Dress That Responds to Movement – FashionTech Accelerometer Dress w/ Soft Circuits

This fashion technology dress contains
motion sensors to illuminate with every movement of the wearer’s body. Back in
2014 make fashion was founded by Chelsea Kluksd, Shannon Hoover and Maria Hoover.
As part of their first gala the team recruited designers and teams to create
groundbreaking garments that fused fashion with technology. Designer Laura
Dempsey rose to the occasion to produce this motion sensitive dress using
conductive thread. The designer hand embroidered soft circuits motion sensors
and LED textile technology directly onto the dresses surface. A unique aspect of
this design is that the technology is designed to be visible and beautiful
rather than hidden away. This dress evokes images of retro science-fiction
and was in fact designed from a modified 1960s vintage pattern. Accelerometers are placed on the wearer’s shoulders hips and ribcage when the dancer moves on the
runway the dress responds with bursts of light in each area of movement. Laura
Dempsey’s dress was a hit and the highlight of MakeFashion’ss first gala. The dress has since been featured at CES
and across the world and is still currently showcased as part of the make
fashion archive. For more fashion technology inspiration
and tutorials subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram at lumen

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