Earin Wireless Headphones Review

I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted to fall
in love with a device, as much as the Earin wireless headphones. Their sound quality is shockingly good and
they come in a form factor that’s tiny and sleek. They have some major faults with connectivity
that on a lesser pair of headphones I may not be able to look past, but because of Earin’s
brilliance elsewhere I can forgive them. The Earin buds sport about 2.5 hours of battery
life on a single charge, which is eh but I rarely kept them out of the charging case
when I wasn’t using them. Mostly because I was afraid to lose them. They are tiny. But, the achilles heel of these headphones
is their infuriating set of connection issues. They work fine with an audio drop here or
there… when I’m sitting at my desk. But they become completely unusable when I’m
exercising and moving around a lot. Which for many is a primary use case for wireless
buds. It’s too bad because these things are so
goddamn beautiful. Their build quality is fantastic, the included ear tips secure them
exceptionally well and the charging mechanism is much better than other options which try
to squeeze a physical port on to the hardware. I still enjoy these headphones more than I
dislike them. Their ambitious faults are on full display when they’re there, but most
of the time they work like a futuristic dream. At $300, these really are a tough sell to
average consumers especially considering their lack of versatility, but after living with
them for a few weeks I can’t help but love them, faults and all.

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12 thoughts on “Earin Wireless Headphones Review

  1. I liked this review, nice fast and to the point. Cool to see that the Earin team that I followed since their days on kickstarter actually made some good earbuds.

  2. After one year of use, the right earin is holding 30 minute charge. is it possible to replace the battery?

  3. Avoid like the plague! Seriously – Earin headphones will piss you off to no end with near constant drop-outs, cheaply built headphones (the right earphone came apart in my hand after 3 months), massively overpriced with poor quality sound (left ear constantly clipping bass). To top it all off their support staff won't bother responding – oh, and won't let you comment on their videos of Facebook either! Amazon has a 2.9 rating for these, given they cost £200 that's a lot of people seriously pissed off! Don't make the same mistake as me, just buy the Apple Airpods or something.

  4. Nice review! Here's mine to add more information and test on running sessions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfWk6_rJLqw

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