Dr.H3 — 1st Place ESL Beta Cup2 Deck Tech

So, After this beautiful Intro The topic for tonight, i gonna a Deck Tech of the deck I used to win the ESL last Sunday The first reason is that there was no deck like this who performed this week-end in Fiveshards cup or elsewhere The second reason is that I think he is pretty well positioned and the third reason is that I think people kinda like this kind of commentated games. So, What we gonna do is that I will present some matches, and comment the plays. I already re-watched it and there was some missplays to notice. I will readjust my settings give me a sec. Alright, So first thing first, I will start by commenting the matches, and then I’ll give you the decklist and will explain my choices blablabla So here is the match of the Top 8 in the ESL, I face Mind who will win the Sapphire cup with the same deck one day later We gonna watch the entire Best of 3.Lets just use the Play button First thing to notice, i did win the coin The video has been speed-up because Mind took a LONG time to think each of his play. About my starting hand, I did keep my hand because I had two Wild Shards which are vitals for the match-up against MonoRuby And I had one Arcane focuse that allowed me to dig a little bit in the deck to find some early answers About the arcane focus choice, i did take the shard over the Zodiac Divination because i feel like I won’t have the time to cast it. So better have a shard to be able to cast any kind of Wild Crocosaur eventually coming in my hand Blablabla – standard plays there Windsinger is not exactly the kind of draw I want early, even less against aggressive decks. Mind takes his time there, i assume he was eating, or arguing with his wife or.. pooping.I have no idea. blablabla Standard play with the Anarchist. But I’m fine with the play, I kinda like the fact he plays Anarchist Because I know that my draws can be more devastating than his draws. Usually you have to stop the Anarchist from feeding the Mono Ruby’s Hand. But in this case, I really feel once again that drawing a Dino can end his rush. Buccaneer is not a bad draw there, neither is the Peek. Here is the continuation of my line of thinking, I will play the Buccaneer targeting Ripper and not Anarchist It’s a debatable choice, but once again I gonna make the choice to follow my line of play/thinking from this point If i wanted to gain some tempo i would have bounced Anarchist, just because he can just miss a shard drop. and in this case he would not be able to play Anarchist again. But let’s recap my thinking.1: My draws are better, So the plan here is to let Anarchist go through next turn, and I’ll block the Ripper he will replay. blabla I’m old and saying the same shit again Here my plan becomes reality. So here is the block of the Ripper and not of the Anarchist, following the same game plan from the start It looks like suicide against MonoRuby, but he already have 5 cards in hand i have nothing to answer in mine. That’s why i need to find something useful. A.k.a Dinos Bonus of this play is that I remove the shift-speed ability of DeadEye Ripper Here is an important turn. Because, i did follow my plan until death I have several choices there. Either I play Azurefate (spellshield – quick) Either I go for the Time Ripple-Peek line of play In my mind, if I hit a Carnausaurus or a Crocosaur I will be more than fine. I gonna take a long time evaluating these choices And I will just follow my game logic Here I just don’t use Wintermoon because I do not want to draw anything from my Graveyard, I want Dinos. So I chose the TimeRipple – Peek line of play.Giving me 3 draws to get a Dino blabla not worthing that much blabla blablabla zzzZZZZzzz Double Anarchist gonna hit me like a truck But i gonna draw 4 overall, trying to find the dinos So, no dinos :'( Here is another important turn where i pretty not well positioned 2 choices there.Either i just quit on the idea of getting the tunneled Reese To hardcast a Reese, giving me 2 blockers Either I just try to force things. And I use Azurefate as a blocker and try to not die next turn waiting for Reese. Because typically, right now i have already lost.I’m at 9, and he got tons of ammos in hand. So now my only chance to win is that he gets nothing relevant. So mode all-in ON. If he got everything i lose and so be it. Won’t end well as you can easily imagine In the end, playing Reese would not have change anything. 2Hp left after the blocks…Not enough Miracles will be scorched So Game 1 is for him.Not a big deal knowing that most of the time MonoRuby will win the first game anyway. The annoying factor is that i did win the coin and it was not enough. About the sideboard, it will be pretty easy.I will include the Clucks, and lower my curve. One important thing is that I will change the gems in the Dreamer into Rhinos instead of Draw And here little ‘missplay’ i will forget to change the gems on the Azurefates I usually change the Quick for +1/+1 Having a 2/2spellshield against Aggro is mediocre, having a 3/3spellshield is a better deal. So here is a very near of perfect hand for the match-up I know, seeing my hand that everything gonna be ok. Only thing that could troll me is that i do not find the 4th shard Classic plays there He will use the Hero Power and i will answer with the Time Ripple He i was thinking for a second to use peek instead of Ripple because I’m scared to not take the 4th shard But i will Time Ripple because it’s just the best value i can get with it Here is the key moment, will I take my shard? He takes a lot of time.It’s a bit annoying.In real games I could see if He bluffs, or just if he thinks or just if he argues with his wife… Double scorche here is unexpected, but i would not have bloc anyway (I need this shard!!) Carnausaurus + Shard, Premium draws. I won’t trade Carnau for