E3: New games on HTC Vive

(upbeat music) – HTC is here at E3. Sophomore year for HTC. – Yeah, it is, year
two, it’s very exciting. – Can you tell us a little
bit about what you brought to this show and how that reflects where you were then to where you are now? – You know, last year was still just introducing people, right? And we called it our kickoff year. 2017, we’ve kinda been
calling it the ecosystem year. We’re bringing in other partners, bringing in a lot of the new content, big titles, things from
Bethesda and Fallout. People are just so excited about it. I’m thrilled, I can’t
wait to see this thing, and get it into users’ hands, and see demo reactions this week. It’s gonna be really exciting. – And what about hardware stuff? You guys have some new accessories
and attachments, right? – Yeah, so we actually, you know, every show, we’re showing off
new things and new pieces. The live tracker that we showed
off at CES this past year. You know, developers have really been able to get their hands on it And actually share–
There’s some really cool stuff on YouTube.
– Yes. – [Darrell] Yeah, Yeah. – So everything from
paddles to gun attachments to putting it on the back of your phone and being able to actually engage, you know one person’s on a phone, engaging while somebody
else is wearing the headset. And so some really interactive experiences that we’re seeing with the tracker. We’re just seeing that
broaden wider and wider. So it’s really exciting. – Vive has always leaned heavily on your Indie Content partners. How important is it for you guys to have these AAA developers and
titles coming on the platform. – You know we want to
show great partnerships. We want to show strength right. We want to show that
the industry is actually continuing to evolve,
it’s continuing to grow. You know we’re working
our way as an industry through early adopters
and innovators right. It’s gonna take some time to
get to that early majority. But you need big guys to come in and help you move the industry forward. – Talking about big partners, you guys announced earlier
partnerships with Apple, and work with Google as well. Are we gonna be seeing any of that here, or is that still TBD. – Yeah, that’s well, I
mean Apple last week, that’s really just a kick off
with that developer community, which is a massive developer community, really targeting creators and
getting those guys excited about what they can do with Vive. Google, you know, we’re
partnering with them on things like Tilt Brush and Google Earth and the things that
they’re doing and then also this Google All-in-One product that we’re going to be continuing to tell the market about later this year. So we’re trying different things with the Vive brand and
that premium VR experience that gets people really
excited about the different types of experiences they can do in VR. (uptempo music)

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9 thoughts on “E3: New games on HTC Vive

  1. I swear, if they come out with some new, updated, fancy Vive head set for the newer games (within a year or two) imma be so pissed.. lol

    I'm only just now getting the normal one.

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