Doug gets a blower for his bed

Despite having reviewed hundreds and hundreds
and hundreds of gadgets, I’m actually a relatively simple person in real life. I’ve been rockin’ the same laser printer since
2008. This monitor, which I use daily, is now five
and a half years old. And I still use Wii Fit to work out. Granted, I did splurge on a Wii Fit Plus back
in October of 2009, but I really considered that more of an investment in my near perfect
body, more than anything else. So, the thought of spending any meaningful
money on something like this is frankly foreign to me. This is about $1,000 worth of the BedJet V2
dual zone climate comfort system with biorhythm sleep technology and BedJet air comforter
sheet accessory 100% cotton which comes free with the dual zone system. The basic idea is that the BedJet blows hot
or cold air into the bottom of your bed letting you climate control your sheets. More on that in a bit. Wee hee hee wheeee. Did you see that? Set up is easy, I’d show you how I did it
but my bedroom is only marginally larger than my actual bed and I figured that even with
my Wii Fit chiseled body you might prefer to watch
this fetching young lady set this thing up. You basically slide the hose bracket between
your mattress and box spring. Connect the hose at the mattress level. And then slide the BedJet underneath. You can stop right there, which will cost
you $400 for a single BedJet. Or, you can add a second BedJet to the other
side of the bed, like I did here. If you were to buy the system one BedJet at
a time you can just let the jets blow into the bottom of your bed under your sheets. But if you buy them as a set, you get this
special top sheet thrown in that each jet slips into for better heating and cooling. It costs 139 bucks on its own for a queen
size, 159 bucks for a king. So all in for a king size bed we’re talking
just shy of a grand. Does it work well? It’s got to work well. It better work well. It works well. And I say that as a guy that hemmed and ha’d
over spending $30 on a Wii Fit Plus. The biggest selling point is being able to
control two jets independently in a two person set up or to let one finicky
sleeper get their levels all set up without effecting the other person. So if you run hot, and your partner runs cold
this is worth looking into. The included remotes are
good for basic operation but you’ll really want
to pair your phone with your respective BedJet to get the full experience. With the BedJet app you can set more precise
temperature levels, you can save settings, you can run built in programs such as, ooh,
desert breeze. You can even use the BedJet as an alarm to
wake you up in the morning. Overall yes, it’s expensive. But, I have a feeling that this may just be
a bridge device in it’s current form, with the ultimate long-term goal to have the technology
be built directly into mattresses or even box springs in the future. So, whatever the case, it works well. It works well in the
winter when it’s cold. It works well in the summer when it’s hot. It works well all around. Once you hone in on your ideal settings you’ll
find you do sleep more soundly and the free app includes a lot of nice extras like enhanced
settings and firmware updates for the BedJet itself. On the down side, it can get noisy at high
levels. If you have a lot of heavy blankets on your
bed you’ll notice it only heats or cools the lower half of your body. And it takes some getting used to over the
first couple of weeks. You’ll bump into it, you’ll notice it sticking
out the side of your bed, that kind of stuff. Once you get used to it though, you won’t
notice it as much. Pricey, yep. Nichey, kinda, yep. Especially in its current state. You’ll have to hide it under your bed or use
a vertical stand if your frame is too low, that kind of stuff. But, if you’re looking to leverage technology
for a more efficient and better night’s sleep, this thing is definitely
worth a closer look if you’re willing to part with the cash. It’s still going. (laughs)
(sighs) My coworkers are gonna see this.

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11 thoughts on “Doug gets a blower for his bed

  1. For the bed jet how much is the monthly cost for the app . Everything is controlled from App these days and the apps are not free

  2. They make this cool thing (pun intended) that is the height of tech, yet only costs a fraction of the amount of a bedjet. You can find it only in select stores, and if you look real hard you should be successful. What is this cutting edge device I speak of? Hold on, are you ready? It's called a box fan! Those suckers will set you back a cool $20…or, you could spend several hundred dollars on this future garage sale item.

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