Duolingo’s chatbot helps you practice texting in a new language

If you’ve ever tried to learn another language,
you probably know that one of the most best ways to get better is having a native speaker
to talk to and practice with. Sometimes, unfortunately, you might not know
anyone who can help. That’s why the smartphone learning app Duolingo
has launched a new chatbot feature, which should be the next best thing to texting with
a real person who speaks French, Spanish, or German. Duolingo says that to make the experience
more compelling, it tried to give the bots different personalities. There’s Chef Robert, Renée the Driver and
Officer Ada, for example. They’ll react differently to your answers
(and correct you as necessary), but for the most part, the goal is to mimic a real conversation. They’re also supposed to be flexible, so
they don’t just accept a single correct response to their message. But if you’re not sure what to say, there’s
also a “help my reply” button that will give you a few suggested answers. Duolingo says it’s working to add the chatbots
to more languages, and even add support for spoken conversations. The feature is currently only available in
the Duolingo iPhone app, and only for users who have already made it past the first few

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11 thoughts on “Duolingo’s chatbot helps you practice texting in a new language

  1. No word of a lie I was actually thinking about how Duolingo could improve and update it's app both web and mobile

    Holy fucking shit my head and heart feel weird because this is exactly what I was thinking, also how they could ad AI

    man it's so weird how things work

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