Dr. Khambatta uses vCita to make the most out of his website traffic

Hi, my name is Cyrus Khambatta I run a business called
Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness. In my business, it’s very important that people who visit my website get in contact with me. We run an online
group coaching program for people with diabetes,
and as a result of that we get a constant stream of leads
coming into our business, that we can then turn
into paying customers once we get on the phone with them. For a very minimal cost,
you can generate a lot of revenue off of customers who
you want to get in contact with and maybe want to schedule
an appointment with. I’ve been running it now
for about two years, and without vCita installed
on my website it would be very challenging
for people to find out exactly how to get
in contact with me. If you’re thinking about putting
vCita on your website, it is a no-brainer as
far as I’m concerned and it’s something that can dramatically transform the
future of your business and increase the number of
leads that are then converted into paying customers.

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