Doug tries to quit a bunch of online accounts

– You guys ever, you ever get
the, you ever get the feeling you have too many online accounts? Like, I just got this
weird feeling that I, I probably have like 231 accounts. Call it my sick sense… Sixth? Sick. Like I felt it in my tummy. Sixth? The number six? Why would it be that? That’s, makes no sense. (playfully ominous music) No, I have sight, vision,
hearing, smell, feel… I still think it’s sick. Anyway, let’s try to get to the bottom of all these accounts, and we’ll try a new service, called Okay, this service is called, and Deseat dot me, that’s the url. I have not actually used
this, so you’re getting my real-world reactions. First, Get started. You can use this with
your Google, your Gmail, or your Outlook, believe it’s Let’s go to Gmail. Allow it to view my mail, and settings, I don’t want it to do
anything else, though. (playful music) Here we go. 231, my God. These are all the accounts I belong to. Is this it? Do I start clickin’ on stuff? Okay, no I wanna– I don’t wanna… Okay, this is how we do it. Team AOL, if I wanna get
paid, I might as well., no idea what that means. Restaurant reservations. Yes I want to keep that. Plex I tried, but didn’t
really get off the ground, so let’s delete. Yes, yes, hmmm, unfortunately yes. Nope, don’t need that anymore. That’s my dentist. That’s my car rental place. That’s another car rental place. That’s how I get internet access. That’s where I went to school. Why am I seeing this twice? Yes, yes, I got audited. It wasn’t my fault, though. It was a miscommunication
with a former employer. And they gave me bad
advice, they’re not supposed to give me tax advice, but I digress. Omni Hotels, yes, I’m a fancy person. LinkedIn, yes I love to network. Starwood Hotels, yes, again, fancy. Eversource, I need that for energy. Google, I need that for many things. buybuy BABY, bye bye, baby. Okay, so in the Delete, I see, okay so, it’s a queue, it
doesn’t just delete ’em for you. You have to go, and I’m
guessing the ones grayed out, does– that there’s no
direct link to wherever you can delete your account. So, like, takes me,
alright that’s pretty simple. A direct deletion. And if I do Plex… Ah, that takes me to
an actual account page. And everything else is grayed out. So, the hunt is still on
for a service that can do one-click deletion
of all your accounts. And my guess is, we’ll
probably never ever see it. Just remember, you guys,
it’s all about the money. It’s gonna be real easy
to sign up for stuff, and real hard to quit. You don’t believe me? You ever tried quitting satellite radio? Or satellite TV, for that matter? Is it just satellite services? Maybe it’s just satellite services. ‘Cause satellites are far. And they do not want you to
quit, ’cause those things have got to be expensive to operate. Anyway, you can quit this actual service, after you’re done using it, to
quit all your other services, so that’s nice. There’s a little Delete account right at the bottom of the page. So, you won’t get that sick sense anymore. See, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Sick. (playful music)

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2 thoughts on “Doug tries to quit a bunch of online accounts

  1. I'm online basically all day every day, and I only had 12 accounts in Why/how the heck did you have so many?

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