m in the beta
program and so these things happen when you’re doing beta and they have been
running updates for the last two days so something there’s a little disconnect
somewhere but this morning I did a live stream on Twitch in fact I did almost
everything that I wanted to do this afternoon but earlier today I was just
learning how to use it and I was here I came to show off my stuff and it didn’t
work and got a run see you in the next video thank you friar Wade okay
AM Clark thank you my channel name is am Clark 77 okay great thank you so what is
ECAM like to use it is incredible you know I can I can do
this I can show you my my stream deck this is
the actual piece of software see my hand coming on-screen there and I could go
back and forth to the different stream deck settings with me and
picture-in-picture notice how I’m picture a picture round I can unlock the
scene because this is right now set up as a scene so let’s just take it I can
show you my desktop oh it’s a hot mess right now
but if I want to I could be more specific and say I just want to show you
one thing that’s on my screen I I closed it out though that’s why I couldn’t find
it and so there’s so much I can change scenes I can play a pre-recorded video
let’s do that really quickly give me a chance to get a sip of vitamin water thank you for joining me today it’s your
girl miss Eileen let’s get started with today’s video woohoo yeah I mean there’s
other software that you can do that with but the the key is with ECAM live I
could run a whole hour long video here be live but it’s all pre-recorded
because ECAM live just lets you play the video and it automatically mute your
microphone now the other thing about you cam life you can bring in guests with
skype though I’m not a fan of Skype but you can’t do that so and Clark says got
118 doing good so far but I can stream on ps4 broadcast oh okay Doug’s he’s another fan of e cam I love
he cam it’s my go-to streaming software for my Mac now Doug did you see dad
herman drost was asking people to do testimonials I did one for Herman but II
cam liked it and so they created a video on their channel with my little
testimonial which I thought was so fun and yeah check it out and then ah sir is
saying I just use OBS myself personally but now that I see this I’ll seriously
consider buying it now odds are if you have a Mac if you don’t have a Mac then
you can’t use stream I’m sorry he came live you have to have a Mac they don’t
develop for any other platform only Mac and I rarely use Skype I only use it
literally once every few months this Court is my main app for voice calls and
messages I basically live on disk or I know I so many folks are discord users
my friend Andrew runs a group called the user to user group over there for some
of us who are like used to be on Google+ yeah remember
that can you Skype for livestream yes you can but I just don’t I’m not a fan
of Skype I have it on the computer I try not to open it I don’t even like the
noise it makes when you open it so that’s my take on skype well guys I’m
going to just take a moment to figure out what’s going on and with my e cam
and report back to the team so let me first let me just get over here to my
channel here so I can go ahead and pop that chat out again cuz it was popped
out but all of a sudden is going I hate when that happens
mm-hmm but I’m gonna get it back because I like to I like to save my chat you
never know if I wind up editing this video I like to have my chat all saved
and I always put it into there this I found the original one now we put it
into a Google Doc oh there was a comment that gosh I’m sorry Michael you’re for
some reason YouTube did not like your comment and it hit it but does stream
labs and agree with ECAM live yes that’s how the comments are coming up on screen
and actually Michael I really would love if you would go back and watch this
video from the beginning because that’s what I’ve been demoing here mostly today
is the string pop and individual comment this is strictly just ECAM live Michael
so that when I just pop that comment up now I can edit that so that it doesn’t
take up so much room and all that stuff but I’m just gonna leave it as it is for
now and for those that are saying bye have to run thank you so much for coming
I really appreciate you guys please share this video out and make sure you
tell your friends hey go and subscribe to my friend miss Eileen’s YouTube
channel cuz she’s gonna teach you about live streaming and you know even though
I don’t use OBS and it’s something that I said that I was not going to use I’ve
been able to do a lot of things that the OBS users do and ECAM live is very much
responsible for most of that the other software that I’d like to stream with is
called stream yard and that’s the one that works with your Chrome browser and
so I check that one out if you don’t have a Mac and it’s very very easy to
bring in guests and as I mentioned earlier which a lot of you probably
missed they just got of the approval to be
official integration for linked in life which is exciting for all those folks
that want to do LinkedIn’s live oh okay guys thanks so much for coming
I really really appreciate you and let me know if you have any questions you
can also join me over on my community tab I’m always posting things and I love
to get your feedback on some of the questions and some of the stuff that I
post over there so I can know what content that you’re interested in seeing
and learning from over here on YouTube so one more thing before I go just a
quick reminder of things that we’ve gone over today we’ve talked about ECAM live
and the integration with stream labs and the commons widget
we’ve also went over lots of updates about live streaming remember to check
back here and go to learn to live stream with miss Eileen and I’ll see you in the
next video bye for now

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  1. Can you show us how you get the chat up there. You say you can do it and use Streamlabs but how. I’m trying and can’t figure it out. I love Ecamm though so easy to use. Thank you Ma’am appreciate it.

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