Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” | Dragons’ Den

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100 thoughts on “Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” | Dragons’ Den

  1. and how is the compnay now? anyone know? worth 18 million? from their social media doesn't look promising. I guess one thing is, they still need to make sure their apps are compatible with iphone or android, and if they started stealing their business i am sure these major companies could squish them.

  2. Beezer is headquartered in London, England. Beezer has a revenue of $19.7M, and 101 employees. Beezer has 200 followers on Owler.

  3. I must say as an experienced former developer (I retrained a few years ago) but still consider myself fairly up to date with the industry, I struggled to see what was so unique about this product and how they had the dragons fighting to invest? Are you seriously telling me that no-one else was doing a Wix or Squarespace style thing for mobile apps, which aren't actually apps? If they weren't then fair play to these guys…but (forgive me, I've been out of the industry a few years), how are they delivering notifications for these 'apps', if they are doing native notifications and not just emails (waste of time), do they work on both the major mobile platforms?

  4. Do these people understand tech at all? I’m surprised peter jones fell for this.. 18 million in 12 months .. the website and apps look like they were built by a 10 year old.

  5. … man Peter Jones has too much damn clout. They need to bring other dragons that would make Peter look smaller or at least on an even playing field. These guys accepted the worst financial offer out of all the Dragons because they believe Peter has the best connections…

  6. Phones are locked down to app stores by default for security and quality reasons. Installing an app outside the store prompts the user if they'd like to allow installation of apps from unknown sources which the user then gets directed to settings to allow unknown sources. This is not recommended for normal users to do this as its unsafe. Users are also taught to be weary of links in email addresses for good reason, and especially something that will install something on your device, you're essentially giving people a platform to spread malware. Also, if you really wanted to share an app via email or sms you could just send them a link to the app in the app store and achieve the same thing (but at least in a safer less dodgy way) lol

  7. The emotions displayed by the dragons are fake and just there to confuse and manipulate inexperienced entreprenuers. I would say to anyone in business practise your pitches on the poor value investors before you approach the person you really want. I had 4 investment offers in my company, 3 of those were cash rich individuals with no experience. So, I practised my pitches on them and learnt to overcome fear. Pitches are so important because the investor is evaluating you as a person. If you're weak, nervous or show any signs of incompetence you won't get a deal.

  8. These weird creeps with the money they’ve conned from the masses who buy into the crap they brand and market make me want to puke….

  9. It’s a bit rude when they say they only came for two dragons specifically this is like the 3rd watching this n guests have done this lol

  10. NONE of those guys understand tech. "Bypassing the Apps store" Yeaaah, right. ONE little update by google and you can't install third party apps anymore. Not to mention that "Sending a link directly to the potential customer phone" Is literally SPAM. Also, WE DON'T NEED THIS. We already have "PWA" from Google. And Microsoft is fully supporting it too to make it as an standard. If a company cant get downloads is NOT a "apps store problem". It's called competition, they need better marketing and more importantly you know, make a functional app(in the case of their client Sony) . Easy as that.

  11. So it's an app builder, with the ability to share the release build via text or email etc. That's nothing. I don't see where the USP is.

  12. "Its an easy follow for me, the tech titan saying I'm in, you're clearly credible and this is clearly working so why wouldn't I make an offer."

    Me: Finally! she said y..

    "And for that reason I'm out."

    OH FOR @#$% SAKE!

  13. "Are you looking for a particular dragon" says Jenny!!! Lol. She was probably the worst choice in the history of Dragons Den.

  14. am i missing something? you can already share your app on the app store via sms email etc… this seems entirely pointless

  15. to me when they refused tej after gave them there asking price that they said they would have agreed on is just dealing in bad faith. they seem like people you wouldnt want to get in buisness with.

  16. Beezer. Awful apps, awful idea, horribly implemented. Pointless. The dragons don't seem to have a bloody clue. And the Wix platform is horrendous. 99% of their sites lay dormant.

  17. My name is jenny
    I am jenny
    My birth certificate says I’m Jenny
    My kids have a mother called Jenny
    My parents named me Jenny
    My niece and nephews call me auntie Jenny

    And im out

  18. Hate these so called Dragons for belittling people who have put a lot of effort to get in the big league, it's not right !! The only Guy here never says anything wrong or belittling is the Indian Guy, obviously coming from his cool, calm upbringing, Well Done you, all the rest of you, get a life FFS, I'm out !!

  19. Sometimes the entrepreneurs get greedy and that is the biggest mistake accept the Dragons know more than you do and be guided by their knowledge not yours you fool.

  20. Relaxing at home :
    Jenny: “I’m feeling…”
    Husband interrupts: “Out?”
    Jenny:”Ha bloody ha! No pussy for you then”.

  21. “Hi I’m Jenny. I’m known as the ‘Queen of ATMs’. I love ATMs: you insert your shiny bank card, right, you tap a few digits, yeah, you press ‘enter’ and – wait for it- out comes the money! A fistful of bank notes! It’s brilliant, absolutely love them. So tell me guys: does this product of yours have anything to do with ATMs?”

    – Err… well… No. But if we manage to-

    “I’m out.”

  22. I am watching all the episodes just for Jenny to say yes. Can someone give me a link where Jenny actually put any money?

  23. Jenny: "This is clearly working, so why wouldn't I make an offer? No really, please for the love of god tell me why!"

  24. This is a failed product. The biggest flaw in this model is the app store itself;

    App store is to stop malicious content, ensure security, ad network and review errors and stop faulty apps.

    This idea failed to cover all. You are not going to compete with Google store and Apple.

  25. "Its an easy follow for me, you've got the tech titan saying I'm in and I haven't got a pot to piss in. So I am out" – Jenny

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