Anarchist, Moss is enough to block.And I want to kill his bounced Quash with it. Moss will be a giant problem for him, And Igot 10 hp in my hand, so I feel pretty confident at this stage. Good plan is good. I do not want to attack there, I’m pretty sure of winning the game with my hand, no reason to let him go through now. And Croco will close the game and seal the deal. It was a stomp, but it is the kind of game that can happend post-sideboarding. This time i change my gems on the Azurefate Here is a fancy keep, but i felt like I had to keep it. I keep the hand because i can’t think better cards than carnau AND cluck in hand. Plus I got Arcane Focus to dig the deck for the Wild shards Arcane Focus is the card that allow me to keep.Without it, it would have been an instant mulligan. I admit i was very scared on the Teamspeak.I kept saying; Wild wont come Wild wont come… 1st Wild found by Arcane focus. 5 Damage Ridge Raider in my face Empty turn there Here is the key moment.I’m at 8 on turn 3 Here comes the draw of the tournament for me. Wild threshold!! At this moment I’m pretty sure i’m on my way to win the game. I gonna block there knowing that he has a crushing blow in han.But i have to block. Cluck could have seal the deal, but here is a play who might have change a lot of things. Double burn get rid of my cluck, and the RidgeRaider is still on the Table Even if he has no cards remaining.The situation is still a little bit scary. Here i play arcane focus taking the Wild shard by spite of not finding anything else (should have take the Sapphire shard) Here comes the Rhino’s Dreamer Here is the prayer for no crackling bolt I won’t block there because I need to start the Rhino engine Dreamer gonna give me a rhino there 3/3 Azurefate joins Here i will ask the viewers what they would have done for the next play. So here is his attack.How would you block? *reading answers on twitch chat* So yeah here we need to double block.Because crushing blow would let his RRaider alive and more important, Soul of Battle would be lethal It was a DeadEye Ripper, still the double block was the safe way to go. Dreamer continuing his job Arcane Focus, give me extra draw from WMoon Digging further with Crackling Wit gives me a Cluck Cluck giving me another card from Wmoon.coming in and eating Quash alive. Here was a show case of Wmoon strenght.3Quality draw on the same turn blabla And here I close the game with yet another Dino. Swing with the team for the win Rhino gem on the dreamer and Arcane Focus were my MVP for this game. Second match I will show you It was the Semi-finals against Hapson. His deck was fun and the games were kinda fun too. It will showcase the power of the deck when you are not under pressure Here i Keep a mediocre Hand And I chose to keep because I see bertram, and my first idea was that he was playing MonoSapphire. So I think about CMK, and that’s why having Carnaud in starting hand is fine to me. Here I check the Azurefate because, I’m playing 1 Mill-Spellshield Azurefate and 3 Quick Spellshield Azurefate Here comes the surprise.Wild shard. And i took some time to think again about the eventual matchups i could face. blabla At this stage, I think i would have the edge on the Late game.Basically because of WinterMoon. A viewer asks me why Mill gem over Flight Gem.My answer is that the Mill gem give me the edge against Fog strategies blabla Wintermoon is nuts in Lategame blabla My original plan was to play Azurefate end of turn.However i didnot want to jump into a Countermagic Here I chose Arcane Focus.Debatable.Even I was not so Ok with that rewatching it. blabla why not croco blabla I explain that I didnot really need Crocosaur at this stage of the game since he has no creature on the board yet. Here Windsinger entered my hand, And he is just a monster in that kind of matchup. Here my plan here is: He plays something, I play Azurefate end of turn followed by Windsinger and the game will be over. Dreamwalker made my dream come true. When I saw the play, i was pretty sure I had the game. Windsinger with spellshield, Sapphire/Wild got very few answers to that. At this stage, my opponent will have to try to start a Race. Second dreamwalker 6 dmg in the air now. Blabla — Blabla — Here I gonna make a move that is not really worth CA wise But I don’t really care about the CA since I got Windsinger. I want to be sure to win the race too. Here comes the perfect draw once you got Windsinger on the table: Countermagic. No reason to play anithing else I’m ahead blabla Here is another premium draw with Verdict Here comes an interesting choice He plays the free Reese. I can Countermagic but is it really worth? In my hand I got Buccaneer and Carnausaurus.So basically I can handle Reese next turn without having to counter it. I think that using Countermagic there would be overreacting to something not really threatening you. Here comes something way more dangerous. Here is a second one.And I’m more than happy of my previous choice. Blabla I explain why I’m playing 1 crackling wit. It’s because it gives me an edge against mirror with the charge. It gives me more WMoon abilities on the long run. Here i will use the buccaneer and the carnau as planned before End of turn Azure fate will give me another 2/2swinging next turn I’m now in position to swing for lethal. Obviously I gonna swing for lethal even if 1 Azure fate might die if he got answers. He got answers, kill my Azure fate, But I’m still far ahead in this match. I gonna chose to Buccaneer his 3/4flying just because it is not free to replay. Croc will seal the deal there This game went smoothly for me.Following the easy plan to play Windsinger protected by Azure fate About the sideboard, I decide to board out the Carnausaurus since I saw no valid target. I just add a couple of Verdict and a couple of Moss Moss is there to add a