Doug Locks His Computer With His Phone

– You know, I’ll be
damned, but I just got home and trying to sign into
my Windows 10 computer, something just wasn’t quite right. It’s as though someone else was trying to access my computer, my personal computer, my PC, as it were. Now who could it be? My wife? No, she has her own computer, a Mac. My son? He’s too young to compute. Who else has access to my house? Oh, that’s right. My evil twin brother Dave. Now if you’ve been watching
these videos for a while, you know that Dave is
always up to no good. I knew it. It’s my evil twin brother, Dave. – Yello. – Hey Dave, where are you? – Hey. I am in California. – Listen you son of a perfect woman, who’s also my mom, I know you’re in my kitchen. And sure enough, thanks to a
state-of-the-art pinhole camera hidden in a picture frame on
my desk, guess what I found? A sunburned and extremely drunk Dave on it trying to log into my machine ostensibly to send a message to one of my many, many ex-girlfriends posing as me, in order
to do the huckle-buckle with one or more of them. Thankfully in his drunken stupor, he didn’t manage to type a
single coherent sentence. (Dave snores) So in order to prevent this
from happening in the future, and to share my adventures
in efficiency with you, I’m gonna set Windows 10 so that as long my phone is out
of range of my computer, it’ll lock automatically. For this to work, you will need the Windows
10 Creators Update. It may have rolled out
to your machine already, but if it hasn’t, you
can download it directly from Microsoft. There are a bunch of other
handy features with this update, so it’s good to have it regardless. Then assuming you have the update, you’re gonna want to first pair your phone to your computer via Bluetooth. It’ll depend on the phone, but get into its Bluetooth settings, and make sure that it’s discoverable. Then on your computer, go to Start, Settings, Devices, Bluetooth. It’ll churn for a little bit
while it finds your phone and then should eventually connect once you match the codes
up between the two devices. Once that’s done, we’re
gonna activate this feature, which is called Dynamic Lock. Go into Settings again,
Start, and Settings, Accounts, and then we’re gonna
choose Sign-in options, and there it is, Dynamic Lock. Now for any device that’s
connected via Bluetooth, in this case my phone, when I get far enough
away that it disconnects, my computer will lock
after about a minute or so. That’s it. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. Dave, I’m gonna need my keys back. Bird crap, you were here the other day. Because I bought a pallet of
aloe from Costco and it’s gone. What do you need 12 bottles of aloe for? You sold my aloe? Is that even legal? You know what, Dave? I’m gonna change the locks on my house. Then I’ll put bars on the
windows and the doors. Then I’ll build a moat. Then I’ll hire a crossbow
guy to guard the moat. No, I won’t let him shoot you. I don’t even know if I
can afford a crossbow man. Love you too, buddy. Speaking of money, you used to owe me for Mom’s birthday present. Did you. Dave? Ooh, David!

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