Drone Race: Human vs. Machine

Human vs. Machine JPL engineers recently built
a new kind of drone –one piloted by
artificial intelligence. The drone uses cameras
to track its position [Engineer’s voice] A wide field
camera on the front here– and then also on the bottom here there’s a second wide
field view camera. [on-screen] then matches it
with a pre-loaded map. To test it, engineers set up
an obstacle course in a JPL warehouse. [animation traces the path
of the obstacle course] And just for fun, invited world-class drone pilot
Ken Loo to race against it. A.I. driven Human driven [split screen with
race-timing counters] The winner? The A.I.-piloted drone averaged
13.9 seconds per lap. Loo’s drone averaged
11.1 seconds. Although slower, the
A.I.-piloted drone completed the course
with accuracy –capping off two years
of research into drone autonomy funded by Google Don’t be surprised
if you hear more about autonomous drones
in the future. Researchers hope that one day drones could be piloting
themselves around warehouses or even navigating disaster
areas to find survivors. [drone sounds] NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute
of Technology

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82 thoughts on “Drone Race: Human vs. Machine

  1. Would it not be better to develop more advanced and use drones to manoeuvre around Mars rather than the rover, or would it be to hard to mount all the science instruments on a drone?

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  3. Awesome you can land the SLS main stage with this tech xD everyone else is doing it (well.. Space X and Blue Origin at any rate)

  4. Could this research be used on the martian drone on 2020 rover concept? Like, would you use the same AI set up if you were to put a drone on the 2020 rover?

  5. Incredibly small course for such a large craft. Should be flying a 2 or 3" quad, not a 5". I'd like to see what the AI results are after flying the course 10 times and having some time to 'think' on it. Then flying it another 10 times.

  6. ..or carry a M16 and hunt for none government compliant civilians…… Not very comfortable with this autonomous science, I am…

  7. if you gave it the directions on the course how is that AI? Sure you have to have a track map but what you did was just give it a path to follow. Nothing new about that

  8. It would be cool to see how the competition would fair in a much larger course like the ones they use for professional drone racing.

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  11. Ну, проблема в том, что дрон следовал нарисованной траэктории строго по средние возможного поля маневров, а человек мог отклонятся от него, так ведь?

  12. Good early attempt! Assuming that once we fix the sensor issues, within a year (or two), autonomous AI racing drones will be competing against each other, relegating humans to junior leagues. Then, things get interesting…

  13. I hope NASA had watched the DRL series of races. Those guys are good and you guys pre programmed into your Drone the course yet.

  14. JPL … Hmmmm … Maybe they should have the Metric system to make the AI faster.

  15. This is not Autonomous A.I…… It is still controlled by a human………If it was truly Autonomous A.I then you would just turn it on and it would automatically run the track……But a Human had to plot the course for the drone to follow. Therefore it is still controlled by a human. and does not have A.I.

  16. I'm surprised the human won. Maybe its using an inaccurate physics model for the AI, or maybe too tight on safety parameters not allowing some slop in the turns (looked very controlled, but I don't think you have the correct inertia or prop wash or some other calculation, because it should be faster). Maybe base the AI on iterating multiple human races (picking the portions that seem to be faster, and compile the fastest route and flight style). That will have its problems since you won't always be at the exact XYZ coordinate for each lap and would require well trained pilots to fly the course first, but that might be a good way to train the AI or finding the physics capabilities of the drone.

    Very impressive start though, wondering what the future will hold.

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  18. It’s really nice to see Drone Racing getting popularity.
    Fly a drone or drive a car is basically training the controls in order to have muscle memory to apply it in due time.
    For sure machines has much more capacity (in data processing) than humans, it’s just a matter of project to make it burst us lol lol!
    But it’ll not inhibit my wish to develop my driving skills everyday…

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