little bit of early pressure, and be sure to have the ground. Here comes the fun I make a mulligan and i’m forced to keep a pretty bad hand. And there Hapson plays something i could not think of: Wild shard — Pack Raptor Wait whaaaaaaaat? After a game filled with Dreamwalker, Mot, Countermagic and Reese.Here comes a Wild Pack Raptor. At this stage I was wondering if he played some kind of agressive deck who didnot draw well in the first game. And here, as usual, what is the card that gonna save me? Arcane Focus to the rescue. I check the Azure fate and i see it is the mill gem one, and it is not the one I want right now. I assume he sided in his raptors just to apply early pressure knowing i would side out the carnausaurus. Good job if he did so. Here I have been lazy i should have bluff the Countermagic. Now he knows that it is Open Bar Annnd here comes the Dreamwalker drinking a free beer. Dreamer there, good way to see if he has any kind of answers in hand. He finds no immediate answers for the dreamer, I guess I will be allowed to draw next turn. Here i’m asking my viewers: What’s your next move? *reading answers* Do you play your Crocosaur? We are on the same page.We can not really play Crocosaur in that situation. We got the Verdicts in hand , we are pretty sure that when we hit 7 mana Crocosaur will go through Countermagic and Ripple I need to be patient there, and dig for more good cards with Arcane Focus Second Pack Raptor is pressuring me a little harder. I’m already at 9 Once again to my viewers: What is your next move? One tells me he would play Windsinger and pass the turn I will decide to do nothing and pass the turn I don’t want to risk anything with my windsinger and croc. Let’s say he countermagic or even Time Ripple Windsinger and it would be a huge blow. First mastery of time, I got the answer. I verdict the verdicit targetting my verdict. *_* And then surprise, Free MoT My dreamer is still there, and i go down to 3 I will attack first with the dreamer to give me a chance to draw a verdict to protect my Crocosaur Crocosaur doing what he does best..Ripping the table And here comes Windsinger who will most likely close the game. Here I gonna play for the lethal. Here comes the stupid move. I have no reason to play this crackling wit My dreamer would have give me that card anyway Could have cost me the game. Here comes the surprise.Gralk.And i’m at 3 I m VERY scared now of an eventual second Gralk. There i just play Windsinger and hope for the best Here comes the Peek I just cycled with Wintermoon And he concedes because he doesnot find the solution So here comes the deck. First part of the deck is what i call the Draw Engine This is what gonna give you fuel and what will be buffed by Wintermoon allowing you to Quality draw almost each turn I don’t say this version is the best, I just describe the deck I played during this event. I explain once again why Wit give me an edge against mirror, giving me more charge to use Wintermoon more often Arcane Focus is clearly a beast, smoothering your draw, and giving you a chance to find whatever you are looking for. I don’t put Windsinger in the draw engine, just because it will not be cycled by Wintermoon as often as the rest of these cards. 2 Buccaneer because why not.I did not find room for 3 and i did not want to play only 1 4 carnausaurus 3 Time Ripple and 1Cripple Why do I play Cripple? Against which deck Cripple would shine? Yeah it’s kinda good against blood, because it handles Xentoths, and most importantly it handles the Vampires And yeah you can have other uses of Cripple such as using Cripple on the opponent’s Crocosaur. About the midrange.Here is where my deck becomes really strong. Azure fate are key. gems are Quick-Spellshield.I did chose to put 1 in Mill-Spellshield because I did think there would be more Fog decks. 3Crocosaur, when I started playing this deck, I was playing 4, but i draw so much that I felt 3 was enough 3 Dreamers.Such a strong cards and he is very good against Diamond removals. Because it avoids Meek & Pride’s Fall. So I got good chances to blank some removals with it. And well, it needs to be answered very fast or the draw gem will make me close the game very fast. Against Aggro, gemming Rhino can make a game too. And we discussed with some players and maybe gemming the Dreamer with Rhinos main deck would be a better option. Okay about the late game don’t go too hard on me! I did put 2 Reese and 2 Windsinger, I gues there is no need for explanation there. And I did place the interruptions (CM/Verdict) in the lategame section because it is when you want to use them the most! If I HAVE to use my interruptions before, I might not be well in my game, or i had to counter key cards. (let’s say azurefate) Most of the time they will be there to protect my advantage. One problem of this deck is obviously the thresholds as one viewers noticed. Once again this deck is not perfect and has a lot of room for improvement. However, the draw engine makes that i do not have that many issue with the thresholds. The real deal is that Arcane Focus allow me that kind of Fantasy Shard-wise I was playing Chlorphylia, but the I realized that Peek and Crackling wit gave me much more. This is a curve of a Classic Midrange deck.I kinda like the fact that it is Midrange with some strong options for the late game However since i got less Interruptions than the more control versions of Windsinger’s decks I might lose against. My reserve is quite straight forward 4 Clucks against Aggro /3 Moss against Blood /2 Verdict against control/ 3 Turbulence against Vampires and 3 Nature Reigns for Soul Marble. I Hope you enjoyed this video and my attempt to share to the community. If you liked it, please let me know and I will consider to do more in the future!

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