Doug finds the best Amazon deals

– If you’re like me, you’re
too lazy to drive all the way to Costco and you’re
too cheap to shop retail, which means you buy everything,
and I mean everything from Amazon. But luckily my cheapness
slightly overpowers my laziness which means I tend to double
check the prices of everything even on Amazon and why wouldn’t I? If not, I’m just burning money. (drums playing) I can’t. You all know what
burning money looks like. I can’t believe I got that
close to burning money. Woo! Today I’m going to show you
how to make sure you’re always getting the best deal on Amazon. Watch this. I load up the site and I see
that Amazon thinks I might want a finger warrant taser,
obviously that’s very much on my wheelhouse of course. I’m going to head over to the
Deals section and oh my God, 80% off this wallet,
69% off this dress, wow! Let’s stick to gadgets though. This router is apparently 37%
off the list price of $95. What a deal at $60 bucks! Stop. Just wait. I’m going to copy the URL
here and I’m going to go to a different site real quick
called,, 3, and I’m just
going to paste the URL right in this big search bar. You can also type in the
name of the product here too. So this is going to give
me a bunch of info now. First yes, it’s currently $60
but see this graph down here, look here, back in December
it dropped to $50 bucks. So $60 bucks isn’t event
the lowest it’s been and look at the top of the chart there. That list price of $95
that we saw on Amazon has never been real. The most that this router has
ever costed is $80 bucks so if we were going to panic
and buy today thinking we were saving $35 bucks, we’re
actually saving at most $20 and it looks like this
thing has actually been running around 70 bucks for awhile anyway. So we only want to pay $50
dollars for this router. That’s fair. So we can type in our desired
price into this box, and have camelcamelcamel email
us once the price drops back down to 50 bucks. Now there’s also a browser
extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari called the Camelizer. You can just install that
instead and just click it when you’re on an Amazon
product page to get the same information and set up price alerts. Pretty simple, it’s a litter
cluttered, but since cheapness is cheapness right? Well I’ll deal with a little clutter. Andrew Jackson, I am so sorry. That was not even funny. I would never ever ever
ever set you on fire. I’m from Minnesota remember? No Minnesotan in history has
ever spent even a penny more than they need to on
anything and we would never burn money. I don’t know how things
happen in Wisconsin or Iowa, but that does not happen in Minnesota. And truth be told, ever since
moving out here to Boston, I feel so along. I just don’t
have the same respect for you that I– Millions of Minnesotans– Sorry Mr. Jackson. I am for real.

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6 thoughts on “Doug finds the best Amazon deals

  1. are you really kissing a 20 dollar bill? Do you don't know how much bacteria and other stuff is on bills? Besides that its a really good video 🙂

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